Friday, November 30, 2012

Flash Report! The Black Hat Returns to the Berlin News Agency

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior reporter The Black Hat. He's back at The Berlin News Agency, and has another good tale to tell.
Friday 11/16, Berlin News Agency, Berlin NJ.  

The Black Hat made a quick stop at both Red Barn and BNA.  Red Barn is typically a manfest but was hoping a couple finally considered trying out the Barn for some more intimate shenanigans without the wolfpack all over them, no luck so off to BNA.  BNA was well populated with maybe 20 to 25 guys wandering around.  I hung out for a bit and within 30 minutes a woman that I will call "The Librarian" walked in alone!
She was 40ish, slim, good rack, nice ass and a few tats.  Shoulder length brownish hair and glasses (hence The Librarian).  She did a thorough walk around of the theater, got everybody's attention and then gave the rules as she spread a towel down on one of the quadrant risers.  She would suck and fuck (condoms only) and you could come on her tits.
The crowd closed in making the small space heat up very quickly.  Two guys moved in with cocks in hand and met her welcoming mouth.  She alternated between the two until one shot and then the next, two more guys stepped up and the Librarian called out, "Nobody wants to fuck?"  A willing participant stepped up, suited up and started a slow grind, after about 5 minutes his pace quickened, shot and stepped back with another taking over.  It was quite a scrum with at least 15 to 20 guys huddled around stroking, getting sucked and fucking.  All well behaved.  As "The Black Hat" was on a schedule I had to leave but really enjoyed seeing the very confidant woman take charge of the BNA all by herself and kudos to the wolfpack for playing by the rules.  
Until then, I remain, The Black Hat.
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Black Hat for another solid report!  Keep them coming, sir.