Friday, May 18, 2012

Flash Report! DryCleanOnly Reports on Upstate NY

Doc here with another outstanding Flash Report from one of the newest additions to The Journal's Team, DryCleanOnly.  DCO reports from The Good Doctor's original stomping grounds in upstate New York.  These venues have hosted yours truly on several occasions, and I'm sure there will be more to come in the future.

So without further delay, from parts unknown, weight unknown, here is DryCleanOnly and his latest report...


Doc, good to see your call to action has brought some good stories from fellow fans.  Since discovering your site just a few weeks ago, I've been busy taking advantage of free time on some trips to gather some insights on Video Liquidators in Buffalo and The Paris Cinema in Syracuse, and a couple Show World locations in Rochester.  Feel free to edit any or all of this to suit your editorial tastes and needs.  This is just my good deed for the day.  And, thanks for bestowing Pen Name of 2012 (year to date) upon me.  It's an honor, sir.

Also, pardon the rather brief and to the point flash report from last week.  What's a DryCleanOnly working man to do between meetings but to stop into the local adult theater and crank out a quick message to the Good Doctor?  But tonight, from the comforts of home, I've caught a break in the action, and have some time to send a proper update. 

Since stumbling upon The Journal, I have to say, it has given me the balls to check out a few spots that I've only wondered about in the past.  All of you newcomers to this thing of ours should do so, too.  So, settle in for this update on the Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse locations that you good readers need to know about in the little slice of heaven known as Upstate, NY from the DryCleanOnly working man.
My first visit, prior to discovering The Journal, was to The Paris last February.  I had no clue what to expect, but was in the area for a meeting that left me with some free time before heading out of town around 11am on an unusually warm Thursday.  Well, unusually warm for February in Syracuse is about 55 degrees...  The Doc can confirm how heavenly this is for us Upstaters (ed. note: Agreed!). 

The Paris is on an offshoot from the main drag headed out of Syracuse proper and into the burbs.  There's the usual assortment of chain restaurants, strip malls, muffler shops, etc. and two "gentlemen's clubs", an adult book store, and The Paris.  The Paris is located on a side street behind a warehouse-like building which sits between The Paris and the main drag.  It's situated pretty indiscreetly.  When you pull in, there's parking to the left and right of the building, and one entrance.  I did the "nervous guy drive by" a couple of times, and decided to give it a shot. 

As I pulled up, I realized I had missed the mark by 20 minutes:  there was a woman standing against the open front passenger door of a car in the lot, guy in the driver's seat, smoking a cigarette and staring me down as I pulled in.  She looked like she had gotten what she had come for already, and was headed home. 

Walking in, you've got a small lobby with the old fashioned ticket window, a couple bathrooms, and two theaters; left and right, known as 1 and 2, respectively.  Now, being the new guy, I walked in and the clerk appeared from seemingly nowhere and had little to say.  I think he thought the dry clean only attire was suspicious and only offered me the advice of "1 or 2" and promptly stole my $10.  I asked what the difference was, and he repeated "1 or 2".  So, I picked "1", got the ticket, and headed in.  I had no idea how dark it was going to be and what to expect.  There is a good size screen and a bright projector, but it's pretty dark in there. 

And it was full of guys of all sorts.  I've since learned it's the guy side, however, the movie showing was a lesbian scene.  I sat down a few rows in from the back, to the left, and prayed I wasn't going to trip on anyone or sit on somebody's lap in the darkness!  Fifteen minutes into this, after eyes adjusted, I could tell there were about 10 guys in there, and a few guys going at it in on the right side a few rows back.  The age range was 20-40 I'd guess.  Probably 20 rows of seats with one aisle down the center, and a good four or five seats to either side. After about an hour, I pulled the plug and headed out, determined on another trip to figure out the right hand side.

Fast forward, Dear Readers, through my discovery of The Journal and trip to Video Liquidators in Buffalo, and allow me to shed some light Theater Two at The Paris, which I visited again last week.  Between meetings, I found myself in the neighborhood with an hour or so to spare.  So, I dropped in to The Paris at about 4:00pm on a Tuesday, and checked out Theater Two, which has the same layout as Theater One.  This time the clerk wasn't so nervous, but it was the same guy, and I walked right in after the $10 fee. 

A great video was playing in the theater with good guy-girl action, and I was happy to grab a seat on the back right.  After just a few minutes for the eyes to adjust, lo and behold, there was a couple in the front row!  He was older, maybe 55, and she a bit younger, and not bad looking.  She was pretty interested to see who was coming in and sitting where, as she would look back every now and then.  There were only a few other guys in the place, all in the 40+ range, and as the clock ticked on, the average age went up. 

