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Field Report: Love Stuff Adult Theater, Cordele, GA by JaxBchBum

Doc here with the return of one of the senior field reporters here @ The Journal, JaxBchBum. His reports never fail to disappoint, and here is a clear example why... A very thorough, yet hot report about a new theater in Cordele, GA...

Enjoy the report!
Love Stuff Theatre Visit - Cordele GA
It was the Wednesday after Christmas and was driving back to Florida from visiting relatives in north GA.  Instead of taking the normal I-16 to !-95 route that can be so boring, I decided to head straight down I-75 as I wanted to check out the Love Stuff store in Cordele GA which I understood had undergone a remodeling and they constructed a mini-theatre.  Store is located right off the interstate at Exit 97, about half-way between Macon and Valdosta GA.  I arrived about 8pm.  The parking lot could use some filling in of some potholes at the edge, but otherwise a well lit location.  Entered the retail store and it is a megamart of toys, novelties, clothing, etc.  Must be 5,000 sq. ft. of space.  Off to the north side is the passageway into the theatre/arcade and DVD sales/rental area.  Store was still decorated with lots of Holiday decorations which added to personality of the place.

Now the theatre/arcade is a bit different than what I have experienced before.  It is $5 but you are limited to a 2 hour stay. I believe couples are free, but not positive of that.  I assume that policy was put into place to keep truckers and others from coming in and sleeping overnight in the theatre since the store is open 24 hours a day.  One of the regulars told me that the time limit isn't strictly enforced unless someone is causing problems or using the place as a sleeping area.  For your $5 you have access to the "mini-theatre" and the 10-booth arcade.  In the arcade, videos are constantly running (you don't have to feed money).  Five of the booths are straight porn with a gloryhole between at least two of the booths.  On the backside, 3 of the booths show gay porn and the other 2 show some sort of specialty porn (TVs, S&A, fetishes, etc.)  Didn't really spend any time in the arcade, but the area was clean, reasonably lighted with locking doors.  Management is super hospitable and willing to give first time visitors a tour of the facilities and explaining how everything works.  For example, you can pick any video from the rental display to replace one of the arcade videos being shown of the same type, so it is like a private viewing booth.

Love Stuff Adult Theater
105 Floyd Road, Cordele, GA
 The theatre is not what I would call "mini" like I have seen at Theatre X in Orange Heights FL, as it is quite spacious without being cavernous.  You access the theatre through a door going down a 25' hallway and coming in to the back area of the theatre.  Seating consists of 8 long, leather-like couches, 4 on each side turned at a slight angle to the screen with aisles on each end and down the middle.  There also are a couple of upholstered bench seats along the back wall.  I would guess each couch is wide enough for 4 people.  Nice clean video.  Lighting was the right level with plenty of light to see where you were going (and what was going on) without being to bright to mess up the video quality or ruin the atmosphere.  They only show one movie, changing daily, but with the 2 hour limit that shouldn't be a problem.  Clerk seems to be willing to change videos if requested but will only show straight porn in the theatre.  The only complaint I had about the couches is that the backs were slanted backwards too much causing me to continue to slide forward on the couch and having to frequently sit back up.  Anyway, enough of the facility description.

Entered the theatre and sat in a couch on the far side in the next to last row.  Only one other guy there who polished his pole a little and kept looking over.  Realizing I wasn't interested, he left after a bit, so I had the place to myself.  Being the middle of the week during the Holidays, I really didn't expect much in the way of couples action and was visiting more to check out the place; but just goes to show you that even the blind pig sometimes finds the acorn.

Soon a white couple who I would guess was in their mid-30s came in and first stood along the back edge of the theatre.  He was dressed in jogging warm-up suit and she had a navy dress with white trim that extended to just below her knees and was buttoned up the front; although the bottom few buttons were already undone .  They both were pretty fit looking although he was bit stocky.  She had dark shoulder length hair.  Not a knockout but an attractive woman with a great smile that always seem to be present.  I wasn't sure if they were just checking the place out and were going to stay or leave.  Since I didn't hear any giggling or her turning away from some of the hard core action on the screen I thought this might have some possibilities. 

