Friday, May 10, 2013

Final Reminder! Michael & Brandy TONIGHT May 10th @ 8PM at CTs Adult Theater

Doc here with a Upcoming Visit announcement for you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Tonight, May 10th at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN (address in the database), Michael & Brandy will be making a visit (and a whole lot more) to CTs for a gang bang starting at 8pm. This is couple is hot and experienced in this thing of ours, and ready for a great CTs welcome Friday night.

Here is Michael and Brandy (in their own words) and what they are looking for:

We have been to CTs on our motorcycles going through one afternoon.We go to a theater to get fucked and enjoy the scene together, so we look forward to the experience. Hard core is OK with us even thought we are older. Brandy has a sexy style about her that keeps guys surrounding her. She will entertain the group for sure---so lets place us on site at 8 PM and go from there. Doc, we hope you are around as it would be cool to meet you. Many folks including us appreciate your effort to keep us informed.

Here are some pics of the lovely Brandy:

So mark the date on your calendar: Michael and Brandy - Friday May 10th at 8pm @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  Be clean, prepared, and ready.


Flash Report! The Return (Again) of Bob in Biloxi!!! Two Days - Two Reports

Doc here with a special report... The return of the one and only Bob in Biloxi.

Once upon a time, Bob was (if not the first, one of the first) original contributors to The Journal back in 2009. That group included Brent in Portland, Donny Digital, OldBeatNik, JaxBchBum, and Bob in Biloxi.  His reports hit The Good Doctor's in-box every Sunday morning slight before noon, chronicling the prior evening's fun in Biloxi.  There are at least 125 Bob in Biloxi reports in the archives, if not more. 

That's dedication, folks.

Then, as several scientists have theorized, Bob took an arrow in the left cheek from Cupid, and his attentions were pointed in a different direction. Sure, there have been reports here and there, and they were terrific, but it was not a weekly event any longer.

That's what makes this report so good... Bob, in top-shelf form, covering both The Gulf Coast Theater and the ABS down the street.  It's like old times.

So sit back, pop open a Yoo-Hoo, and enjoy Bob and his tale of 2 weekends in Biloxi.


Hey Doc,

A couple of reports from your long lost reporter near the beautiful Gulf Coast - two weekends in a row this time!! Circumstances allowed me to travel the short distance this weekend and last to both the Gulf Coast Theater and the ABS.

Bob in Biloxi
I arrived around 8pm last weekend and had just missed a 40 something dressed to play blonde lady at the ABS. From talking to the clerk, they mentioned they would be back, but he also told me they had actually been coming in and out for the last couple of hours, like they were looking for someone.

I left and drove the couple of blocks to our Gulf Coast Theater; there were about 10 couples that showed during the night at the theater. Two couples were inside when I got there. One was a semi regular, (which I’ve written about in the past), as she is a very sweet lady that always dresses the part, but primarily this couple looks for other couples. Also in the audience was a new lady I haven’t seen before, a brunette with a short skirt, very pretty, but judging from her choice of playmates, somewhat stupid. She seemed to be drawn to highly confused men, who just moments before her arrival were playing gleefully among their own species. I just hope she didn’t catch anything soap will not remove. I also got to see “Lil Slut’s” entrance, and her start up. I watched for about three minutes and left to check out the ABS.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
When I arrived there, the clerk nodded and held up a finger indicating “one” was in the back. I was lucky to get a booth next to that couple without any problems. She was a 30 something blonde lady, with a black skirt, heels and a white blouse. After hauling out my junk and stroking for about 10 seconds her finger appeared at the hole, making the universal circling motion. As I fed her my cock through the hole she began to vigorously attack the poor soldier, I even had to remove it and speak to her through the hole with a request she be a little more gentle with the poor fellow. She seemed to get the message and soon she was doing much better, both with her hands and tongue.

Sooner than I expected she was rolling a raincoat on and backing up sliding my member into a very hot and wet pussy. All of us know from past experience how this is going to end! Her little butt was banging away at that poor wall making my cock a happy camper. When I was finished she stripped the wrapper off and started vigorously sucking me, I couldn’t stand the pain as I am very sensitive afterward and had to quickly withdraw.

Leaving the ABS slightly lighter and albeit wobbly in step, I went back to check out the theater scene. I was impressed with the number of couples that showed, unimpressed with the number of guys that were milling about just getting in the way. One such character almost sat on a poor ladies face while trying to barge in on a couple fucking on the couch. He must have been in his 80’s and reeked of cigarette smoke. Other confused guys were trying to cop a feel of the many strokers in the crowd trying to get attention from any willing couple nearby, and so it goes. Nothing here to see except a mob, I left at 11pm.

