Monday, July 23, 2012

Movie Night! Part 2 of Cathy (from @ The Gloryhole

Doc here with Part 2 of the video from Cathy (from @ the gloryhole in Tampa. 

If there was any doubt how naughty Cathy is in this setting, these two videos prove it without a doubt.  Don't be fooled by her sophisticated exterior, inside is a truly hungry cum slut, looking for cocks to drain.

In Part 1, Cathy is getting warmed up... Now in Part 2, she has hit a rhythm and wants more...and more.

Don't forget, Cathy begins her Summer Road Trip 2012 this week, with a stop at Hartford's Art Cinema on Friday July 27th. If you happen to be near Hartford Friday, stop in, and send The Good Doctor a report.

So fire up a Jiffy Pop, open a can of soda, and enjoy the hard and dedicated work of Cathy at Tampa's finest adult establishment.


Tour of Duty 2012 - Chapter 6 with Old Marine Corps Guy - Hollywood's Studs Theater

Doc here with Chapter 6 of Old Marine Corps Guy's "Tour of Duty 2012". In this series, Old OMCG is taking us through Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

This report focuses on Studs on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood.  I've been there, as I wanted to see what once was the flagship of the old Pussycat Theater chain in the 70's and 80's. It was an eye opener, that's for sure.

Click here for a pic of The Pussycat from the 70's

Click here for another pic of The Pussycat from the 70's

OK, enough with the pleasanties... Let's get down to brass tacks...  Here is Old Marine Corps Guy and his review of Studs Theater.


Studs Theater
7734 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA

This used to be a Pussycat Theater.  This one was where The Devil and Miss Jones premiered.  There is even a takeoff on the old Chinese theaters, " hand and footprint in cement" out front.  Linda Lovelace, John Holmes, Eric Edwards and a few others are imortilized out front.
  • $18.00 admission
  • 0900 - 0300 hours  In and out all during that time
  • It used to be one very large theater that is now cut up into 4 seperate theaters.
  • 1 large theater with 250+ seats (very comfortable) showing gay
  • 1 smaller theater with couches showing gay
  • 1 smaller theater with couches showing bi/TV
  • 1 smaller theater with couches showing str8
  • Almost completly gay, but clerk say a rare couple does wander in sometimes.

Flash Report! Bazooka's in Kansas City by Professor 7x6

Doc here with one of favorite reporters, Professor 7x6. The good professor has a great report for us all to read, and to also take notes. 

Here he is, Professor 7x6...

Hey, Doc,

I'll stick to the facts and maybe add a vignette for amusement:

I had the opportunity to make it to Kansas City on Friday evening.  There's only two venues in Kansas City, the Strand Theater (an old school classic but rundown place), and Bazooka's, a small two room theater and arcade above a titty bar.   I've had slightly more luck at The Strand, but at 8:30pm it was too late to investigate it because they close early.  Bazooka's is open until midnight, the legal limit here in Missourah.

Enough backdrop:  there were about 15 guys in both theaters, and a young Hispanic bbw and grumpy looking older dude in the second row.  She seemed happy to be there, but did not make eye contact and was making no move for physical contact with her companion.  I stepped out a few minutes to bide time and they were gone when I got back. Too bad, it would have been fun to spray her tits...

Kansas City, MO
Things looked up, however, when a MILF blonde in a fuck-me cocktail  dress and heels came in with her hubby.  She was probably 50ish, pale, blonde, and skinny and looked  kind of like Gilda Radner with  her librarian features.  He was Joe average, kind of reminded me of  Dabney Coleman.  They settled into middle seats in the middle of the theater.

There were several scouts in the anteroom area and I asked if she would play.  They indicated she would play with the old man and that's it, but it would be a nice show.  I gave it some time and went back in and nothing had started yet.  A biker type guy was in the aisle seat next to her, and soon he was stroking her legs and maybe even fingering her.  And then guys were reaching over to play with her titties, but she didn't reciprocate except to stroke her old man.

I hoped that the scouting report was in error and took off my shirt and starting working my cock in view of her, hoping she would invite me to play.  I was the only HWP guy in the room, and apparently the only one with functioning genitalia as nobody else even touched themselves.  After a couple of minutes hoping for an invite, I finally eased in behind and asked if I could fuck her with a condom, which I was holding in plain sight.

Too bad, she simply said no, in a respectful manner.  I messed up the usual "thanks anyway, you have a hot body and are awesome" response but it didn't really matter.  I watched a couple of minutes    and she leaned over to give head to hubby.  It was hard to see anything, and I decided to shirt up and leave for the night and Plan B.  This is the end of the report.

Vignette time - when I pulled my shirt off the chair back, the guy behind the seat jumped up and said "I've had enough of you slick!".  He'd been sitting in the aisle right in front of the couple and tons of people were clamoring in behind his seat to view and handle the action.  If he'd moved his ass one seat over then people could have had front positions to enjoy the couple as well.

I'm ashamed that I shouted back my own territorial privileges and he huffed and puffed.  He was almost as tall as me, and he would describe himself as beefy, which we all know means he is just fat. He was spoiling for trouble, and I seriously considered a sudden shove would have put him backwards over the seats.  Instead, I wimped out - too much to lose, nothing to gain.  I actually intended to have security escort him out, but none were in sight when I walked into the lobby.   I had showed my dick to everyone already, I didn't need to show it again, lol...

Two reasons for the vignette - One, the moral is that everyone  doesn't understand that the couples are the main event.  He probably didn't know he was cock blocking and I don't know why he exploded on    me when I was obviously leaving.  The only dick swinging that needs to happen is the good kind, so if possible, swallow your pride and de-escalate the situation so the couples will keep on coming.

Two- I was handed the comedy setup line of the century.  During his bluster about how tough he was, he shouted "I'm a Teamster".  So many comebacks for that one.  "I'll call you if I need my shit    broken or stolen", or "I'm a hairdresser (with the same enthusiasm)", or "I'll call you if I want my balls sucked (and many variations)".  Anyway, maybe you had to be there.

Thanks for the forum, Doc.  I can't tell my stories to co-workers and family you know.  It's still bleak here in Missourah, but maybe getting better. 



Doc here again...Thanks to the esteemed Professor 7x6 for another excellent report, and his essay "How to Handle an Adult Theater Heckler."   Keep up the great work sir.

The Good Doctor needs reports, the same way Mars needs women.  Send your adult theater reports to Tommy Kirk The Good Doctor at, and your old friend in the white suit will do the rest: edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  You get the byline and the glory.