Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flash Report: CTs Adult Theater 8/4 and 8/5 by The Back Row Reporter

Doc here with an update from CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN by The Back Row Reporter.  His recap of Laney's gang bang last month was so good, that it elicited a response from Laney herself.  This report is no different.  Spanning two days worth of adult theater hijinks, The Back Row Reporter has the details to share with us.

Take it away, BRR!


Now I haven't been getting to CTs Adult Theater much lately, but I was there last Thursday. And it was very good time thanks to this couple from Wisconsin (WisWife4Use). I arrived kinda late but there were still guys going at it with her. I'm told she had been there for about 3hrs already and many guys were staying for 2nd's and 3rd's.

The real "WisWife4Use"
This hot MILF was a sexy BBW, as she was a very attractive and well put together lady. Pretty face, pleasant smile, nice full boobs, and built like a brick house. Her legs and thighs were awesome.  She had thick legs/thighs, but tight and very well proportioned. This lady was
one very sexy BBW. 

When I arrived she was standing getting it doggy at the base of the table. And as one well satisfied
guy stepped away I got a chance to see a full backside view. Her backside was a wonderful sight as several guys stood there admiring her. She gave a playful ass wiggle and another fella stepped up to the plate. This guy had a nice long (well by CTs table fuck standards) fuck with her. And they both seemed to enjoy it.

It seems she had worn out all the guys, but several stayed just to watch. Yes fellas, she was hot. These 2 went at it for like 20 minutes, because no other fellas seemed able to go anymore. The guy alternated from slow stroking to fast hard fucking her. And she was matching his movements well. I couldn't stay long and I had to go. I stopped by just to check her out. She'd posted for 3 days and this was day number 2. And Friday had 3 ladies posting. So I was saving up for a really big bang on Friday.

I left there with hot images of this lady in my mind thinking of what a great time I was gonna have the next day. But alas, Friday did not turn out to be the big day everyone anticipated. And I do mean everyone... Wow.

I went back to CTs the next day and the place was packed. Again, I arrived late but judging from the packed parking lot it was happening inside. Now the lady I saw on Thursday night had already posted that she would not be able to make it. She said that she was kinda sore from the previous nights exercise. But from what I saw she had worn out the guys there. So maybe it was mutual. If so then good job. It's always great to see CTs well represented. And I hope the Wisconsin couple comes back soon. She was hot and I didn't have a chance with her. 

Another couple had posted that they would not make it either. This couple was the hot little petite lady who was at CTs a week or so ago. And this petite woman was gonna have a great time too. There were several guys I know who were eagerly anticipating her return. Many fellas missed her on the last visit and had heard about how sexy she is.

So I got to CTs and rushed in to pay my fee and get into the theater and into the action. There must be lots of action I thought. After all, it's Friday, the place is packed, the 3rd lady who posted should be there, and there just had to be more ladies coming. The lobby was crowded and when I opened the door to the theater it too was crowded... It was packed. Apparently I wasn't the only guy who had big expectations for this day. But I have to report that this past Friday was a big bust.

There was only 1 couple in the theater and they did not play. They kissed and fondled each other for a long time and this of course gave hope to the crowd that the lady would play but she never did. Shame, cause she was a hot BBW too. Short hair, soft looking skin, cute face...Very nice. Her old man is lucky. But I'm told she was intimated by the crowd of men. And I can't say I blame her. What was gonna be a 3 lady gang bang (with the possibility of more ladies of course) had turned into a 1 woman show.

CTs Adult Theater
4620 Industrial Highway, Gary, IN

And she was definitely not the woman for this scene. Maybe she would have played if the crowd was thinner or if the other ladies were there to occupy the bulk of the fellas. But this one was not prepared for this size wolf pack. And a hungry lot we were. But a well behaved bunch too. And for that I'd like to say good job to the guys at CTs. No one got pushing or bothersome while I was there. We all allowed the couple to have their play (just fondling and kissing). And we stayed back. Maybe with another couple this may have be a slight invitation for someone to step up and present themselves. But not with this couple.  I think the CTs crowd had the good enough understanding to sense that.

Anyway, this couple left after awhile and so did I. I'm told that no other ladies came that night. But hey that's how it goes sometime. After a hot Thursday night with that awesome, sexy Wisconsin lady, I think we CTs patrons can count yourselves lucky to have a place like CT's to hang out and have fun at.

Yes I know it's not the perfect place, but I'll save any critiques for another time. CT is a great
hardcore adult theater. With happenings with ladies like Laney, this hot Wiswife4use BBW, the sexy little petite blond, Purepleasure, and so many others. This is a great stop on anyone's adult bookstore/theater route.

So we take the good with the not-so-good. Thursday was great (and I'm told Wed was good too with only a few guys there to see the sexy Wisconsin BBW -- lucky hound-dogs). So if an occasional Friday doesn't turn out to be so hot, then so what. I'll still be back the next Fri/Sat (if I can make it).

So until then, I'm signing off from the back row.

The Back Row Reporter


Doc here again... Another great report from The Back Row Reporter.  Thanks to him, and to the guys at CTs in Gary for being well-behaved in a situation where in most other adult theaters, the wolf pack mentality would have been in play. Of all the adult theaters I have reported on in person, CTs still has the best behaved clientele. 

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