This past weekend was better for this reporter, as it started out with a call from one of the scouts informing me another blonde had found her away to the ABS and was in a booth rejecting people as they presented themselves at the hole. Sounded to me like another meet me at the hole arrangement? However when I got there, she and her man where gone.

I got another call from the same scout telling me they were now at the theater along with two other couples. I caught sight of the scout when I entered and asked him to point out the couple he was talking about. She was a tall blonde with a blue jean skirt and pullover sweater, she had her legs crossed clearly showing a nice set of high heels! Looked promising from my point of view! The scout mentioned they haven’t done anything and was shooing away anyone that came near them.

Bob's License Plate
They sat for about 20 minutes and got up to leave. There were two other couples in the theater as well: one never does anything, the other are old timers that only play among themselves. As the tall blonde and her man exited the rear door, I went out the front and went back down to the ABS.

As I was going inside I noticed them pulling up, there was a different clerk this time inside the ABS, but he knew I was looking for couples, as they came in the front door he halfway pointed and nodded. So when they did finally come back I got lucky again securing the adjoining booth. The one thing I’ve begun to notice during these last trips is the women don’t seem to wait long before giving you the sign they want to inspect what you’re working with. It takes about 20 seconds or so before I’m ready for “inspection” but she seemed to be just a tad impatient, knocking on the wall saying let me see that cock. Kind of a turn on actually!

So feeding the boy through the hole, this lady was very good at treating a cock well, she was gentle and would suck for a few minutes and lightly blow cool air down the shaft and engulf it again with her rather warm mouth, she took her time, talking shit loud enough for anyone in the arcade to hear, again another turn on!! At some point she must have rolled a condom on with her mouth, because the next thing I know there’s a really soft ass pressing back against me and warm sensation all around my cock. Pretty cool to feel, the only thing that would have beaten that would have been the bare feeling of that warm enclosure she was packing!! After several minutes of her ass banging the wall I gave up, as she had a latex pocket full of Bob’s special protein shake. I thanked her and left, didn’t see them the rest of the night.

Bob's HD Truck
Later around 10pm a very petite 20 something brunette and her man arrived at the ABS. She was a cute little girl, nice size sitting way up high tits, with a coat and high heels. She kind of reminded me of Snooki but slimmer. As they entered the booth, she took off her coat to reveal she had on nothing but thigh highs and heels, I mean totally nude sans the coat!! This hot little number immediately dropped down and started sucking her man. She appeared to be enjoying the task, and every once in a while would look at the hole with a smile and his cock wrapped around her full lips. She was very sexy and I could tell she was into showing off!

Her joy at sucking cock was a huge turn on for me and soon I was rock hard again as well. I took a chance without being invited and slowly fed my cock through the hole, I didn’t have to wait but seconds until I felt her tiny warm hands encircling me, softly stroking and playing with my balls. Then the moment of truth, I felt her hot breath on my cock, the anticipation was building in me when I felt her tongue gently licking the underside and slowly taking me inside her mouth, rolling her tongue around the shaft, bobbing up and down slowly.

Clearly she was a fellatio connoisseur, taking me deep at times and toying with me other times, almost daring me to fill her mouth with the liquid she was after. So much so that my legs began to shake, she must have sensed what I needed and finally allowing me to surrender - she held me deep in her throat while I was unloading. She never moved, just holding me in her mouth until I was completely soft and spent. She was a very close second to the Redheaded Goddess in technique, talent and enthusiasm, but the Goddess remains the All Time champ!

It was 11pm when I walked out, this lady had been playing with me for almost an hour! I was sitting in the truck replenishing fluids when they walked out and left.

Spent and relaxed for the upcoming work week I bid the beautiful Gulf Coast good bye and as the waters of the Gulf on my right hand side gently rolled on during the night. It seemed to wave bye as well, like an old friend wondering when she will get to see me again.

Who knows, time will tell that story….



Doc here again... Is this the last of Bob in Biloxi? I certainly hope not... Between his expert coverage of the Biloxi scene, and his annual pilgrimage to Portland for a week of reports and pics, he has been a Hall of Fame member here at The Journal. His reports will always be good here...

Thanks again Bob...For everything.