Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! Jolar Cinema Mis-Adventure By R&R

Doc here with a negative review from one of the more popular adult theaters on the west coast: The Jolar Cinema in San Diego.

It seems that management is letting individuals into The Jolar that are disrupting the scene, and making the theaters inside less than safe.  Hopefully someone will bring this report  to the attention of management, and that changes will be made.

Here is R&R, with what began as a tale of hope, but that ended in a tale of disappointment.


Greetings Doc,

First time reporter here; you can call me (us) R&R. As a bachelor, I was a semi-regular participant in this thing of ours while going to school in San Diego. This was back when all of the San Diego couples action was at the Adult Depot in the Sports Arena neighborhood. I gave all of that up without a second thought when I met my wife. Recently, in a moment of mid-sex dirty talk, she said she had been fantasizing about putting on a show for a room full of appreciative gentlemen. After giving it a few days' thought, I mentioned that a trip to an adult theater might be in order (if she was really being serious). I found your blog and learned that most of the action seems to have migrated from Adult Depot to Jolar near San Diego State.
Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA
I went to Jolar twice on my own to scout the place out. The first time, there was one Hispanic couple sitting in the back, but they weren't playing and the husband had one of those "Everybody stay the fuck away" scowls on his face, so I didn't witness any action that night. The second time was a Sunday afternoon. I was very disappointed to find a male and female pair of crackheads openly hitting the crack pipe in the back row of the second theater. As you can imagine, loud and obnoxious crackhead antics ensued (dancing, singing, yelling, talking shit to the other customers, etc). I didn't stay long.

Based on a couple of your recent reports on this place, I decided to roll the dice last week and ask the wife if she would like to give the place a try. We took your advice and decided to go on one of the "off-nights" to avoid having her overwhelmed by the crowd. A brief description of my wife: Early thirties, redhead, beautiful face, thick figure with DD tits and a big, round ass. She is smoking hot! She had never done anything like this, so she was understandably nervous. I was kind of nervous, too. I logged plenty of theater hours in my single days, but I had never experienced it from a couple's perspective. Being our first time, she dressed a little on the conservative side. (Nice pants, heels, and a low cut blouse with easy access.) We made the 90 minute drive from our home in Riverside County to Jolar, and we were both so nervous/excited that we almost pulled over and fucked on the side of the road. Unfortunately, the drive there would be the highlight of the night. I really hate for our first report to be negative, but we have to call call them like we see them.

We arrived at Jolar at about 9 pm. We were afraid that might be too late for the middle of the week, but there were a fair number of cars in the lot behind the store. The woman behind the counter was extremely friendly (and cute!). When we actually made it into the theater, my heart sank when I saw a new, different pair of male and female crackheads being loud and doing crazy crackhead shit in the back row. I sat down with my wife in the other theater in the hope that the crackheads would soon be leaving. No such luck. It wasn't long before Ms. crackhead pulled out a flashlight and started shining it at people while babbling to herself and laughing hysterically. She then started wandering back and forth from one theater to the other, being loud and disruptive. The final straw was when she started yelling things like "What the fuck is that white bitch looking at?" (referring to my wife). We left barely 15 minutes after we arrived.

It seems that some undesirable types have figured out that they can get into Jolar for free, as long as one of them has a penis and the other a vagina. They clearly could care less about the theater or the theater scene. They seem to think they've found a free, convenient place to get high and act the fool. Previous reports lead me to believe that it isn't always like this, but I've now been there three times in the past two weeks. Two of those times have been ruined by some disgusting crackhead holding court in the middle of the theater. I'm not sure we'll be making the three-hour round trip drive again. My wife found the whole experience extremely uncomfortable and she doesn't seem too eager to return. It seems that our theater career may be over before it ever began.

In closing, thanks for a great blog, If nothing else, it's brought back a lot of fond memories from my days living in San Diego.



Doc here again... Reports like this one break my heart.  Management of The Jolar needs to wise up, and get rid of the undesirable element at their place.  Those of you who visit The Jolar, please e-mail me at if you have run into this behavior before. 

FYI, I have supplied R&R with a recommendation on a different adult theater in San Diego.  The damage may be done, but I hope this bad experience doesn't taint their interest forever.

Stay tuned.


Flash Report! Mr. Wally @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN

Doc here with a first time report from Mr. Wally.  His port of call was CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, and his report is a good one.
So sit back, put on your party pants, and enjoy the report from Mr. Wally.
Hi Doctor,
I was checking the posts on the CTs Yahoo Group when this post appeared:
We are still coming tomorrow morning. Black couple album has our pictures, we
expect to be there about 3 hours around 10:30 seems to be the time we are being
told to come, this is our first time coming, condoms a must and no pushy or
disrespectful guys she will be going at her own pace but when she gets
comfortable watch out but please now we are swingers but we are a couple first
so we dont need and over zealous guys hope to see yall tomorrow.

I headed over to CTs at the appointed time and found only a few cars in the lot. I paid my door fee and entered and noticed a couple off to the side whispering to each other. I talked with a librarian (ed. note: CTs lingo for their dancers) for a few minutes and waited to see what would develop. 
CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
After a few minutes the couple made their way into the theater. I again waited a few minutes and then paid my admission to the theater.  Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realized the young lady was sitting on the exam table and making out with her man. I sat and watched as he warmed her up.
Another gentleman came in and also sat and watched for a few minutes.  About this time the gentleman began lowering her top, and removed her panties.  He than motioned the second gentleman up to the table.  He began sucking on her full breasts and stroking her love hole. He than motioned me to join in the fun.
To make a long story short, this woman was a delightful gusher.  She took all cocks covered and had some finish on her breasts. I had the delight of tasting her as she came and had a wonderful blow job from her.  Everyone was respectful of her and her gentleman friend.  He did film some of the action, but asked everyone involved before doing so.
 I hope they enjoyed themselves and make a return engagement soon.
Mr. Wally
Doc here... Thanks to Mr. Wally and his first time report.  I, too, saw this post go up on the CTs Yahoo Group that morning.  I'm glad it was as advertised, and that a good time was had by all.  Keep the reports coming, MW.
Speaking of reports, The Good Doctor is running low once again on Flash Reports, Field reports, and Blast From The Past Reports.  Please submit your reports to me direct at , and I will do the rest.  First timers, please send along a pen name to which you will be credited.