Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flash Report: Friday Night @ The Paris Theater in Portland by Brent

Doc here with the promised Friday night Flash Report from The Paris Theater in Portland by Brent. 



On Friday night at The Paris Theater in Portland, Oregon, one of the regulars came in with Goddess for some fun. They were in the couples section with 2 other couples. The first couple was playing in the corner. Her legs were spread and he was diddling her . They were on the other side of the couples section, by the stairs. That whole area was crowded with guys. It seemed like there was always somebody standing on the stairs by the chain, staring at this couple.

Goddess and her man were relaxing in the middle. Later they went down to the front of the theater and sat in the couples section by the stage where they were eventually joined by a small group of men. For the next hour or so, Goddess enjoyed a lot of cock in her pussy and mouth often two cocks at the same time. Goddess ,a hot and willing BBW always has a good time at The Paris, I think.

Meanwhile back in The Oasis, the big dicked fellow I call Coke Can was there with a tall girl who looked strong and pretty. There was a young couple sitting next to them. She looked like Miley Cyrus. I don't remember what he looked like. Earlier, they had been playing softly in front of the impatient crowd.For example, when he put his hand down her tights and fingered her pussy, It looked like she was getting fucked by a Sock Puppet. She never really showed anything which is perfectly okay, by the way. Sometimes, its even better for the imagination.

When Coke Can showed up , Miley had to get that real thing and proceeded to suck on Coke Can in perfect harmony. Not to be out done, Strong Girl got on her knees in front of Miley's man and gave him an awesome blow job while humming "I'd Like To Teach The World To Suck". This global corporate marketing strategy was too much and Miley's young man finally exploded a load into Strong Girl's eager mouth.

During the refractory period, the two couples hooked back up with their original partners. Strong Girl left to get some mouth wash. Coke Can disappeared and then came back alone. Miley and her man cudddled in The Oasis . He was happy and satisfied, but I felt that she would have welcomed a little more loving from him or perhaps, a stand in. I know there were a lot of volunteers, if she had been so inclined.

DP Girl, fair skinned, soft and blond was there. She and her man eventually found themselves in the bedroom. They left the door open and , although I didn't get out of my chair to watch, I could see from where I was sitting that she was enjoying the sexual favors of a few gentlemen. DP Girl used to love to get DPd ( ass and pussy) but now a days she likes guys to come on her tits. I'm sure she still enjoys DP but it is hard to come by ( hard come, that's the ticket). Ass, pussy, & double penetration is a difficult maneuver to pull off in a crowded adult theater. But when It's done successfully, it is a delight to behold.
My favorite couple of the night was a Latin, or, perhaps, Middle Eastern looking duo, who sat in the corner of the couples section. He was smooth and well dressed. She was also well dressed. She was sexy because, to me, she looked ethnic and traditional. She let him be their guide and he took his time with her. He held her while they watched the movie.

As she got warmed up, he did more and more. She removed her tights. She had great legs. They kissed and he took off her bra. Her breasts were full. Her skin was golden brown. She wore intricate gold jewelry that looked exotic against her smooth skin. Another couple came in and began to play. The Latin/ Mid East couple moved closer so that the two couples were playing next to each other. I thought for a minute that there might be some girl on girl theater action. That didn't happen,but nonetheless, it was exiting to watch these two couples play.

The Latin couple did everything. She sucked his dick. He ate and fingered her moist temple. He fucked her in all different kinds of positions. She never got completely naked but everything she had was out there for everybody to see. At one point she was on her back with her ass in the air like she was in the middle of a backwards somersault and he was pummeling his big dick in and out of her sopping wet camel toe. The other couple was also playing hard. She was a sassy blond Mae West type who rode her man like the queen of the rodeo. I half expected her to take out a couple of six shooters and start riding around the theater, standing on a white horse. She on a horse or vice versa? Now that would have been a show!

I think I'm confusing Mae West with Annie Oakley,here. Or is it Myra Breckenridge? Oh well, they left before the Latin/ Mid East couple finished. When the Middle Eastern/ Latin couple finished, got dressed and left (she was embarrassed and excited at the same time) the hetero theater sex action was over for the night.

Coming tomorrow: A recap of last Saturday at The Paris, only 5 days late. The Internet may be fast but content still travels at frail human speed. The recap features four crazy ladies from the joint down the street, two hot beautiful ladies who took on all comers, one early in the evening when the theater action was just starting and the other one later when the bars were closing for the night. They may have come in to the theater at different times but they had a common craving for cock. The Recap will also feature a lot of couples that were in and out of The Paris like drive through patrons and a few couples that stayed and played, much to the delight of the audience.

But first I need to go over my notes...


Thanks Brent for an outstanding (as usual) recounting of the action @ The Paris.