After checking things out a bit, I moved up to the same side as the couple in front, and respectfully sat several rows back.  It wasn't long before they were making out, and not much longer after that when she went down into her guy's lap.  I couldn't believe my luck.  Now while I'm "minding my own business" and patiently waiting for this couple to do their thing, another guy comes over sits in the row in front of me, settles in for the movie and the couple, then reaches back and starts rubbing my leg.  I gave a respectful but firm version of "get the hell outta here", and he was up and out.  I think you know where we're headed from there: quickly a couple guys came over to check things out with the couple about as close as they could get, and the couple showed no signs of interest.  One guy their age came up,  who wasn't quite as jolly as Santa, sat two seats away from her, unzipped and dropped his drawers, and started strokin' it, with still no attention from them.  She'd come up for air every now and then, and would sit back and watch the movie.  Her guy would caress her neck and presumably her leg, they'd kiss, and she'd go back at it.  She'd glance behind and to her right, and about every time, Santa would advance a seat and spread his legs even further. 

Well now there are a few guys sitting in the row behind the couple and Santa is just trying everything possible to get in on the action.  After having brushed up on my theater etiquette via The Journal, I was starting to think that Santa was going to send the happy couple packing.  Well, things then took a quick turn as the movie scenes got a little hotter, and fortunately, the projector in Theater Two throws enough light to give us a good show in the seats.  The guy she was with gave the nod to Santa who was trying to caress her breasts, and it wasn't long before the pants came off and the shirt was pulled up over her medium sized breasts.  She was sitting back in her seat, with her man now rubbing her inside thighs and pussy, and Santa was getting more and more of the action from the next seat over.  She was really enjoying herself, and the guys started to congregate.  At this point, I've moved in for a better view, and one of the patrons even offered to trade out his seat for me to get in.  Watching the clock like a good working stiff, I knew I had to get going.  I headed back with the satisfaction of scoring a real live playing couple on just my 2nd trip. 

On the way out, in walked another couple, this pair in their 20's I'd guess.  She went back to use the restroom, and came back quite comfortable with the scene and took a seat midway down the aisle on the left next to her man.  I suspect some good stuff broke out in the next hour or so from there.  Tuesday night quitting time in Syracuse... who knew!  On the way out, the clerks had changed watch, and this guy quickly pointed out that our star gal in the front row has been coming in for 20 years, and that the regulars all know her every move and moan.  Then, he conceded that they don't get glamour at The Paris very often.  I bet she was glamour 20 years ago!

The next night was another couple hours to kill between meetings, so I headed over again at 5pm on Wednesday, and found another good movie playing in Theater Two.  The crowd was a bit lighter, and all guys.  I recognized a few faces from the night before, and the clerk recognized me.  He laughed and thought I was nuts expecting to "get lucky" two nights in a row.  He was right, and I headed out just in time for the evening meeting.

Now, let's rewind a bit.  Shortly after my first Paris trip in February, I thought it best to see out the discerning advice of a seasoned expert in this field of adult cinemas.  The google gods were on my side when I hit the big one with The Journal in April, and, it happened to be while I was gearing up for a trip through Buffalo to Canada.  I enjoyed reading about Doc's trips to home and some other readers' stories about Video Liquidators among others.  With the help of the nav, I set out to stop in.

What's interesting about Video Liquidators is that there is a large pole barn to park in attached to the store in the rear.  Think of it as a luxury in the adult theater world that we have up here in our little slice of heaven, where you can go to a store in the winter, get your dick sucked dry, and come out without having to brush the snow off the car.  Now that's livin' --- and only in Buffalo, folks!  Take that, Target and Home Depot! 

Ok, so back to the story.  I pull in on a Wednesday night at about 9:00pm, and one car headed out (just a guy), and only two cars there, I figured it was not worth the time, and I had a long drive ahead.  Fellow amateurs:  this was probably a bad idea.  Don't underestimate the fun factor when you only see a couple cars in the lot (read on).  Business done in Canada, and a night in the hotel to sink my teeth into The Journal.  Reading, taking notes, making flash cards.  Just like the Boards, right, Doc?  Well, I timed my return to put me back at VL close to 4:30pm on Friday in mid-April.  When I pulled into the "garage", there were just a few cars, and I thought for sure this was going to be a wasted detour... afterall, it was a nice day, and 4:30pm on a work day.  I mean, everyone works until 5pm, right?  Wrong.  The place had a decent crowd! 

When you enter from the rear (no pun intended), you walk into the showroom but right past the "gay/bi" theater, and then the "straight/couple" theater, and into the video and toy store.  As I recall, $10 gets you a theater ticket of your choice, and a $5 surcharge let's you surf between the two.  The store is bright, and well lit.  Think of it like a dirty Walmart with a couple theaters that have been tacked on.  So, I checked out the straight theater first, and found a few guys stroking to the movie, but no real action going on.  Some guys were talking amongst themselves through the movie.  The theater didn't have much in the way of lighting, but it was obvious there was no couple action going on. 

