Friday, June 29, 2012

July Preview! DC Private Gloryhole Club Report (w/PICS!) by Riddick

Doc here with a preview of a two-part report that will go live on July 1st @ The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Second-time reporter Riddick has really stepped up to the plate, and has submitted the reports, along with 25+ pics AND a video from a Washington DC private gloryhole club.  The action there looks all sorts of crazy, and the media looks fantastic.

So as a way of saying thank you for the busiest traffic month in the history of The Journal of Adult Theaters, I am providing you with three preview images from the two-part report.

And, as always, click on the images to ENLARGE them.



You are welcome.  See you on July 1st with the first of the two-part report!


Flash Report! BBCHotboy Reports On The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from new reporter BBCHotboy. He visited the Lido Adult Theater in Dalls, TX last Saturday in the early morning hours, and struck paydirt.

His story is a good one folks, so I suggest keeping hydrated, replenish your electrolytes, take your vitamins, and say your prayers.

Here is BBCHotboy and his debut report:


Saturday June 23, 2012 1:00am:

I was on my way home from a nightclub in Dallas, when I decided to pass over to one of my favorite places for adult fun, The Lido Adult Theater. The parking lot was overflowing so I figured it was a great night to stop.

Walked in the store, greeted my friend Moab, the cashier. Asked him if it was a nice night, he nodded with a smile. That meant there were a few couples and VIP guys upstairs since its couples night. So since I usually don't do VIP, I went into the downstairs theatre usually reserved for the single guys on couples' night.

To my surprise, there were 2 couples inside having fun with about 12 guys total. That made me lucky no.13!!! Couple 1 are regulars to downstairs on couples' night. He's a big hulking latino guy and his wife is a small (5'4")BBW with 36C tits and a nice ass. They're in their late 40's. She was already bent over with one guy fucking her doggie style and a cock in her mouth.

Couple no. 2 was from out of town, here for a teachers convention. They're a 40's white couple, guy small thin, woman fits the "I wanna fuck the teacher" profile: 5'5" small BBW w/DD tits and a really nice ass. She too was bent over fucking from behind and jacking off 2 cocks simltaneously. She was extremely hot, wanting guys to cum on her tits and on her ass. She especially loved the 4 BBC's including myself, banging her pussy like it was going out of style! Then out of the blue, she wanted to do a lil girl on girl play with couple 1's girl.

This was my opportunity to get a 2nd hard on (I blew my 1st wad on No.1 in a condom) and bang the teacher while she was bent over eating out girl one. And girl one had a cock in her mouth and one in her hand, going back and forth swapping dick licks. My dick was working teacher overtime, each time I thrust hard forward, her tongue thrust forward in that sweet pussy! And believe it or not, we all three (me and the girls) came at once. I shot my load so hard on her ass & back that a couple of spurts landed on girl one's face and tits. Really a great night of fun, about equaled to the visit from Robin (of CT's fame) earlier this year.

But that's another story!


Doc here again... Now that is an excellent Flash Report! Time stamp? Check. Set the scene? Check. Detailed the couples in attendance? Check? Showed both ladies a great time? Check.  Many thanks to BBCHotboy, and we look forward to your next reports, sir.

The Good Doctor needs your reports!  Just send Billy Batson The Good Doctor your report, and I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all, you get the byline!  Rookie reporters please note: I will need a pen name from you for your reports.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flash Report! Riddick Hits Bush River Books in Abingdon, MD

Doc here with a terrific first time report from Riddick

The venue is Bush River Books & Video in Abingdon, MD (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Hopefully this will be first of many reports coming from this location, and from Riddick.

Here is Riddick and his report:


Hello Doc,

Here is a report from Bush River Books & Video in Abingdon, Md.

This place had a incident awhile back (ed. note: a priest was arrested for indecent exposure), but I figured I would check it out anyway.

Bush River Books
Abingdon, MD
I showed up right around 9pm there was a couple outside - older and a bbw with a nice face and perky tits. I heard great reports form this place in the past, but wasn’t sure about making the trip out there.

So I ventured in and lurked for about a hour.  They have locking peep booths with interconnecting gloryholes. Usually a place for gay men to trap each other. I will get back to this later. 4 Theaters: two straight,  two gay. And a incredibly old selection of porn up front LOL.  Great management - they were awesome.

Well the couple outside informed me you can rent a private viewing room for two hours for about 10 bucks a hour.  Then they moved inside and got one of those rooms. I walked in a few seconds behind them, saw the room, and the guy waved me in. The girl stated I could jerk off and cum on her tits. Ended up she gave me a condom and asked me to fuck her.  We fucked, and I took the condom off so she could suck me a lil bit until I came on her tits.  I was impressed with the private room... Not the highest quality but nice to fuck in.  She is a regular there.

So I lurked a bit more then a guy came in with a hot athletic blonde with a master choker. Thery went to a booth but I thought nothing of it. Until...

...I realized it had a hole adjoining the other booth.  So I got in, stuck my dick through the hole she sucked it.  I fingered her pussy and ass as well. The guy fucked and creampied her in there.  Then that was the activity till I left.

I would like to see this place end up jumping again. So much so that I am going back tonight!


Doc here again... Thanks to Riddick for an excellent first time report from Bush River Books and Video.  Word of caution about this place: LE has a pretty close eye on this business. Have fun, but be cautious.


Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's (By Proxy) Weekly Report

                                                    Doc here with this week's Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi.  Regular readers know that Bob recently suffered an injury to his hind quarters from cupid's arrow. This injury, while not life-threatening, is serious enough that he has not been to the Gulf Coast Adult Theater that often over the last several weeks.  However, he is getting reports by proxy from his panal of scouts who were there, and he has sent those along to The Good Doctor.

The following report is one of those...

Take it away, Bob...


The hits just keep on coming... This report is my proxy since I’m occupied on Saturday nights now.

One scout called at midnight and left a message that 6 couples showed at the theater last night. Two couples were reported attending the ABS as well down the street. According to his report, at least two couples played in the theater, one in fact played for over four hours!! But what seemed to amaze this scout was the amount of attractive couples showing at both places.

The one that stayed over four hours according the scout did everyone in the theater that wanted doing, and some hit it 2 or 3 times! I will get more details if available and submit another report.

But as it stands here, the couples traffic at both places seems to be on the rise! And that’s always a good thing!


Doc here again... Thanks Bob for the update.  It seems even in Bob's absence, the couples continue to visit and enjoy the beautiful Gulf Coast's natural wonders - The Gulf Coast Adult Theater and the ABS down the street.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Call For Reports!

Doc here, shining the Batsignal back up against the skies of The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college (Go Spinners!).

Yes, once again, The Good Doctor's in-box has been emptied of all reports. The well is dry my friends, and I'm looking for you to fill that well back up with Flash Reports, Field Reports, or Blast From The Past Reports.

There have been some great reports the past two weeks, and thank you to all that have submitted your work!  If you ever thought about submitting a report, but have not as of yet, this is a great time to do so. Just provide The Good Doctor with a pen name to use for your reports, and type up your observations. I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all, you get the byline.