They heard the door open to the hallway so they moved to seat down in the couch across the aisle from me with her on the outside so I got an excellent view.  I could tell she was either braless or had a thin bra as I could see the protrusion through the front of her dress her nipples were making.  The guy that had been there when I arrived had returned and stood against the back wall.  I glanced back a couple of times and he had pulled out his cock and was stroking it, but then left after a few more minutes.
I was glancing at the lady across from me from time to time to see if any activity was happening.  He had placed his arm around her shoulder and she leaned into him.  I couldn't see her left arm so I wasn't sure if anything was going on there.  As the minutes went by, his hand came slowly down her shoulder and he started brushing the top of her right breast through her dress.  After a bit, she snuggled into him more which gave him the opportunity to be more forceful in rubbing and cupping her breast.  She never looked my way, but he would glance over from time to time.  Figured he was trying to determine if I was a cop and it was safe to be a bit more open.  So I unzipped my slacks and started stroking my cock.  This "all clear" sign seemed to have its effect, as he then moved his hand to unbutton the top buttons.  He either whispered something to hear or was kissing the side of her face, but she glanced over towards me for a bit and gave me that winning smile.  He continued to unbutton some more buttons and slipped his hand inside her dress.  After a few minute of caressing, he unbuttoned more buttons down to her waist and pulled the top of the dress aside so both her breasts were open and they were magnificent.  Nice a perky C-cup size with a nice circular aureole and nips that protruded nicely. 

At this point I stopped pretending to look at the screen and devoted my full attention to them.  He bent over and began kissing her breasts and nipples.  As he turned, I could then tell that she had had her hand down the front of his warm ups and had been stroking his cock.   He continued to kiss her and she was enjoying the moment as she continued to slip lower and lower into the couch.  An interruption occurred as the previous visitor returned, but when he saw there were no new arrivals, he promptly left and they returned to their fun.  While still sucking on her breasts, alternating between them, he reached down and started rubbing her left thigh, working his hand under her dress.  She continued to sink lower in the couch to the point where she was almost lying down flat.  I could tell from her motions that she was pushing her pussy up against his hand..  
The guy would look at me from time to time and once, I gave him sign language asking it would be OK to get closer. He gave a brief nod so I got up, circled around and sat on the couch in front of them where turning to the side I could see the action better.  The lady seemed to be OK with me being there as she didn't miss one of her thrusts against his hand. 

He unbuttoned the rest of the dress and it fell to the side fully exposing her alabaster body.  She had a smooth pussy with the exception of a small triangular patch just above the start of her lips.  He started to finger fuck her and rub her clit while sucking on her breasts and she was going wild.  There was a short break in the action as she sat back up and tugged on his pants to pull them down and she bent over and started sucking his cock.  I had a great view of her mouth giving a great BJ as well as the light shining on her wet pussy lips as she kept her legs slightly open.

By this time I had turned sideways and undone my pants to further expose my cock.  After sucking on his cock for a bit, she stood up and then sat down on his cock facing me.  She began riding him, alternating speed, and he kept lifting up from the couch to slam his cock into her as hard as he could.  All the while she would look at me from time and time and flash that smile of hers that was so sexy.  After a bit, she stood up and placed her hands on the back of the couch where I was sitting.  He stood up and started fucking her doggy style.  She looked down and saw that I was at full attention.  My hopes turned to reality as she reached down with one hand and started stroking my cock.  Oh my, heaven had come to Cordele GA!  

 Looking up I could see those beautiful breasts right in front of me, so I tentatively raised my arm and touched her nipple.  I could see in her eyes the pleasure this double enjoyment was having so I began to rub them and gently squeeze her nipples.  Her pace in stroking my cock would alternate with the pace in which they were fucking.  This continued for about 5 more minutes and I could tell she was reaching her climax.  Her strokes became faster and harder and gentle moans escaped her lips.  All at once, I saw her shudder and the activity paused.  She lay back on the couch and her hubby stood over her.  I got up and stood on the other side of her in the middle aisle.  She reached up and started stroking both of our cocks.  Hubby soon shot his juice all over her breasts and chest.  She turned slightly towards me.  I reached down grabbed her hand and increased the pressure on my cock as well as the speed of the stroke and soon followed suit.  WOW!  He pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and began wiping up our cum.  She gave a deep sigh and made the comment that she was "completely spent".  I jokingly said that so were we!  

We got dressed and I talked with them a little bit.  They are a married couple that lives up the interstate a bit in Vienna and this was the third or fourth time they had visited.  They said they come during the middle of the week as the theatre is less busy so there aren't the interruptions.  They said that normally there are only 1 or 2 other guys there and they had never been there when another couple was in.  We exchanged e-mails addresses as I plan to make the I-75 route the preferred return path on my future trips back and forth to Atlanta.

Doc here again... Another clear example of the unpredictable nature of this thing of ours'. Conventional wisdom would show that the likelihood of coming across a fun couple during an off time is remote.  But again, you never know what's around the corner in the world of adult theaters.

Thanks to JaxBchBum for another outstanding Field Report.

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