So, I checked out the other theater, and in the course of doing so, found a 5'8" gorgeous blonde shopping the aisles with her guy not far away.  I though for sure I'd be seeing them in a few minutes behind the theater doors, so I mosied on patiently.  In the gay/bi theater, I found it to be much smaller than the couples theater.  Couples theater was narrow and deep.  Gay/bi theater was wide and shallow with a flat screen vs. projector (as I recall), and it was decently lit.  There was some guy-guy action going on in there and some stragglers, and a creepy wierd dude who kept following me around.  So, I checked out the area between the theaters, which had some booths.  I couldn't tell if any had holes, but they certainly looked big enough for two, and one seemed comparatively big enough for a small wedding reception.  The movie was changing on the gay/bi side to a cheezy Brazilian bi mmf movie - which I'm not opposed to except for the cheeze --- so back to the straight/couples theater.  I don't know how, but another couple had appeared and was getting settled in at the front row.

Unfortunately, she wasn't the beautiful blonde from the store, but hell, this girl was performing.  So, following the good advice of my fellow readers, I moved in for a respectful view, and so did a few of the other guys.  This couple was about 30 I'd guess, and she was a small BBW, but who cares:  she unfolded her blanket onto the floor, pulled offer her top, and got down on her knees and started sucking her guy off.  He was relaxed back in his chair ---- can you blame him --- drinking from his mega-mocha sized mug of beer or booze of his choice, and enjoying the show.  He looks around, and motions for the onlookers to move closer.  One guy about 50 walked right up, unzipped and left it out for this girl, she asked him to put on a condom, which he didn, and she blew him and stroked her guy. 

Her guy was equipped, and the stranger not so much... I think he probably had a hard time getting it up.  And, I forgot to mention, this guy has one had on his big gulp (beer), and the other is working their flashlight for everyone to get a good view of the action.  What a sport!  Now, I give this girl all kinds of props for putting on a show, but her size and rather slow and gentle blowjobs aren't really my cup of tea.  So, I'm just enjoying the action and keeping an eye on the clock again and then it happens... Creepy Guy wanted to make friends --- he was kind of like that kid, PigPen, on The Peanuts --- take a bath, dude!  Well, that was enough to spoil the mood for me, and it was time to hit the road.  Besides, I didn't need him mussing up the clothes! 

Apparently Saturday is still couples night, and based upon the activity I've noticed on Craigslist, it looks like there is a decent couples scene on Saturdays and even during the workweek.  Isn't everyone working during the workweek?  ;)

Friends, it's late.  Another report soon will find me detailing what I hope is another visit to VL and a couple stops at two of the Rochester area Show World locations, which are really ABS's, but it's the best Rochester has to offer, and worth shedding some light on.

Doc, thanks for the Nancy and CEO posts, too.  Both are beautiful woman with the right attitude.  I'm keeping fingers crossed that my package meets her needs and a trip through Ohio comes to fruition later this year.  Keep those two ladies posting on a regular basis!



Thank you DryCleanOnly for a great report, and the excellent eye on what was going on around you at The Paris and Video Liquidators.  Keep up the great work, sir!


Couple's Flash Report! Ebony & Hubby @ Circus Cinema in Denver

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from new reporters, Ebony & Hubby.  E&H have hit Circus Cinemas in Denver, and they have plenty of thoughts on the matter

Here we go... Ebony and Hubby!


Dr Emilio,

I writing this report after a large amount of contemplation, partly due to my  writing abilities. I finally concluded I could not hold back such important information any longer. Information that will please Denver theatre goers as much as it will help please my wife.

Circus Cinemas
Denver, CO
You see, my wife and I began this theatre thing about a year ago, and instantly fell in love with her fucking random strangers in a dark seedy environment. She always craved groups of men and now she found the place she could unleash her inner desires to be a complete cum-slut, fucking and sucking all men to the point of their final cum. I love the sight of watching her take a full theatre (30+ if we are very lucky), and let every guy fuck her and cum inside every hole as long as there are takers.

Circus Cinemas is one of two theaters in Denver (the other is always dead so we always opt for the circus). We frequent the place at random times and often no warning. We always enter with the objective of her pleasing every man in the place. The problem is often the men are shy or we have 2 or 4 participants and 10+ spectators.

It must be a Denver thing, because the posts I read from other parts of this country would actively invite her to a buffet of willing men. I figure if you post this men will know when you see a young 23 year old petite ebony with the roundest ass walk into the Circus don't be shy, come right up and fuck her like a pornstar! We are so into this we are going to make a summer for travel just to random west-coast and mid west theatres so she can show people how this thing is done!

Dr. Lizardo, direct the people to great participation, and we will report, I promise.

Ebony and Hubby!


Doc here again...  Consider this a call for action for the Circus Cinema in Denver! You never know, one day you might run into Ebony & Hubby.

Do yourself a favor... Submit a report to The Journal.    Send them to , and I'll do the rest. You know the pitch by now.