Senior reporters... It's time to answer the bell.  You know the routine.

Please send your reports to me directly at I'll take it from there...

Thanks again to you, the good readers of the #1 source for information on this thing of ours.


Couple's Flash Report! Ebony & Hubby Hit Denver's Adult Theaters (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from Ebony and Hubby. Their first report was a big hit, and this second report does not disappoint in the least.

Again, the scene of our report is Circus Cinema in Denver, CO.  Judging from their last report, as well as this one, it seems Ebony has quite the appetite for anonymous cock in an adult theaters.  Plus, this time Hubby sent along a few pics of The Mrs...

God Bless you sir.


I am glad to present to you this report from Denver Co. The last report we sent you was a call to action for my very sexy, young and proudly slutty wife. As you know in “this thing of ours”, there are bad days and good days, but this particular night was AMAZING to say the least.

Circus Cinemas
Denver, CO
We started at Circus Cinemas around 11pm in a very aggressive mood. When we entered the theatre, there were only 3 or 4 people but Ebony quickly started conversations to ensure they were not cops. She was wearing a tiny white mini skirt with no panties and 4-inch heels. She asked if she could go to the bathroom by herself and invite any hallway loiterers, and I quickly agreed.

She bent over as she was walking out to expose her round ass and pussy to everyone in the theatre, and stated "I'll be right back."  She promptly returned and wasted no time, as she bent over and started sucking on an older fella as another was invited to fuck her from behind. She clearly and loudly stated that they all are expected to participate because she is fucking everyone tonight!
The Real Ebony
The older man quickly came in her mouth and she greedily swallowed it all almost in sync with the other man exploding in her pussy. Another entered her from behind and finished inside her tight pussy after pounding her like a jackhammer for a good amount of time. At this point she was so turned on, as was I, she was in need of so much more. We left the Circus Cinema for another place called Pleasures, intent on some glory hole action.

We found two fellas inside their mini theatre that gladly helped us with her desire. One came inside her from behind the other in a condom. She then took the condom off the fella named Joe and squeezed every drop of cum out into her mouth and asked me “what’s next?”.  I was so turned on by this whorish display I drove us right back to Circus Cinemas.

Now 2:30am, the cinema was filled with 10 or so customers. Ebony walked in and wasted no time as she fucked 3 or 4 more guys and kept something in her mouth over the next hour. She was fucked in every position, she even went to the car for a blanket, returned to lay on the floor like a readily available slut and accepted all that wanted a piece. One man was watching but not participating and this drove her nuts, so she paused the action and confronted him exclaiming he had no choice but to fuck her hungry pussy! He couldn’t refuse this, so after some time in her mouth he turned her around and joined the list of men that night.

Now I was so into things seeing my wife being a total cum slut, I needed to see the whore complete so I told her, and let the next fella fuck her in her ass. She hesitated, but being the great whore wife she is, she agreed and told a man named Vince to ease in. Once inside and properly warmed up I directed him to fuck her hard and he proceeded to the point of completion. As he stepped aside, another man quickly replaced him and got inside her tight ass and filled her with his man juice. She was fucking like a crazed whore!

By the time the last fella filled her mouth with hot liquid, it was 4:30am and the cinema was empty. She was craving more and I loved every minute of it. The two of us were upset there were no more participants and not wanting to quit we made a quick drive by a truck stop arcade but no one was there.

We went home and I made slow love to her for the rest of the morning and we reminisced of the AMAZING night. We counted in all: 13 men filled her pussy, 2 filled her ass everyone got head but her only complaint later that night was she didn’t swallow enough cum, yea still a decent night for a slutty wife but she said one key thing before she fell sleep…….” I am such a whore, I need more daddy”.

We will be back very soon so if in the area stop by the cinemas and join the party. She has set up an e-mail youngsexycumslut@gmail.comso people in the area can be informed of the next outing to ensure a crowd that will satisfy my slut wife.

Ebony and Hubby


Doc here... A huge thank you goes out to Ebony & Hubby for a terrific Couple's Flash Report, and the photos that add a little something-something to flesh out the report!  Keep the reports (and the pics!) coming!

The Good Doctor needs your reports from this thing of ours!  Just drop your old friend in the white suit a few paragraphs about your recent adult theater visit (first timers, remember to send along your pen name) HERE, and I'll do the rest: edit, format, and even drop in a pic or two along the way.

Remember, you always get the byline!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flash Report! A Lido Theater Double-Feature by Lido Man

Doc here with a double-feature for you from one of the top adult theaters in the country, The Lido Theater in Dallas, TX.  This report is brought to you by Lido Man, and it's chock full of surprises.

I recommend you sit down with a Whataburger, and enjoy the twin bill from Lido Man.


Hello there Good Dr.!

Hope all is well with your readers in "this thing of ours".  I'm sorry for not having the chance to post anything exciting, but I do have 2 stories I'd like to share with everyone.  I'll start of with the eventful/uneventful story that happened Friday afternoon, then follow-up with the 2nd story below.

June 15th, 2012
First Friday afternoon in a long time that I'd been to the Lido Theater, because of two reasons. 1) I live 2 hrs North, and 2) since Friday night is couples night, there usually isn't any couples during the day until now...

I happened to be in Dallas last Friday, and Saturday as I had two vanilla dates lined up for each evening.  But that's for another time and another blog! LOL

I decided to head over to the Lido around noon, and to my amazement there were about 40 to 50 cars in the parking lot. That's a lot of sausage! I figured a lot of the confused men were there to see what quick action they could get into over their lunch period, and I was right.

The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
But as I've learned over the years, you must sit and be patient if you have the time, and I did.  While sitting there enjoying the movie on their 14' screen (guessing) I noticed that all the men that were trolling the private booth section all came into the theater and sat down, or stood along the back wall.  That could only mean one thing...

Yep, an early 40's couple walked in and stood in the center of the back wall.  He was handsome and was wearing dress slacks, and a nice button down polo shirt. She was a blonde about 38 to 40 and about 5'4" and slim with a swimmers ass! She was wearing a short denim skirt, a white tank top (no bra) and was about a perfect 34C. She was wearing sexy heels, but they were not CFM pumps as we normally see in this thing of ours.

Anyway back to the story.   She leaned into him and he had his arm around her, and they just stood there whispered in each others ears, chuckled and watched the movie.   She finally started to notice the crowd standing to each side of them, but since they were at the back wall, had anyone stood in front of them, they would have been blocking the couples view of the movie.  I can't believe the vultures were so polite!

She then started to rub his cock through his pants and he started to grow.  This kept on for a while until she decided to pull his cock out. She was stroking him and looking down at all the other men there in anticipation that we'd all pull out and stroke for her.

We accommodated. Her "man" pulled up her skirt to reveal an unbelievable ass in a white thong.  He rubbed her ass for all to see, but no one was invited to touch. This went on for a while until a brave soul stood in front of them to stroke for her.  This was fine until he shot a load on her man's shoes! Yes it actually happened. I thought all hell was going to break out!

