Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flash Report: Back Row Reporter on Laney's GB @ CTs in Gary 7/21 and 7/22/11

Doc here with a first time report from the newest reporter here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, the Back Row Reporter.  BRR submitted two reports, and the first one focuses on Laney from Texas' 2-day visit to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.

BRR pulls no punches in his report, but it's content should be taken as constructive criticism.

Take it away, BRR...


Hi Good Doctor Lizardo,

Here's a unofficial report about Laney's visits at CTs Adult Theater this past weekend.  Well Laney's 3 day gangbang didn't come off as planned.  I'm not sure what happened because I wasn't there all 3 days.  

This is what I know from being there 2 days (Thu & Sat), and talking to the staff and folks at CTs about the other day (Fri).  Laney arrived as scheduled around noon for her 1st gangbang scheduled for the day.  I was there and all went well.  Laney was as usual was quite the sexpot.  Laney is a hot, mature, unashamed, sexpot.  She loves gangbangs.  Laney will give head but she is mainly there to get fucked.  Fucked good and hard and many, many times.  Laney has said as much on her postings on CTs yahoo site.  But this time was somehow different. 

Laney from Texas
Laney really didn't seem to be quite as into it as before.  Laney said this is her 7th visit to CTs and I've had the pleasure of seeing her 4 times.  I will say that Laney posts in hopes of getting as much cock/dick as possible.  And the turnout was much lighter that I've seen in the past.  And perhaps this was a portent of things to come.  I didn't make the Thu night 8pm session but I spoke to folks and they said the turnout was very light.  Just not enough guys to satisfy Laney.  Laney is a unabashed slut and she wants to be fucked lots of times.  In fact I remember her posting said that she wanted to break her personal record of 110 guys over the 3 day set.  

Laney left the Thursday 8pm gangbang very early at about 10pm because of the light turnout.  I'm told she didn't seem happy.  I did not make neither the nooner nor 8pm gangbangs on Friday.  I cannot report on the nooner gangbang on Friday as I didn't make that and don't know anyone who did.  But I spoke to folks about the 8pm session and they said that Laney arrived, went into the theater, there were only a few guys, and none of them wanted to fuck her.  Apparently this group of fellas were more into voyeurism.  But without any fellas to fuck her there wasn't anything for them to see or for Laney to do.  Apparently Laney was either very disappointed or very pissed off.  She left shortly after she got there.  For the Saturday night 8pm gangbang, Laney posted that she would not be there.  She said that she was concerned about the weather.

CTs Adult Theater
 Gary, IN
Now this is a shame.  Laney is a mature woman.  Laney is quite hot and very sexy.  And she's got a big sexual appetite, and perhaps she isn't  everyone's cup of tea.  But I can tell you for past events that Laney has lots of fellas that really like getting with her.  She has a following. 

In my opinion, perhaps it's her desire to break records, staying 3 days, and scheduling so many visits that is causing a problem.  With all those visits her fans are starting to spread out as to when they will arrive.  After all, Laney was scheduled for 5 gangbangs in 3 days with several hours on each session.  Perhaps the new has worn off and she just will not get the crowd she is used to for all those days/sessions.  I would suggest Laney limit her visits to no more than 3 sessions at CTs and maybe only 2 sessions.  And additionally she should add a couple private hotel parties and 1 visit to the other Chicago-based adult theater to the list.  Laney is insatiable and this should do the trick. 

Adding a couple private hotel parties (by invitation only), she can be sure to get the guys who are interested in giving her the fucking she deserved.  I'm sure any number of her fans (including myself) would be happy to host one of those private parties. 

Laney is traveling all the way from Texas and she is making a big effort to get here to this area.  It's a shame if we can't manage to give this sexy azz woman the fucking she wants and deserves.  I can appreciate her trying to accommodate all her fans by scheduling so many trips to CTs but that's part of the problem. 

I hope Laney returns to our Chicago/Northern-Indiana area for more hot action.  Laney and her fans here have had some great times.  But let's hope for a much greater turnout next time.


Doc here again... Thanks to the Back Row Reporter for a fine job on his inaugural report for The Journal.  His second report will be seen here in the next day or two, and focuses on last Saturday night at CTs Adult Theater.

Do you have an adult theater report? A Blast From The Past (a past visit that sticks out as being a great evening of theater sex)? I hope you do, since I am in dire need of reports here at The Journal.  Just e-mail Zorba the Greek The Good Doctor and I will edit and format your report for you.  You supply the words.  It's easy.  Try it.

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