Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Flash Report! CTFireguy Returns to The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with a great report from our good friend CTFireguy , and his recent visit to Hartford's awesome Art Cinema.

Let's get started...

Longtime my good friend. This is CTFireguy. I was at The Art Cinema yesterday and it was a great day for the guys in the bullpen. 3 Couples were downstairs and 2 played .

The first couple was a hot blonde and her man they played in the center aisle and took on all cummers she has beautiful breasts and loved cum all over them. She let guys fuck her and took a bbc and came with the guy.

While this was going on other couples were watching over the balcony, some were playing and putting on great shows. A pretty girl and a man with a kilt were putting on a hot show when one of the regulars pointed out there was only a few guys downstairs they came down went into the center aisle. The regular pointed out to the couple that we are respectful and won't do anything you don't want us to do.

I think the couple liked that safety net and proceeded to play and put on a great show. She was getting fucked and asked the regular if he needed help with his cock and gave him a great hand job that he finished on her ass.

So remember guys at the art the regulars know how to make the couples safe and comfortable so listen when they tell you to be patient.

I would like to thank both ladies who came downstairs it was great and you both were hot. I know pics were taken maybe if they see this they will post some pics.

Thanks Doc!