Her man was very polite and asked the man to back up, then they got their clothes back together and in place and exited down stairs and out the door.

If it weren't for that brave soul and his "antics", I think it could have become quite the show for all of us, but alas, there is always one bad shot in every crowd!

June 16th, 2012

Hello again Doctor,

After the antics that happened on Friday, I left and went on my vanilla date and wound up taking her to my hotel for more drinks and some kissing and petting. I think we'll have a 2nd date.Anyway, I returned back on Saturday afternoon to the Lido in anticipation that something exciting may occur as we all do in this "things of ours".

I pulled into the parking lot about 3pm and out comes a couple in their mid 30's.  She was a thick but not a BBW blonde, with a white mini skirt and black halter top and come fuck me pumps. Perfect thing to wear to go shopping! LOL.

Anyway, I slowly pulled in as I watched them walk to the far end of the parking lot and got into their car.  I pulled in next to them on the passenger side and sat for a while as I read a text on my phone. I looked over often to see them making out. I rolled the window down for a cool breeze, and when I did, I could her her coming. He must of been playing with her pussy the whole time. I thought that was it, but they kept on and he pulled her halter off and started to play with her tits. I'd say she was about 40D maybe DD.

I couldn't stand it anymore, so I got out of my car and stood there looking inside to get a better view. He looked at me smiled and pushed her head into his lap. She then sat up on her knees in the passenger seat and pulled up her mini skirt to show a nicely shaven beaver (I've not used that word in a long time - "beaver" it's funny to say). Anyway, I pulled my cock out to stroke it and he lowered the window and said its ok to touch her. The entire time she kept going down on him as I fingered and licked that perfectly shaped, say it with me... beaver!

She came several times and finally I blew a load myself while standing in the middle of the day in the parking lot of the Lido! It was awesome.  As I came to my senses, her husband finally blew a load and she sat up and wiped her lips clean.

This was the first time she saw my face and said, Oh hi!   I said hello and wished them well. I was so spent I just got in my car and drove off to my hotel to prepare for my 2nd Vanilla date.  I never made it into the Lido that day, but then again I didn't need to!


Lido Man


Doc here again... Thanks again to Lido Man for a nicely executed report.  I would normally recommend against a parking lot adventure, but since I did the exact same thing (albeit at night) in San Diego a couple of years ago, I can't.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Flash Report! The Collared Traveler @ The Lido Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a double-feature if you will... New reporter The Collared Traveler reports in from one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters, The Lido in Dallas, TX (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Thursday night are the busiest for couples wishing to interact with single guys, and TCT hit The Lido on such a Thursday. 

Here is TCT and his double-feature from The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas.


 I've only written once before about the 15th Ave Theater in Chicagoland that I live somewhat near.   I'm here in Dallas for business and been sitting here at the Lido Theater since about 10pm on this hot Thursday night.
The Lido Theater
Dalls, TX

So far I've seen 5 couples enter.  Each couple entered the main theater and then retreated to private rooms about 5 minutes after sitting down.  This place is a damn sausage fest.   I've counted 40 guys here and they are just everywhere.   They've scared the couples out of the theater and some of them looked like they were ready to play with backpack in hand.

One couple did line the men up outside the private room but then she only selected the black guys.  Lucky for them!  There's just a lot of dirty guys here that are creeping the women out.  I can just tell after having been active at this thing that we do!
I'm still here and trying, but doors are closed in the private rooms and they aren't inviting anyone in.   There is a couple sitting next to me on the couch in the waiting room outside the theater and I'm working them but they seem to be waiting for a couple.   Time keeps ticking.....

Later on that evening...


So yes things got better.  Another 3 couples came in.  One couple with a very hot girlfriend.  I mean playboy hot.   She kept looking down as the came down the hallway and it was quickly obvious that she wouldn't be playing.   He took her into the theater and about 20 guys followed.  They came out 2 min later and retreated into a room and locked the door.  I was positioned perfect since I didn't follow the gauntlet of guys into the theater.  I was first outside the door with hopes it would open and the request of a visitor was made. They lasted 5 min and then quickly made a hasty exit out.
The next couple was about 45-50 years old, and she was fairly attractive and he was a bit on the creepy side but had a backpack (so I knew that was a good thing).   They too went into the theater for only about 2 minutes as the crazy crowd of chasers followed.  I again waited outside in the hall hoping to get them into a room quickly.

They did emerge a few minutes later, but the line behind them was right in tow and the passed me to go down further into a room. He selected a tall black guy to join first.  I figured I would wait my turn.  She came out alone and looked like a wreck!  She said she was headed to the bathroom. Her face was wet and hair wet too.  It creeped me out and I passed on my chance to join when she got back.  I did hear the black guy who was in there say she was sloppy and that the guy wanted to suck too.  Glad I took the pass.  About 5 others got invited into that room.  

Last couple I had seen was young and dumb.  Showed up late about 12:15am and too as the others went straight to the theater.  She clung tightly to her boyfriend and kept whispering to him.  They only lasted 2 minutes in the theater and again the line chased them into a room.  They then quickly made a exit minutes later.  

Overall.....I think this place is great!  I've never seen so many couples in only 3 hours.  It was however packed with guys  (I would say about 40 guys).   Now another thing I really liked was that it was all like minded guys looking for chicks.   No trolls, and no guys wanting to get with guys. Some of them looked like trolls but they were not acting like the typical meaning of the word in this thing of ours.    The facility was clean and they even had this guy walking around with a flashlight.   He was security I guess.  

My complaint is that they guys had no class.   They were cut throat about getting closest to the women and acting way creepy about their actions.  Not giving anyone space and chasing each couple about the place with in seconds.   Standing next to them very close to make things uncomfortable for them.   Guys take this as a lesson...... Wash before you go there, dress in clean clothes, and please give the ladies space to get comfortable!!!  

I will for sure be back to The Lido in Dallas.    There was another theater just blocks down the road but I ran out of time to see that one (ed. note: That isn't a theater any longer. It's The New Fine Arts, a former theater but now just an ABS


Doc here again... Thanks again to The Collared Traveler for his diligent report. He was a trooper hanging in there at The Lido, and giving us the skinny on this great facility.  Looking forward to your next reports, sir.

The Good Doctor is looking for your reports... Just drop Crazy Legs Hirsch The Good Doctor an email at with your report, and if you are a first timer, I'll need a pen name.  Also, I'm looking for more Couple's Flash Reports. Remember, The Good Doctor will edit and format your reports, and even drop in a pic or two.  You just supply the raw report...

It's easy.  Try it.


Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper Hit APV in Everett, WA (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a terrific Couple's Flash report from new contributors, Bambi & Thumper. These two theater sex veterans ventured out to Everett, WA and APV (Airport Video), and this is their report.

Note: There is a special message for the less expereinced guys in this thing of ours in this report.  Take notes, please.

Here is the lovely Bambi, and her guy, Thumper, and their Couple's Flash report.


