Friday, June 25, 2010

UPDATED: Flash Report! Thrusting Thirsty Thursday at The Paris Theater in Portland

Update: It's has been brought to my attention that credit for the theme days "Wicked Wednesday" and Thrusty Thursday" at The Paris Theater belong to frequent poster on Brent's Theater Tales, Santiago De La Cruz.  Duly noted. 

Doc here with a Flash Report of a mid-week encounter at The Paris Theater in Portland, OR.  A couple from out of town had posted of their intent to rock and roll The Paris last night.  Looks like they succeeded!

Here are the words of poster ORichard from Brents Theater Tales Yahoo Group:
Yes indeed- she rolled the table. I'd say that of the 30 or so guys who passed through the Paris last evening, only the odd creature who didn't want to finger fuck, eat out, enjoy a handjob, an expert blowjob, an exam table fuck (either direction), or finally a straight fuck in the bedroom, left with his load intact. Had we known she was good to the last drop, we might have all patiently awaited our time in the box, rather than all crowding her on such a hot evening. But who knew she was there to play all night? A very good-looking youngish brunette with epic melons, a very inviting, edible clean-shaven pussy, a large, round, smooth booty and a "cum-one, cum-all" smile throughout the evening.

As good as it gets at the Paris when only one couple shows up on Thrusting Thursday. By the way Brent, she was looking for you and stated that you were the reason she was there. I believe she's in town for another evening. Gentlemen - start your engines!
Looks like we missed a hot sticky night at The Paris.  And as a nice postscript, the lady at the center of attention "ATSLUVR" added her two cents worth with these comments:
No Finish Line? I didn't see another load of cum in the house when I Finished Up! I thought I got every drop there was! Thanks for a fantastic time! I love the Paris! I found it to be a really 'well cumming' place.

I look forward to cumming again this weekend. But would love some other girls to help take the load off. And I know my guy would love a chance to play with other girls, while I am busy going down on some hot cocks.

Round two Cumming Up! -or down:) as the situation may be!
Doc here again...I that speaks for itself.  It's going to be a great weekend in PDX!