Monday, June 9, 2014

House Call! The Good Doctor Visits the Berlin News Agency Again, and Hits a Triple with Sexxxy Sue, D&M, and Crystal on 5/13/14 (w/PICS)

 Doc here, a man who some say makes a delicious pork chop (in his pants), with a long overdue House Call Report from my most recent trip to the always awesome Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ just outside of Philadelphia.

Luck was on The Good Doctor's side on Tuesday May 13th. My day job took me back to Philly for two days of meetings (and an ill-timed dance-off with a colleague from Denmark), and with that, a reason to visit my good friends at the Berlin News Agency for a second time.

During my first visit (report HERE), I did a 30 minute Q&A session for about 20 people in the ABS section of BNA. I also met the lovely and very sexy Cindy from Delaware, who caught my attention with her pretty face, sexy body, and blonde pig tails. More about Cindy from Delaware shortly.

Couple's Flash Report! Victoria the Vixen at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago with a Cast of Dozens on 6/6/14 (incl. Moaning Lisa, Annabelle, Victor, & The Good Doctor)

Doc here, a man who some say knows his way around a flat meatball sandwich like nobody's business, with a dynamite Couple's Flash Report from our newest reporter here at The Journal, Victoria the Vixen.

Victoria and her hubby, Victor, are good friends of The Good Doctor, and along with Moaning Lisa, her hubby Mr. Mystplyk John, & 2nd time couple Annabelle and her hubby J, we set up a couples meet at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago this past Friday night.

The Good Doctor met Victoria & Victor for the first time at the Lingerie and Sexy PJ Party at 15th Ave. last month, and since then have had some fun times with this wild couple. Little did we all know that the Friday meet up at 15th Ave. would be the craziest one yet!

UPDATED 6/9/14 AT 7AM - On The Road with The Good Doctor! This Week: The Berlin News Agency

UPDATED 6/9/14: Doc here again... The bags are packed, my white suit is pressed, and my boarding pass is printed for the big trip to Philly and the visit to Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ Tuesday night at 7pm.

I strongly suggest you follow me on Twitter as I live Tweet my journey from The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college) to Philly (and beyond).

And when my rental car pulls into the lot at BNA, I will proudly step out, straighten out my suit, adjust my aviators, and walk to the front door of Berlin News Agency. After tapping the mic to make sure it's on, I will utter the following words:

"Ich bin ein Berliner"

See you then.



Doc here... A man who some say has the water repelling attributes of an adult duck (male), yet will never admit to it, with a new feature here at The Journal, On The Road with The Good Doctor.

"On The Road..." will be my way of letting you, the good readers of The Journal, know where I will be heading across this great land of adult theaters, ABSs, and gloryholes.
Let's take the next few days for example... Friday evening 6/6, the brand new Lizardo 4000 will be pulling into 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago's western burbs for a little R&R and maybe a steam.

On Tuesday 6/10, the Lizardo 4000 will pull into ORD and I will be jetting off to Philly for meetings in conjunction with my day gig. However, Tuesday night, my attention will be squarely be on the awesome Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ, starting at 7pm.  The Good Doctor will be on hand to answer any of your adult theater related questions, dispense questionable advice, and if the mood strikes, perform a couple of lame hand shadows.

The Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
If it wasn't for the fact that I sprained my mustache last weekend while doing yard work, mustache rides would have be on the table. If I heal quickly, you'll be the first to know. After the Q&A, I will duck into the theater and enjoy the evening's festivities, culminating in a House Call Report here at The Journal.

If you plan on stopping by BNA on Tuesday, please feel free to drop me an e-mail at , with "BNA" in the subject line. Berlin News Agency has some of the friendliest people I have ever met in this thing of ours, and I would enjoy meeting even more.

See you on the road...