Hi Doc,

Long time fan, first time writing. The wife (her cyber name is Bambi) offered to give the booths at the APV (Airport Video) in Everett a shot the other night. She said that she was a little weary of all the swarming that takes place when we visit the main theater. Our experiences are not as wild as some of those posted to your blog. We have been to the APV a number of times, HEB and Fantasy Unlimited, plus the lone adult theater in Vancouver, BC the "Fox". In addition we have been to Deja Vu in Vegas.

Bambi and her Anklet

This last time (June 2), I posted a note to a Yahoo group we belong to, describing the time and what she would be wearing. She never goes to a theater without her anklet! I have attached pics taken at the hotel prior to leaving for the APV. Not only did I forget to bring the camera to the theater, I forgot the hand wipes and sanitizer! The entrance to the theater had a number of guys hanging out front, as well as inside. It appeared busy for a Saturday night. Bambi waited inside the entrance while I got change for the booths. Now the Yahoo group we belong to is small in number (390) so I imagined that this was just a busy night and not because of our posting. Bambi was not hard to notice, with her sky high red mules, black stockings, jean skirt and red top, so we were followed into the booth area.

Bambi's Outfit for the Night
We settled on one booth and walked in. We heard a lot of noise outside, and only later on did we find out what it was. More on that later. The minute we got in the booth, a dick appeared through the hole. Bambi went to work deftly with her hands and made short work of this visitor. This was repeated four times in quick succession. With the exemption of one person who does not understand the meaning of personnel hygiene, it went modestly well for a first time. The guys inside the booths did get a eye full and were able to grab a feel. However a couple of things did creep us both out, and if you will indulge me I will quote from a member of the group who provided an updated posting;

The sharks were definitely swarming last night at APV - don't think too many knights were in the house. I got to APV at about 10:05 and there was a crowd that had gathered outside of the booth. I did see the red heels and anklet, and went into a booth on the other side to figure out what the scene was. Here's what I saw...  Guys arguing with each other in english and spanish about who was "next"   Several guys laying on the floor to look under the door.  One guy trying to record video on his phone under the door. I said to him,  dude that's not cool, and he didn't even acknowledge me.  I was going to chat with you guys on the way out and give you my impression, but as I was walking out, you we just getting in your truck. Maybe this is all part of the scene that you guys want, and if so, that's way cool, but as an outside observer - truly an outside observer, there was a funky vibe.

We left after she finished me off with one of her patented bj's. Things would go better if the rules, to this thing of ours, were clearly posted for all to see. The trolls are killing the fun.


Doc here again.  A special thank you to Bambi & Thumper for an excellent Couple's Flash Report. This is a report with a moral to it: Guys, if you swarm a couple, there is a 99% chance they will bolt.  Be patient, and the prospect of being rewarded somehow goes up dramatically.

Trust me on this.  This year marks my 30th year in the game.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flash Report! Carlito on Deja Vu in Ontario

Doc here with a first time report from Carlito.  The featured adult theater is Deja Vu in Ontario, CA, the same location as a recent report from Captain EO.

The scene there is heating up, based on the activity from several comments under the recent Deja Vu reports here @ The Journal.

Personal note: This report was susposed to go up last week, and I scheduled it incorrectly.  I just caught the error, so my apologies to Carlito.  It won't happen again, sir.

Here is Carlito and his Deja Vu Flash Report..


Hola Dr. Lizardo,

After many months of reading your posts I finally have something to report. This past Saturday bored and horny, I set out to see if I could find some entertainment at Deja Vu in Ontario CA... I arrived around 10 pm to find the place packed since they have an adjoining strip club (fully nude) I thought at a minimum I could buy a lap dance, then go home and jerk off. Then I remembered in your posts that they have a theater and gloryhole upstairs. So I went up to take my chances.

I paid the 10 bucks and went into the theater - small with several rows of large lounge chairs with porn of all varities playing on 6 screens...all the seats were full so I took a standing spot in the back...the porn was good...I was stroking my cock with a few others when a couple walked in probably in their 40's.

Deja Vu
Ontario, CA
She was gorgeous..a tall blonde..barbie lookalike..her husband was a black dude with dreads. I have to say they looked hot together and I was really excited that I might get some real live action. They took a seat on a couch right in front of me. They watched for a few minutes, and they started making out. Then her man undid her dress, and out came a set of pretty damn amazing tits. Real ones at that!

Things started to heat up, and before too long, her long legs we spread wide for all the guys who were in front of them to get a great view. I moved around the corner to get a closer look, and by this time we were all forming a circle in front of them. The action between them was pretty hot, and I was hoping to somehow get to the front of the pack. We were stroking our cocks, and a couple guys were allowed to touch those big tits.

Her man said they could jack off on her if they only took a minute and she had several huge loads blasted all over those tits. I really was hoping she would suck someone (ME), but it seems that she was saving that for her man. I finally came up to the plate. I hung my cock down in front of her and jacked off my cock till hot cum was all over her. She rubbed her tits and seemed quite happy to be covered with all our hot juice. I would have loved to have tried to stick my cock in her mouth..but that wasn't was she was there for I guess.

She did give one guy a hand job, but he blew his load pretty fast. After we all had our shot, she leaned over and pulled her mans cock out and gave him a Class A blow job. Damn to have my own girl like that! The lucky bastard got to blow is load in her pretty mouth. Every guy in there had their turn at her. A few guys were lingering around maybe hoping for a round 2. 

Shortly there fter she dressed and they left. It was really hot, and I hope the next time I get bored I will have some luck at the gloryholes.

Thanks for your reports and I hope I will have more stories to share when I go back next week!



Doc here again... Thanks again to Carlito for a terrific Flash Report.  Keep up the good work sir, and we look forward to your next reports.


Flash Report! The Hot Asian Couple at CTs Adult Theater 6/18 by Southsuburbanguy (w/pic)

Doc here with a great Flash Report from first time contributor, Southsurbanguy, and his encounter with the force of nature now known as M&A (The Asian Couple) at CTs Adult Theater.

This encounter took place on Friday 6/15, and was the first time that M&A ventured back to the gloryhole booths at CTs.  Luckily for us, SSG was there, and he also exercised the first rule of this thing of ours to his (and our benefit): "Be patient, and you'll be rewarded" .  You'll see why in his report...


Hi Dr. Emilio,

I actually went to CT's on Friday night 6/15..  The hot Asian woman was still there in the booths, and a heavier blond was in the theater.  There was a line at the booths, and the guys said the Asian girl was giving bjs that were awesome. 

The Lovely "A"
I went in, and watched her give an amazing bj to her man.  I reached through the hole, and started fingering her pussy.  She backed up and let me slide a finger inside that tight hole.  I don't think anyone had fucked her, as it was very tight and not super sloppy yet - only moist with her sweet juices. 

She ground on my hand for a minute, then pulled away.  She whispered through the hole for me to give her my cock, which I did.  She lubed it up (was an amazing hand job, then she shoved it inside her tight pussy - no condom!  I fucked her good, blowing a load inside that tight hole. I thanked her and left for the next guy.

