Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flash Report: Kitty Reports On A Crazy Night At The Paris Theater in PDX (w/PICS)

Doc here with a repost of a hot Flash Report from last Saturday night at The Paris Adult Theater in Portland, OR.  Kitty is another Rose City adult theater all-star, and her naughtiness knows no bounds. 

The following is her account from last Saturday, and it sounds like it was one memorable evening.  Wish I was there to have witnessed the fun!

(NOTE: Click on the pics of Kitty to ENLARGE, since they are hi-res images).


OK, the action was HOT HOT HOT! We had already planned to visit, but definitely went once we knew MissF and Kat would be in the house.

The real Kitty
Arrived a bit late, not like us. Once inside I greeted a few of the regulars and chatted briefly with a few faces I did not recognize. There was some action going on already in the Oasis with a few couples. By the time we got there something came up and Kat had to leave.

Then I went back to the Oasis to play. I do love sucking Scotts (FWB) cock and putting on a show for you guys, so bending over to suck his cock and knowing you all are watching is arousing to me.

After some deep throating and gagging I was directed to climb on, gladly! So I went for a ride, enjoying his cock deep inside my drippping wet pussy as it hit deep. It does not take me long to cum on his cock and before long I covered his cock with my jizz. Stroked him a bit more with my pussy and then got on my knees again (NO NOT to pray, but you guys know that, LOL) to lick him clean. All the while leaving my ass and glistening pussy in view, for your pleasure of course.

At some point MissF went to the general population area and began focusing on a young stud, as hands caressed her body. They went into the bedroom and enjoyed themselves and evidently put on a nice show. Her husband, Scott and I went to the Annex and watched them start the festivities. The two guys had their hands all over me as I reached over to rub both their cocks. It wasn't long before they were hard and I was on my knees sucking them. From one cock to another, back and forth. But my what a cock whore I am, it was not enough, there was room for another.

So I brought in the young curly haired man (who I knew) and took all three of them on. SWEET! All I could think of was getting a facial.  I looked up at these guys and asked if they were going to cum on my face. Well ask and you will recieve. The husband (name, oops) blew a load all over my face first, I seriously thought is was two loads, dang. Then when I opened my eyes I found the young man still stroking his cock to drop his load all over my face.  SLEWSH and the second load covered me. One of the regulars brought me some paper towels (thanks) and I wiped off my face. Shouldn't cum slut leave it on there (Daisy?).

Anyways, after a bit of enjoying watching some more of MissF with her young stud we took a break. Through the night I bounced between pleaseing my partner, playing in the general population area, and visiting with guests.

OK so BendMeOver (name correct?) arrived and so did Bonnie and her husband. They're such good girls and got right to work. Soo . . . two regulars gettingright to work, MissF doing the stud and me (Kitty) randomly sucking cock, made for some great action. Throughout the evening there were other couples yes, but none that I knew or that were regulars that I recognized.

I was the little social butterfly this night and wandered some enjoying seeing the action the ladies provided. It is nice to sit back and enjoy this at times. The gentleman who provided me with papertowels was nearby and I began to suck him off. By the time he was thrusting into my mouth some guys surrounded us stroking thier cocks. It was not long before he blew his load all over my face. I had all these hard cocks all over the place and again I had to hit my knees and service them. I was in the middle of the general population area and had 3 or 4 nice cocks in my face. I gladly serviced them all while my BF was enjoying some action of another couple. If a cock was not in my mouth I had them in my hands, got to keep you guys primed and ready!

Once we went back to the Oasis there was another couple there. They were not much older than Scott and myself. He had salt and pepper hair and a medium build frame, very quiet man. She was a pretty blonde with stocking and a black dress that showed some great cleaveage. I sucked my partner some and she enjoyed watching us. Eventually she want to the rail and gave a hand job to cock can and a BBC. I lost track of her actions for time as I was back to servicing my man with another blowjob, I do love sucking his cock! kitties mouth needed a break, I have been busy sucking many cocks tonight.

Eventually Scott suggested I approach this blonde, so I did. I asked her if Icould touch and began fingering her clit. Oh man did this p ussy look delicious. She squirmed some at my hand and let out little whimpers of pleasure from her voice. I slid a finger into her wet box and licked her clit. Some more thrusting from her as I continued to enjoy my snack. I felt Scott sit on the bench behind me and begin to caress me. Her man sat behind her as if to literally be supporting her. I began to lick her more eagerly and Scott again penentrated my pussy.
This was so arousing to know my man was pleasing me and being pleased watching me please her. As he thrust into my wetness it would thrust me into her pussy, my face sliding up against her slick clit. With every thrust of his cock I was made to grind my face against her cunt. It was more than we all could handle as we all blew our loads.

This was the wind up for the evening as my back had befun to be sore. So we sat back in the Oasis in an effort to relax and eventually had to leave.

This was a great night and I had a blast, yes I meant that literally. Thanks to all that played and showed up.

Management continues to make every effort to provide an atmosphere that all can be comfortable in. Thank you Ray and staff!



Doc here again... Thanks again to Kitty for a fantastic first person account of last Saturday night at The Paris Theater in Portland.  Make sure you check out Kitty's new Yahoo Group, Blast Bukkake HERE.  Much goodness is contained within her group.

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