Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quick Note: Special Free Admission Specials at 15th Ave Adult Theater in Melrose Park Now Through Sunday Only

Doc here with a quick note...

15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater, 2125 N. 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL is now in the last 4 days of their week long admission special.  Couples(boy/girl),T-Girls and single girls are FREE all day at 15th Avenue through Sunday 8/7.  Regular pricing applies to single guys during the evening (daytime specials still apply for single guys).

Last month, this special resulted in some crazy summer nights at 15th Avenue.  Remember that Tweet The Good Doctor sent out about 18 couples at 15th Avenue one Saturday night?  It was during this same special when run in July.

It looks like a great weekend of this thing of ours in Chicagoland this weekend.


Blast From The Past: "Tuesday Afternoon Quickie" @ The Jefferson Theater by John Boy (circa 2005)

Doc here with a fantastic Blast From The Past from a true veteran of the Portland scene, John Boy. The Jefferson Theater was a legendary adult theater that met it's demise prematurely and unnecessarily.  It still stands today, empty, as does the rest of the block it sits on. Gentrification? What gentrification?

What is left of The Jefferson Theater are stories like this one by John Boy...  So hop in the Wayback Machine, and enjoy this tale...


I met a gorgeously fucktastic Sioux lady I've played with before, but she was very short on time. After a quick dinner at the pub next door, off we went into the couples section of Portland's notorious Jefferson Theater. (I had tried to message into the PTA group, but my e-mail service was being pissy and would not for some reason relay the message I wanted to post... For she LOVES More Cock, all at once.) 

It's sad, when you don't have enough choir boy cock stars on hand among the zombies.)

We hugged and embraced as friends do, and then as I nibbled her earlobe, she reached down to cup my hardness and unzipped me with a speed betraying a great thirst, and a terrible hunger for cock. As she drew me in, I fondled her breasts, and then peeled down her tight white top; geeze, for a 45 y.o. grandmother, she's got a *wonderful* body.

After she sucked, licked and suctioned me to hardness, I told her to stand and strip. Juice already showed, in glistening droplets around her pussy, so I quickly mounted her doggie-style. Fondling one nipple while I also reached around to shake and vibrate her clit, she came, and came again, quickly reaching the vaginal gushing slickness that, just like the puddle of pussy juice I felt and heard,
told me she was ready for the next step.

Out I pulled, and backed away slightly, she leaned over and grabbed both of her cheeks in her lovely, shaking hands. She spread her cheeks, widened her stance, arched down more, presenting her ass, the better for me to puncture her ass.

Jefferson Theater
circa 1982
In I went, into her butt-hotness, her tight sphinctered canal.  Yes, fuck her ass, fucking hard, hot and tight, with ten men watching. Call and response: Do you like it? YES, I LIKE IT. What do you like? MY ASS, YOU FUCKING MY ASS. Do you want more? OOOH, OOOH, FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS. I WANT MORE COCK. I WANT MORE COCK. She came, came, and came again, melting over the couch back in front of her. 

As she likes, I pulled out, turned her around and sprayed her tits. I then pulled her to me in full embrace to grind against her hot quivering nakedness, with only my sperm and her cum juice to keep us apart. Then, clean up ('leave your campsite as clean as you found it'), dress, and take her back to the Yellow Max for her wobbly-legged trip home to an unappreciative lout of a husband who has NO idea of how hot she is.

We've had threesomes, fivesomes, DPs and more, there, at the late Club XES and at the ACE. But this simple fast-fuck, not the gourmet sex we prefer, was still marvelous.


Doc here again... There are a million stories in The Naked City of Portland, and this was one of them.  Thank you to John Boy, who I had the pleasure of meeting several years ago during one of my first trips to Portland.  Hopefully this will be the first of many to come.

Do you have a Blast From The Past you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal of Adult Theaters?  Just e-mail Sgt. Schltz The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report, and doll it up with a pic or two.  You supply the story.

Seems fair, doesn't it?


Coming Attraction: Gloryhole Nancy @ Adult Pleasures in Toledo This Friday (w/New Pic!)

Doc here with a quick Preview of a Coming Attraction for tomorrow night, August 5th, at Adult Pleasures in Toledo.  Gloryhole Nancy will be back, and I'm sure she will be thirsty for hard cocks.


