Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Party with Cathy Photo Report with 8 PICS!!! CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN on 8/9/13

Doc here, a man some say can control people's minds with his mustache, with the long overdue Photo Report from Cathy's great event at CT's Adult Theater in Gary, IN on 8/9/13.

To refresh your minds, The Good Doctor was happy to promote two adult theater visits by one of the original amateur internet MILFS, Cathy for the 2nd year in a row.

The first of the 2013 theater visits was to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN. This theater is arguably one of the most hardcore adult theaters in the country. It's motto should be "Gang Bangs by Appointment". Last year a ton of guys (over 100 over two days), and this year's one night stand was looking to repeat this success.

With The Good Doctor shooting the still pics, and Cathy's hubby Peter shooting the high definition video, the event was a huge success.  Special thanks goes out to Terry at CTs, who was security and guy wrangler, and to Pete, owner of CTs for providing the venue.

Here is a sampling of the visit by Cathy at CTs Adult Theater (the rest of the pics and video will be available at Cathy's website,



Cathy's Gallery - CTs Adult Theater
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Flash Report! The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA by Mikeynylons

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA, as well as one additional location by first timer Mikeynylons.

Here we go...


Visited the Green Door in Bethlehem on Friday Sept 6 at 8pm.   The parking lot was full.   I thought there might be  couple coming in for some action that had let someone know in advance.  I went in eagerly but it was all men.   The movies were not the most exciting.   The main attraction here is the play area booths.
I revisited the next day on Sept 7 at 830PM and there were only a few cars.    It's a bit noisy inside with 3 movies playing and there is a bit of an echo.  I thought it was noise from another movie I heard but it was really the clicking of real heals.   I only saw her leave and I think she left disappointed as there was not many people there.

I went over to Cupids Treasure on Stefko Blvd, and there they have private booths with some gloryholes and the selection of movies is better.   I think this place does not lend itself to couple's play as much as the Green Door. 



Doc here again... Thanks to Mikeynylons for his first report. Keep them coming, sir.


Flash Report! Professor 7x6 @ Vegas Video in Missouri

Doc here with a long overdue Flash Report from senior reporter Professor 7x6, and his visit to Vegas Video in Missouri.

The Good Professor always adds great editorial content to his reports, in addition to details of his visits.

So without further ado, hailing from parts unknown, weight unknown, here is Professor 7x6.



Finally, I have a report with activity.  Us reporters out in the boondocks are somewhat obsolete now that your network includes hot couples with pics and vids.  But, here's some down low on Vegas Video in Southwest Missouri.  This place has an arcade with gh's, a 5 movie theater area, and a gay spa.  But, this is a very repressed area of the Bible belt, and it doesn't approach the atmosphere of CT's, 15th Avenue, or of course the Portland scene.  

I do moderate a Yahoo group and would welcome membership that is in this thing of ours, and potentially will visit the store.  We aren't trying to build traffic for no reason or become a chat room.  If your readers will reference The Good Doctor,  I will approve them.  We have to worry about Uncle Leo, so we don't publicize much.   It is

So,  3 weeks ago I saw on CL that a couple might be in the store.  I dropped by on Friday before noon and another couple was just coming in the store.   I asked the clerk if there was a couple there, and he said they were "in the back".   I walked through the pitch dark theaters looking for them and then went back to the booths.  I went to the back booths with the GH's, and surprisingly looked through the hole and saw a female form.

I still hadn't adjusted my eyes, had not started  working up a woody, and was fumbling for money, etc.. when I noticed a butt crack already at the hole.  I was hoping for an inviting finger, and time for a nice stiffie warmup.  I gave the butt  a stroke, felt some hair, and thought, dammit, this is a CD with a hairy ass.  I ignored it for ten seconds, but my Spidey/Lizardo sense took over and I gave it a little more exploration and lo and behold, it was a natural vagina!  Jackpot!

This was an impatient honey hole, and I was still fumbling with my unit, but a few tugs and pushes got it inside.  A good semi was worked up and soon her man came over and invited me to the booth for part 2.  The funny thing is I was handed a condom at this point, and I think now that I had been plowing the Hershey Hiway unbeknownst.  The lady was maybe mid-40's, but obviously highly charged.

Couple #2 was there watching the fun, and we did some covered fucking in the crowded booth.  Couple #1 had to leave after a few minutes,  before I could reach a nut, but seemed happy to get some action from the otherwise slim pickings of trolls in the place. 

The other couple said they'd like me to fuck her, and who am I to turn down a polite request?  She was also bbw, but younger.  She liked it verbal and after just starting she wanted it in the ass.  I plowed on her for a few minutes, and she loved giving up a good ass fucking with spanking, which is hard when you struggle to keep your balance and her cheeks spread. 

After a good buildup and nutting in her, she turned around and said "How old are you?"  I first thought it was a joke about being 18 to get in the store, but it was a compliment and amazement from her (answer is 60, btw, and I told her!).  She was very sweet and sexy and kept flattering me, although I kept assuring her it was only a B minus from me because I wasn't really prepared (yes, blue pills and less wanking do help).  I promised a really good rogering if they will let me know when they come back.  I normally give couples space and don't chit chat, but I wish I had pursued it further and got their email address.

They would loved to have a line of dicks but all they got was this veteran reporter I think.  There was nobody in the bullpen, so they might not make it back in the daytime.

Sorry for the long and professor-centric post, but maybe some readers will pick up a tip or two.  All of this is the equivalent of a simple posting from CT's:  "2 couples in the theater".  It is sad to live so far away from Disneyland :(.



Doc here again... Many thanks to the Good Professor for another terrific report from the trenches of this thing of ours. Keep them coming, sir.