Monday, July 4, 2011

Flash Report! Tomkat (on the prowl) Reports on the New Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with an excellent Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, Tomkat (on the prowl). As The Journal's New England bureau chief, he is johnny on the spot when it comes to the Northeast adult theater scene.


Hey Doc,

TomKat here with a report on Hartford's Art Cinema, located on 25 Franklin Avenue.  

I thought, I'd celebrate the Summer Solstice last week with a Tuesday night road trip to the Art Cinema in Hartford.  I managed to leave my office in Central Massachusetts on time (not an easy feat these days).  I  headed down I-84 towards Hartford.  Shortly after crossing the CT line, I hit a wall of traffic.  The backup turned out to be a very ugly rollover that closed all but one lane in each direction.  Despite busting my ass at work so I could leave on-time, I got to the Art about 45 minutes late. 

Art Cinema, Hartford CT

 After chatting with Ernie, the owner, for a few minutes, I settled into the dark theater, taking a seat in the back row where I could watch the goings on in the main theater and keep an eye on  the stairway to the couple's balcony.  Once my eyes adjusted I saw the usual assortment of pole cats polishing their poles.  No couples in sight.   After about 45 minutes I was starting to feel frustrated.  I spent  almost 2 hours fighting traffic for nothing.  About this time, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a couple heading up the stairs to the balcony.  I didn't get a good look at her.  But I saw him.  He was a tall balding guy with an average build, perhaps 55 to 60 years old.  There's nothing like a little pussy in the theater to brighten this ol' TomKat's outlook!

I gave them a few minutes to get settled in.  I walked down to the front of the theater to see if I could see some action.  It's possible to watch couples on the balcony, but the light is very dim and it depends on exactly where they sit.  I could see them at the back of the balcony.  I saw lots of movement.   I knew they were playing.  But I couldn't tell exactly what they were up to.  

After a few minutes, they walked buck naked to the front of the balcony.  I heard her say "there's someone down there".  I was the only pole cat down front.  So, I knew it was me she she saw.  She leaned forward against the rail.  He entered her from behind and  started pounding her hard.  I could clearly hear his pelvis slapping into her butt cheeks on every stroke.  She was gasping and moaning quite loudly.  What really surprised me was none of the other pole cats bothered to come down front.  This couple was putting on a Hell of a show and the pole cats were truly clueless.

They moved to a seat in the front row of the balcony and continued fucking.  Speaking of clueless, about this time, some moron appeared at the back of the balcony.  What the fuck?  Can't he read the "Couples Only" sign on the stairs?  The male half of the couple looked up and hollered, "Hey!  It's couple's only up here"  Fucking Einstein turned around and headed back downstairs where he belonged.  

The couple headed to the back of the balcony and started to get dressed.  At this point I'm thinking, "Thanks Asshole! Show's over.  "  I returned to my seat at the back of the theater to get a look at her to provide description for this report.  I cant think of a celebrity look-alike.  But, she's  a tiny girl, maybe 5-feet tall, thin with tiny tits.  She can't weigh more than 100 Lbs.  Her long curly brunette hair was tied back with a bandanna.  She was wearing a black short sleeve top with tan knee length skirt.

To my surprise, they didn't head for the door.  He took her by the hand and lead her into the main theater.  They sat in a row of seats with a wide aisle in front leading to an emergency exit.  When couples play downstairs this is usually where they go. 

The pole cats, didn't rush the couple this time.  The couple got settled.  Three of us moved to a close but respectful distance.  Soon his cock was out and she was sucking it.  After  a few minutes she slouched down in her seat and spread her legs.  He got on his knees in front of her, lifted her skirt and began fucking.  They fucked for maybe 5 - 10 minutes.  Then they headed back up stairs, cleaned up in the ladies room and left the theater.  I made my exit a few minutes later.

The Art isn't as hot the Paris in Portland or CTs in Gary.  But, it's the only place around to enjoy this thing of ours. It sure beats the fuck out of watching "Dancing with the Stars"!


(on the prowl)
Doc here again... Great job by Tomkat once again, documenting the adult theater scene, this time in Hartford (pronounced HAAT-FAHD).  The Art Cinema is on The Good Doctor's bucket list of theaters to visit in the east (the other is Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre, PA).  The balcony component is unique in this thing of ours now, as this is the last adult theater I am aware of (besides The Metro in Toronto) that has a balcony.

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