Saturday, November 1, 2014

Freeze Frame: Hockey Night in Canada Edition with 42 Pics!!!

Doc here, a man who some say always has a Looney in his front pocket, with a special Freeze Frame Report for a Saturday Night. 

Growing up in Upstate NY as a youth (pronounced "yout") meant one thing: Saturday night was also Hockey Night in Canada.  The hair would stand up on the back of my puck when the familiar theme would start and the montage of Toronto Maple Leafs highlights would begin. 

Of course, as I got older, my Saturday nights were spent in a different kind of arena. An arena containing about 300 seats, with a different kind of entertainment on screen and off. But I digress...

The theme of this Freeze Frame Report (taken from the extensive archive of original submitted images to The Journal) is The Sexy Ladies of Canada... Who I am sure have watched a Hockey Night in Canada game a few times.

Here we go!


Flash Report! Ray's Halloween Bash at The Paris Theater in Portland, OR on 10/31/14 by Brent

Doc here, a man who dressed as static cling for Halloween this year, with a great Flash Report from senior reporter, poet laureate of this thing of ours),and excellent driver, Brent in Portland.

Brent was in the foxhole (or is that "a fox's hole") at The Paris Theater in downtown Portlandia on Friday Halloween Night, and has filed a report on Ray's (the owner of The Paris) Halloween Bash.

Get ready for some vintage Brent at the top of his game...

Here we go!



This young couple came to The Paris Theater last night, dressed for the Halloween party in Star Wars themed costumes. They also brought glow sticks. I described them in an earlier post as light sabers. This is a very hot couple.  

TONIGHT!!! Fetlife 5.0 at The Westwood Theater Private Members Only Club Saturday Night November 1st @ 8pm!