I went into the theater, but the couple in there had left already.  I decided to wait awhile, and see if I could get round #2.  My wait was rewarded shortly after, when the Asian girl came in, along with the dancer Nicky and another of CT's dancers. Nicky was wearing a strap-on.  The other dancer got up on the exam table, and Nicky started fucking her with the strap-on.  The Asian girl started sucking the dancer's nipple.  Then Nicky started eating the dancer's pussy.  The moaning was incredible!  Then the Asian girl got on the table, and Nicky started fucking her with the strap-on while the other dancer was playing with her tits.  The Asian girl came several times, loudly! 

THIS was an incredible sight!  I am glad I waited!



Doc here again... See what happens when one excercises Dr. Emilio's golden rule? Your time spent being patient is an investment, and that investment can pay big dividends.  This happened to Southsurburbanguy in the form of a great show to cap off the evening at CTs.  Thank you sir for a great first time report!

Coming this week to The Journal will be a House Call Report from The Good Doctor, capturing the swealtering scene at CTs this past Friday night with M&A (AKA The Asian Couple). It was another crazy night, and I'll have the details for you this week.

Stay tuned.


Field Report! Nu Art Theatre in Monterey, CA by The Gentleman Pervert

Doc here again with an excellent Field Report from a new contributor to The Journal, The Gentleman Pervert. In my conversations with TGP, I discovered that he is originally from my old stomping grounds in Upstate NY. We lamented the loss of some legendary adult theaters, such as the Monroe and Lyell Theaters in Rochester, as those places were something special back in the day.

This brings up to today.  Neither The Gentleman Pervert, nor The Good Doctor are Empire State residents, but we are still engaged in this thing of ours (AKA our favorite hobby). Today, TGP is a West Coast kind of guy, and brings us this update on the Nu-Art Theatre in Monterey, CA (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Here is The Gentleman Pervert and his Field Report...


Hi again Dr,

Been enjoying your site since we last spoke. Impressed by your dedication, and great input from your field reporters. Really heartened to discover that there are many of us into "this thing of ours"!   

Nu-Art Theatre
Monterey, CA
Here in Monterey, CA, the pickings are slim for this thing of ours. Stopped by Nu-Art Theatre on Fremont Street after work today. Monterey Blues Festival traffic had the area busy, so I thought I would check out the theatre.

 Immediately noticed as I walked in that the place was cleaner and stock had been updated. Was greeted warmly by a new female employee, which is unusual. Nice change. Theatre was empty so did not enter, thinking I should come back tonight after the festival ends and some visiting couples might visit.

As I was checking out some videos, another female employee came in and the two ladies were commenting and enjoying the movie from theatre they had on small monitor. The older 30-something encouraged me to check out the flick, "Mothers and Daughters".  Very friendly I must declare.

As I was in the lot in my truck, that same employee came out and we engaged in a very nice conversation where I discovered she was part of new management team. She shared some of their plans for upgrades and we had a short conversation about her job running porn shops and my enjoyment of porn. Cool lady. Sounds like they may turn this place around and try to make it couples friendly. One can only hope. Will advise further as changes occur.

The Gentleman Pervert


Doc here again.  Many thanks to The Gentleman Pervert for his concise Field Report.  Looking forward to your next report, sir.

TGP's report is exactly what separates a Field Report from a Flash Report:
  • A Field Report is an overview of the adult theater/theater-ABS combo itself. Layout, staff, parking, etc.  In other words, the data needed to update their database entry, but fleshed out with commentary.
  • A Flash Report is a detailed report of the action inside an adult theater/theater ABS, most likely from a first or third person point of view.
Both kinds of reports are needed, but take different routes in providing us the information helpful to couples or singles (or anyone in between) in order to enjoy this thing of ours.

My name is Dr. Emilio, and I'm your bartender.  What can I get you?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Field Report! The Wichita, Kansas Scene by Mr. Clean

Doc here with a Field Report from new contributor to The Journal (and outstanding household cleaner), Mr. Clean.

His Field Report focuses on the Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS, and while this theater looks promising from the outside, the local powers that be have other ideas (apparently).

Here is Mr. Clean and his tale from the beadbasket of the USA.


Hey Doc!!

Long time listener, first time caller here. thought I would give you a report from the buckle of the bible belt here in Kansas.

The tales of adventures are a little subdued compared to tales from other locations. That is because here in Wichita they have "morals" ordinances and apparently we have a lack of real crimes, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights. The local law enforcement is fond of conducting checks of the theaters here. They will even go so far as to send in someone in plain clothes that will then go back out to report to his buddies in uniform. Mostly though they will come rushing in with flashlights blazing looking for anyone doing anything even remotely similar to what is showing on the screen. My guess is that most of them are just perverts too repressed to get their kicks like us normal perverts. But in spite of them we do manage to have some fun here, albeit cautiously.

Circle Cinema
Wichita, KS

The only time I encountered any problems was when I went to the Circle Cinema with a couple I would occasionally swing with. She was pretty horny that night and slightly drunk so it was not hard to convince her to go to the theater. The entrance to the theater opens into the front of the theater after a walk down a hall about 15 feet long. There is a large window in the door that allows you to see who is coming down the hall but it has a very narrow field of view and it doesn't take long to walk 15 feet.

We had only been there about 20 minutes and of course had attracted all of the attention. We were seated in one of the two balconies on each side of the theater and she had briefly sucked on a few cocks to get things warmed up. One gentleman that I would guess to be in his early 60's asked if he could fuck her so she got up and went behind the bench, lifted her dress and bent over. I am not sure if he ever got his dick into her because after about 5 minutes he said he was having trouble getting hard so she sat back down between me and her hubby.

Immediately one guy reached under her dress and began to finger her while another reached over from behind us, pulled her top down and began to play with her ample tits. She was really starting to get into it and I looked at her husband and we both smiled because we knew that it was shaping up to be a pretty exciting evening.

Then they showed up.

They being the guardians of moral integrity for the city. There was no time to do much of anything. The guys playing with her quickly stepped back and when the glare of the flashlights hit us it was just her between us with her tits hanging out. Being slightly inebriated it took her a minute to realize what was going on before she covered herself and that was all it took.

We were escorted out of the theater and forced to present ID's. It turned out that she had a very old warrant for failing to appear over a case of a dog running loose and was promptly handcuffed and hauled away. It took us the rest of the night to bail her out but unfortunately that was her first trip and she won't go back.

In spite of this tale of woe, some of us do persist and I have other reports with happier endings that I will post later.

Mr. Clean


Doc here again... Things are tough in parts of the US when it comes to this thing of ours. Kansas and most parts of Missouri are in that category unfortunately, and this report does a good job of showcasing this unfortunate situation.  Thanks to Mr. Clean for a solid first time effort.

The Good Doctor needs women more adult theater reports.   Just e-mail your old buddy in the white suit and aviators at, and I'll do the rest: edit, format, drop in pics... First time reports need to also submit a pen name that they wish to use for their work.


