Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi Strikes Gold on Saturday 9/17/11

Doc here with this week's report from that rascal, Bob in Biloxi. Bob's luck has been awful for the last month at the adult venues on the beautiful Gulf coast.  Does Bob get his mojo back? Does Bob employ an attention getting device on his brand new truck?

Your answers lie ahead, grasshopper.


Hey Doc,

The players are coming back! First to politics and money... Saturday morning I turned on the boob tube and the first thing to come on was that fucking Chrysler commercial featuring hip/hop and the imported from Detroit bullshit. I’ve been pissed at Chrysler and GM for sucking on the bailout tit since it happened, but this broke the camel’s back, so I went down to the local Ford dealership and bought a bitching Harley Davidson truck. Bye bitching brunt orange Ram - hello Silver Ingot for sure bitching HD Ford! That fucker drives nice too! Comfortable, leather, all the bells and whistles!

Bob's New Ride
I couldn’t stay pissed after the drive to the coast in that truck, and that is a good thing too! The couples seem to be migrating back to “this thing of ours”.  2 couples playing before I got there “according the vulture club”, but none as I arrived, so down the street to the ABS I traveled.

There was nothing going on there as I paid the clerk, & according to him, only one had been in all day.  I retreated to the HD and tried to figure out some of the bells. As I was doing this, who pulls up? Our faithful little blonde English professor and her hub @ 8:12pm. The parking lot was almost full, so I’m guessing I will give the Professor 10mins to weed out the looky loos and the booth sitters.

Sure enough, when I go into the back booth area, some of the "happy fellows" start pointing to their booth. And as usual she is dressed in a print summer dress with her legs crossed, sitting in the chair facing the hole. Based on prior experience & prior reporting, the readers know what comes next:
  1. Get your cock hard.
  2. Place cock in hole.
  3. Wait.
  4. Feel small soft hands gently caressing said cock.
  5. Followed by hot, wet mouth.
  6. Followed by cool air and more waiting.
  7. Extract cock.
  8. Put ear to hole and accept invitation to join them in their booth.
After joining the Professor, she did ask me something I didn’t expect: Did I want her ass or her pussy? Wow, thanks for the choice ma’am, but I’ll stick with the pussy! Besides its as tight as an ass anyway.

Out comes a blanket from her bag, and she drops to her knees. More awesome head, then she turns around for Bob to lick the kitty and brush against her tiny asshole (women love that), and I love it when they jump!

I proceeded to mount her from behind, starting off slow and the minute I feel her push back, it’s on!! I rode her for a good while until I unloaded, she then takes the condom and turns it upside down and lets drain all over her perky tits, rubbing it in and smiling thanks!! I thanked her and made my exit. Very nice lady!

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
Meanwhile, back at the HD I receive a text from one of the outlook posts at the theater. Two couples showed and were inside the theater. One lady is a short BBW with glasses, blue jean shirt, print top in flats. She and her hub are sitting near the front and she taking in the scenes around her, but she’s only there to watch the guys jerk.

In the back corner another short BBW is playing with her man and has a crowd around her. Ok, so its picking up, I go to the lobby for a bottle of water. A couple is making a big deal about the rubber dicks for sale, talking very loudly and laughing. I pick up part of their conversation about double penetration and think maybe they can turn into players?

I leave the theater and head back to the ABS, and soon afterward the same couple arrives there and went inside. So I’m thinking maybe Bob is right, so I go in and head to the back. The looky loos are huddled around one of the booths with no holes, so I am told they are in one by themselves. I wait for awhile; then hear the unmistakable sounds of a woman being pleasured.

Gulf Coast Theater - Interior
I leave...If she getting her mans cock, they aren’t going to do anything else. Maybe it was a fact finding mission, or the mood just struck them. Thanks for the audio anyway ma’am! She was a short blonde looker too, not really dressed for play, but very attractive.

Back at the theater, a dark haired lady and her hub arrived. they were sitting near the left corner of the theater, and she’s giving him head. She looked up she waved me over, pulls down my shorts and starts blowing me. She then hops into her seat with her ass facing me and told me to fuck her. Uh, ok, thank you lady, that’s sweet. As I was doing this I feel a hand start to go up my leg...WTF?

Some guy in the next row is headed for Bob’s B’s! I grab his hand and give it a sharp twist opposite of where joint travel usually happens, and was rewarded with a yelp. What have we learned?

On to pleasing the lady... She is very vocal and started spewing out nasty, dirty words; I say I almost was offended (almost, but not). She was really having a good time with my cock as her hub sat next to her talking shit in her ear too! After really hammering her for 15 minutes this reporter unloaded for the second time on a Saturday night!! 

And that my fellow follower’s of “this thing of ours” beats watching TV any night of the week!!

Just so you know, that bitching Silver Ingot Harley Davidson truck, drove home as well as it got me to the beautiful Gulf Coast (Doc, I know you were on pins and needles about that!)  Driving back, I thought we could use a local/tourist model to pose outside next to the truck, like Catholic School girl did a while back - just a back shot, maybe an ass shot, or if she’s brave, full on cheesecake shot. If any of the adventurous ladies would like to be in one of Doc’s spreads, Bob’s your man with the camera and the prop. Give Doc a shout! He knows how to get me!



Doc here again... It's good to see Bob back to doing what Bob excels at: Giving the southern belles in Biloxi the "Bob Treatment", and entertaining us along the way.  If you would like to have a quick photo session with Bob and his HD Truck, just e-mail The Good Doctor and I will get your info to Bob.