Bob in Biloxi's Rebuttal On The Adult Theater in New Orleans

Doc here with a rebuttal to The Oral Reporter's Flash Report about The Adult Theater in New Orleans published recently at The Journal by our good friend, Bob in Biloxi.

Here is Bob and his take on The Adult Theater in New Orleans.


I read the report on this theater, FALSE!!, I am quite aware of this place.

This establishment (if you can call it that) is a hotbed for police busts, drug deals, thefts, even murder. I highly recommend you do not publish this place in your database. The last time I went to this place, there were hypo needles on the floor, bathroom and even some in the arms of the seats. In essence this is nothing but a crack house playing porn. It is extremely dirty and not conductive to playing.



Hi Bob...Thanks for the two cents on this adult theater. Message has been registered.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flash Reports! GentleTongue on Theataire X and The Metro

Doc here with a follow-up Flash Report from our good friend, GentleTongue

Here is GT and his review of two different theaters...


Dearest Dr. Lizardo,

To close out a pre-summer week, where the action started hot and heavy and slowed a bit, I would like to provide a little of updates.

On this past "SHIT" day "Sure Happy it's Thursday", I hope to offense taken, I first stopped in to Theater X in Clarksville, IN, just across the river from Louisville.

The parking lot indicated it was or might be a slow time, around 7:00pm.  On one truck was parked in the rear, as was a pickup driven into the bush to hide it from those passing by.  The scene has not changed much, the 2 theaters and peeps are still the same.

Theater 1 features straight movies and theater 2 features gay movies, Sunday through Thursday.  The entry fee is $10.00 for you theater of choice and you will be promptly buzzed in.  This evening only had a few gents in attendance and it was good to see that the theater is ADA compliant, as there was a wheel chair viewer.  The screen is large and very clear.  The typical movie seat set up exists and maybe having couches added might help the theater a bit more.  The Peeps require a $5.00 purchase of tokens as a minimum starting point.  The large number of booths with GH's is still a big draw and very dark.  No noticeable activity was happening there.

After only about an hour I decided to travel across the river and to see what the Metro might have to offer.  This is about a 20 minute ride from Clarksville.

Upon arriving around 8:15pm there was a good sign with the number of cars in the front parking area.  A couple, a Rosanne and hubby type, exited the building.  Disappointing to see that they were leaving.  She had a nice halter type shirt on which held a nice set breasts.  We gave each other a pleasant glance and acknowledgement.  For those not familiar with the Metro, you must ring a bell and be buzzed in and upon entering will be greeted with a large store area, great selection.  Being buzzed in took a bit longer, it appears there was an issue with the peeps area from a wax job gone bad, not to be confused or mis-interpreted as a woman wax job, this was the floor.  Another hopeful sign was the presence of another couple, a Farah Facet type with her man.  Beautiful blonde hair and gorgeous bright yellow top and a Farah figure.  One of Charlie's Angels.

They were reviewing the peep's movie selection but shortly thereafter exited out into the rear parking lot, sad face.  I paid the customary $10 for entry into the theater, filled with vinyl chairs and a couple of couches.  The audio is of good quality and the picture also is good.  There is the Grotto theater in the front of the store, available for the enjoyment of gay movies.  The nice thing here is that you can go between theaters.  The peeps are large rooms with locks on the doors and a number of glory holes in some of them.  Should be nice and comfortable for a couple to share and enjoy.  The staff is down to earth and friendly, much more so than other locations.  The action here, especially on a Friday or Saturday, should be good.  The theater seating is much better for couples or action with ladies.

On this evening I was later for dinner so I went hungry.  I would encourage some other investigative work for a couple of places on Highway 31W, up near Ft Knox, KY.  They both have peeps and theaters and one is located to the south and one just north of Ft Knox.

This report is lacking a bit of meat but the potatoes have been served and should encourage some follow-up visits with more tails or tales to come.

GT - working to re-earn my press credentials


Thank you GT!  Your renewed credentials can be picked up at the front desk.  ;o)


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Quick Note on The World of MajorVoyeur's Blog

Doc here with a quick note from The Park near the giant super highway...

My good friend and colleague MajorVoyeur encountered the perfect storm of bad luck last week with his terrific blog, The World of MajorVoyeur.  But as is the case of most unfortunate events, this one has a happy ending (cue rim shot).

MajorVoyeur's blog was one of the main inspirations for The Good Doctor to create The Journal of Adult Theaters. His recounting of his exploits in the St. Louis area were a must read for your friend in the white suit every Sunday evening. It was clever, chocked full of filthy pics, included an awesome sex-related news weekend update, and of course chronicled the adult theater scene in the Arch City.

In blogs like The World of MajorVoyeur and The Journal of Adult Theaters, the archive of reports and photos/graphics is bandwidth consuming. Combine this with the time put into editing and formatting, and it represents a serious commitment of energy and hundreds of hours of work. So when a disaster occurs, and all that work goes *poof* in the air, it's a killer.  And that's what happened to TWOMV.

Here is the happy ending part... Picking himself off the canvas & dusting himself off, The World of Major Voyeur v3.0 has launched!  MV is back, better than ever, and ready to continue his civic duty of providing the best coverage of the St. Louis adult theater scene.

So do yourself a favor... Visit The Good Doctor's good friend and colleague, MajorVoyeur at his new home HERE. You can also scoot over to his two associated blogs from the main site, which have their own purpose in this thing of ours.

It's good to have you back, sir.


Flash Report! Adult Theater - New Orleans by The Oral Reporter

Doc here with a new Flash Report from one of the newest contributors here at The Journal, The Oral Reporter.

I never knew there was still an adult theater in New Orleans until this report showed up from TOR. But that notion has now changed, and I have added this theater to the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database.

In the Gulf Coast area (indigenous species: Bobus Inus Biloxius), the scene is dominated by Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater, as well as the ABS down the street from the theater.  However, thanks to The Oral Reporter, we have another option to consider.

So ladies and gentlemen, put on your Mardi Gras beads, flash your neighbor heading to work, and enjoy the latest from The Oral Reporter.


Adult Theater
New Orleans, LA

This is a picture of the adult theater on Chef Menture Hwy where it goes under I-10 in New Orleans (address info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).  I have had some really good times there with couples in the past.  Went there today Wednesday, and all I saw there today were a bunch of hard ankles(guys). No couples, but it is a Wednesday afternoon.  Not exactly prime couples time. 

That is a shame, as I was really wanting some pussy to lick today.  I'll try again another evening.  I only stayed 2 hours, and I remembered from the past, when you see guys hanging around outside, there is likely no hetero sex going on inside.

Bye for now,
Oral Reporter


Thank you TOR for another informative report.  Without reports like this, I had no idea there was still an operating adult theater in The Big Easy. But that has changed, and we are all the better for it.

The Good Doctor needs your adult theater reports!  Just e-mail Jimmy Superfly Snuka The Good Doctor at, and I will take it from there. I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and polish it up (Now go get your shinebox, Tommy). First timers, please send along a pen name that you wish to use for your reports.

Just think of the civic pride you will exhibit when your report pops up on the homepage of The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flash Report! GentleTongue on Tammy's Adult Boutique in Paducah, KY

Doc here with an awesome Flash Report from a brand new adult theater/ABS: Tammy's Adult Boutique in Paducah, KY.  (I have just added it to the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Here is GT!


Dearest Dr. Lizardo,

The keeper of life for this thing of ours.  I have been remiss in my reporting duties, primarily since I have not had any report of merit of late.

However, good fortune was with me, or shall I say lady luck was literally in the house (theater) this evening.  This report comes to our readers from the metropolis of Paducah, KY, just across the river from Illinois.  The establishment also is new to the database as well.

Having not been in the area for some time I decided to do some investigation on what might be happening near Kentucky Lake and near the board of KY, IL and also MO not to far in the distance.

Tammy's Adult Boutique
Paducah, KY
I ran across some intel that there is an establishment called Tammy's Boutique, part of the Romantix family of establishments.  The place is rather easily missed if you are not familiar with the area.  The address can either be 243 Brown St,, Paducah, KY  42003 or you can also cross section it by using 1600 Irving Cobb Rd, Paducah, KY 42003.  The building is narrow and tall (see attached photos). 

Upon entering you will see the counter the right and the clerk this Sunday evening was extremely pleasant and helpful.  The typical novelties, magazines, and movies are in abundance.  There are 2 preview booths, that you may select your movie of choice to view for $6.00, which will be applied towards the purchase, should it hit the right spots.   Also every 3rd Saturday couples get in for the single price of $7.00, and singles pay the normal couple price of $9.00 on that day.

The theater is to the far end of the building and the entry fee is $7.00 for the singles and $9.00 for the couple.  Upon paying you receive one of the new fancy cards to inserting into the reader and this will allow you in the theater.  You can exit and re-enter for $1.00.  Upon entering the theater, it is extremely dark, you turn to the right and enter the room with the large screen TV playing the evening selection.  There is a partition in the back and then 3 futons, 1 facing and then one on either side.  The cleanliness is exceptional for the place, and well maintained.

At about 6pm on Sunday I kept the expectations to a minimum, not exactly the party night for most establishments, considering that there are many areas around that do not allow the sale of alcohol.  Upon entering the theater, one gentleman was standing behind the partition and I took the the futon just to the right as you round the corner.  Now, as I parked and entered the building a couple pulled into the parking lot and my excitement and prayer was to have them join the theater.  Shortly after taking my seat the couple entered.

Tammy's Adult Boutique
Although I am not as good at comparing people to celebrities as you and other are, I could say that the gentleman could almost pass as Larry.  Yes, Larry the Cable Guy.  He appeared to be in his 50's, such as myself.  She appeared to be in her mid 30's.  She was not dressed in what would be considered theater or ABS attire.  She wore jeans and one of the Aero - something t-shirts.  Soon after they took the futon across from me, the 1st gentlemen was unhappy at the competition he saw from the couple and he departed.

Soon there after we 3 were left alone and she seemed reserve, with arms crossed, and he began to reveal his package.  She whispered into his ear and he then said something back, where she promptly told him to be quiet.  Shortly thereafter I was invited to join them on their futon.  Being confident, I released my willie from his confines and she was delighted.  She so politely asked if she could touch me, so touching, and I did not refuse.  She now had both hands filled and was working us both as an experience massage therapist.  He spoke to her and she then informed me that he wanted to see her give a BJ and watch the action.  Pinch me, was this real.  Of course who I am to deny a lady a lick or suck.  She proceed to polish the head, wow.  She alternated a bit between us and with his encouragement I began to rub her nice butt, through the jeans. 

He then told her to get up and drop her pants and invited me to inspect her ass.  His arousal was at it's height and he wanted to warm his member and asked her to mount him, she protested, saying that her pants were not off and she assumed the doggie postion and he announced that she was nicely wet and proceeded to fill her.  She rested her head and lips right in my lap and tried to focus on both efforts.  I was encouraged to reach around and rub her clit, lucky to have long arms.  Then I had to asked permission to feel the hidden globes and what a beautiful set with wonderful and responsive nippled.  There was teasing to offer me a piece of the depths of her womb, to which she declined.  Larry, couldn't hold back and unloaded on her cheeks.  She then provided me a beautiful view and I released my "baby batter" (I hope that I have permission to use that from "Bob in Biloxi"), LOL.

The wonderful lady insured that I had something to clean up with, wow, what a lady.

We chatted a bit and I learned that this was her first visit to a theater.  She was nervous that when the 1st gentleman left that he was going to report us.  To which I responded that he was only saddened that he had competition for the tube steak smothered in underwear.

The moral of the story is that you may not be able to get a buzz with Kentucky Bourbon on a Sunday but you short can get head on a Sunday in Kentucky.  Surely no handover from the latter.

Thank you good Doctor.

GT - GentleTongue


No, thank you GT!  As always, a great job by GentleTongue... Lots of detail, some raunchyness, and nice visuals.  Thank you again sir for your outstanding work in the field.


Monday, June 18, 2012

UPDATED! House Call For The Ages! CTs Adult Theater in Gary: Pacific Rim(ming) Edition with M&A w/ 7 HOT Pics!

UPDATED 10:30PM CDT: A photo of the lovely Adriana has been added to the report!


Good day to you, and to all the ships at sea... Boy, does The Good Doctor has a tale to share with you, the good readers of The Journal.  I strongly suggest getting a beverage and snack to join you before diving deeper into this report. You just may need the replenishment.

A side note: Remember to click the pics to ENLARGE them. 

In this thing of ours, one has a handful of moments built up through the years that are true watershed moments. Moments and visits that are burned onto your retinas, and tucked away into the same place where you keep your PIN numbers memorized. Images and memories so pure and raw that they are to be savored.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
Well, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, The Good Doctor, along with about 50 of his colleagues, 4 couples, a group of exotic dancers, a stray dog wandering the parking lot at CTs, and the great management of CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, had one of those moments on Thursday, June 14th.

In the previous few days, reports from Mocha Pickle, CK on Call, and The Back Row Reporter have centered on the exploits of "The Asian Couple." This is a bit of a misnomer, since while the female half (A) is indeed Asian, her guy (M) is as American as apple pie.  Thus moving forward, they will be referred to as M&A.  M actually suggested that we call him "Lucky", because he is, in my humble opinion, the luckiest guy I know. 
The Good Doctor's Ride

Thursday, June 14th was a smouldering hot day in the Chicagoland area. As hot as the day was, the night (defying all meteorological theories) was even hotter.  I had spoke to M&A during the day, and knew they were planning a visit that night.  I was in attendance last Friday night, and knew that a full blown House Call needed to happen Thursday night.  I also knew they were bringing with them their single female friend, "S".  S is an exotic ebony woman, with a slender dancers body, and like the unstoppable A, has a filthy mind.  A prior visit by this trio was crazy, and this was shaping up to be another.

The Good Doctor pulled the Lizardo 3000 into CTs parking lot, parked into my reserved space (thank you Pete!) and entered, notepad in hand.
The Lovely "A"

The atmosphere was already pretty electric, as M&A were in the lobby, chatting with the dancers and staff at CTs. Another couple was also there, behind the counter taking the scene in. I composed myself, straighted out my white suit, and introduced myself to M. M's response was great, as he yelled across "Hey A, it's The Doc!" A approached, and I shook her delicate hand as I introduced myself. I asked her, "so who took who down the path to the dark side? You took M, or M took you?"  A rolled her eyes, smiled and said, "What do you think?" 

And way down the dark side she ventured this night...

M also introduced me to their friend "S". S is the type of girl that is a catalyst inside an adult theater. She is the type who lights the fuse that gets the party started, and she did not disappoint...More on her later.

Right before M&A and S entered the theater, a third couple walked through the doors of CTs. As I learned later, this was Ed Jackson and his date for the evening, Adriana. Adriana was wearing a tight black dress, and looked a bit like Daisy Fuentes. They took their seats in the lobby of CTs while M&A, S, and a gaggle of guys filed into the theater.  More on Ed & Adrianna later...

As M&S settled into the second row of seats insider the theater, S made her way in as well. M was now the meat in a very nice FMF sandwich, as he was flanked by these two incredible ladies.  M asked S to get the pretty Hispanic girl who just came in, and sure enough, within seconds, in they came.

Within a few minutes, M asked about my whereabouts.  I checked in from the back row, and he mentioned for me to come over... As I walked over, M asked S to "take care of The Doc".  That happened eventually, but first A took off her pretty print dress, revealing that spinner body to the masses assembled.

S then decided to stand on the chair she was sitting in, and I was now eye level with her ebony, pert breasts.  I wrapped my arm around her, and she gyrated her hips.... This was the catalyst I mentioned earlier, and it was now on inside the theater.  Hands found her ass, nipples, and when she removed her jeans and panties, her wet tight pussy.  Somewhere in this rugby scrum, M again asked S to take care The Doc, at which time S dropped into the seat, leaned forward, and took my cock into her warm mouth.

Simultaneously with S's impressive oral work, A was taking her first bareback cock of the night as she was bent over, face first in M's lap.  A likes her theater sex hard, and guy #1 delivered on that promise.  This was the first of many cocks she had buried inside her pussy this night, ans as the night went on, the fucking got harder.

A and her Friend
I looked over at M&A, and A was bent over, just starting to take M's impressive member into her mouth, while her ass was in the air. It was then that S released my cock and slid down further into the chair.  At this point, I was standing right next to A's face, as she was being pounded from behind.  M told her first, then directed her mouth over to me as guy #1 finished deep inside her pussy.

I positioned myself close to A, and she began an incredible, soft, wet, and deep BJ on your friend in the white suit.  Her light oral touch was incredible, but at the same time, she was taking all of me down her throat, gagging herself at times.  She worked my cock, and before long, I was shooting a big load into A's mouth and down her throat.  As lucky as I know M is, I felt as though a little of that luck had rubbed off on The Good Doctor.

A's Mad Skills
(1 of many)
In the middle of my encounter with A, Ed Jackson and Adriana made their way past me and to the back row. Someone in the crowd told Ed that the guy getting the incredible BJ was The Doc, and his response was "The Doc is here? I need to met him."  I yelled over to him that I would shake his hand, but that I was very busy at the moment.  I have never been that good at multi-tasking.

A didn't break stride, and went back to sucking M's cock and taking another guy deep in her pussy as I disengaged. I made my way to the rear of the theater, and took up a position on top of the chairs, so I could get a good look at the action taking place.  It was then I noticed the blonde that was in CTs lobby when I arrived.  She was now on the exam table, getting fucked. I'm not sure how many guys she did, but I would put the over/under at 2.5.

While I was in the cat bird seat behind the action, Ed and Adriana made their way down my aisle and to almost the end of the row.  Adriana was transfixed on the action, as Ed stepped over the row, and deftly got behind A for some serious fucking.  S had moved her way back to M&A, and was stroking A's ass as Ed was fucking her.  In one of the hotter moments of the night, Ed pulled out, and came all over A's ass.  S then rubbed Ed's baby batter into the soft skin of this hottie's ass.  S then moved to the exam table herself, and was taking on the boys in the band. From my vantage point, I could not tell exactly what was going on, but I could tell she was taking 2-3 cocks at a time.

A was taking one serious cock after another, in various sizes, shapes and colors.  At a few points, she was only standing on one leg, as the other was wrapped backwards around the thighs of the next, fucking him back as hard as he was fucking her.

I looked over to my left, as Adrianna was sitting, watching the insane scene unfold in front of her.  We made some small talk... This was her first time at an adult theater, but was very active in the local scene. She even, at the request of of someone close by, pulled up her skirt and flashed her ass (which was marginally cover by a black thong).  She watched intensely, especially when Ed went back for seconds. She even gave A a peck on her lips as A was changing positions. 

While I can't remember every guy A banged, I do have a couple of highlights...

At one point, a hung back guy was pounding away on A, and A (who has a filthy mouth, btw) told the guy to "cum deep inside this filthy pussy."  And she got exactly what she asked for.  But, the highlight for everyone was towards the grand finale.

Let me set the stage here:  M is sitting in his chair, and sitting on the floor facing the same direction is the ebony beauty, S. S's face is buried between A's legs, as A is standing over S. M is playing with A's pert small B-cups, and A is rubbing her clit hard while S is still buried in her wet pussy. A wants to, and will eventually succeed, to cum and squirt all over S's face while masturbating.  Words cannot describe how hot this scene was, and seeing S's face covered in A's cum when she came.  Incredible.

Shortly after this scene, and the 90 minutes of play inside the theater proper, everyone was too pooped to play any longer. The table had been run, and all the balls were back in their pockets.

Lastly, I had a chance to meet several readers of The Journal after the festivities at CTs. I thanked them for reading, and told them about the new reports in the hopper back at the office.  One gentleman even asked me where I had parked the Lizardo 3000.

Ed Jackson mentioned to me that he had shown a previous article about M&A from a few days earlier to his date tonight, Adriana, right before they walked into CTs.  Knowing that it was a Journal report that wetted Adriana's appetite to get her first taste of this thing of ours, made me feel good driving home Thursday night.

In retrospect, this evening was something very special - One for the ages. The vibe was incredible inside and outside the theater. Pete, the owner of CTs, was making sure the couples were happy and satisfied. The girls were on fire, and the guys were ready to deliver. 

The Good Doctor has been around the block a few times, and this night is a Top 5 (maybe even a Top 3) experience  in my career reporting on adult theaters across the country. 

And in the middle of all this was a slender and mischievous Asian girl, who over the last couple of weeks at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, has taken the place to a whole new level.  And I, for one, cannot wait until M&A return back to CTs.