Hi Doc,

We are going to be at Adult Pleasures, 4404 N. Detroit Ave in Toledo around 11 pm Friday night.  We'll be taking pics (maybe video?) so we'll be sure to update you. Thanks again and we'll talk soon!

T & N
p.s.  Just a pic of Nancy we thought you'd enjoy...

Flash Report: Another Hot Saturday @ CTs Adult Theater by CK

Doc here with a terrific first time report from CK, a regular at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  CTs, for the uninitiated, is arguably the most hardcore adult theater in the US.  If a couple walks through Pete's doors, they are there to either show-off in an intimate setting, participate in a gang bang situation, or spend quality time in the glory hole booths.  It is a no-frills environment in this thing of ours.

This is the 2nd Saturday night in a row where the theater play has been non-stop from early evening until closing.  Summers are hot in Chicagoland, and even hotter at CTs.

Here is CK's excellent report...


Hey Doc,

I'm a CTs regular.  This past Saturday, 7/30 at CT's:  5 couples, girl on girl action, a little S/M and near non stop gang banging.

Unfortunately this was all last minute, good thing I live nearby...

The ball started rolling when a couple posted she would be taking cum in the booths and maybe the theater at 6p. I have no interest in playing with her as she likes it bare.  At 9pm, it was posted that mature couple where there. Half an hour later it was posted that a CT semi regular couple would arrive at 11:30p. 

CTs Adult Super Store
4620 Industrial Highway
As I left for CTs, it was posted in the group that 4 couples were there playing NOWW!!! (Ed. note: Pete's signature phrase.) When I walked into the theater around 10:30pm,  my first thought was Holy Fuck! I just walked into a porn scene.  A bunch of guys had surrounded the exam table.   A short BBW, with blond hair, was bent over the exam table getting fucked. The blonde was kissing a tall, slim, MILF, who was getting fucked doggie by bbc. The MILF's nipples were pierced.  The blonde also sucked on the MILF's C tits. 

Near the back row, the mature couple was watching the action.  A couple other guys fucked the blonde and the MILF, while they both played with each other. It was a very hot scene. The MILF needed a break, and walked naked out into the lobby area.  She looked HOT in the light.  I'd guess her to be mid- to late thirties.

When the MILF returned to the theater, she bent over the exam table, ready for anyone to take her. Some guy started playing with her pussy and ass, as she blew a BBC. We then found out the MILF's pussy was also pierced. The MILF's SO brought in some whips and toys. He gave a flogger to the blond's SO and he began whipping her back lightly. Around 11pm, the blond and the MILF had drained the guys and they relocated to the enclosed dance area with their SO's. One could hear them playing with the whip. They left together around 11:30pm.

The semi regular couple arrived around 12am, giving the remaining guys a chance to recharge.  She is a small BBW, in her late 20's. She proceeded into the theater and began to blow 3 guys simultaneously to get worked up.  She got one guy to CIM (cum in her mouth).

About 15 minutes later, she got on the exam table. For the next 90 min, guys were fucking her while she sucked on two cocks.  She was very vocal and was enjoyed the fucking.  It appeared she liked sucking a BBC, and would gag on it.  He also fucked her mouth.  All the while, guys rotated out of her pussy.  Other cocks replaced the BBC in her mouth, once he was done, ending in COF (cum on her face).

During her performance, a black couple arrived and began watching the show.  She was attractive, with wide hips, wearing a poodle skirt.  She intently watched the woman on the exam table plying with three guys at a time.  The black couple left the theater and got a dance from a CT's dancer. Must have turned on the woman more, because when she returned to the theater they sat in the side row near the exam table.  She began to give her guy a nice BJ. They relocated to the back row, she lifted her dress and began a RCG. They then moved to a standing doggie. She bent over the seats in front of her. Guys were hoping she would play with others, but they got off and left.

By 1:30am, all the cocks were drained and the theater emptied.  Another Amazing night at CTs.  Oh, and the couple the got the ball rolling, I later found out they were a no show.
Best regards,


Thanks again to CK for a great first time report from CTs.  I am hoping that CK will be my eyes and ears at CTs, in between times I can jump into the Lizardo 3000 and head up to Gary.  Despite reports, The Good Doctor is not omnipresent.  I am however, an excellent dancer.

Do you have an adult theater report?  If so, follow what CK did, and you'll be a rock star here at The Journal. Just e-mail Dr. Kildare The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report, and you get the glory and maybe even a groupie.

Seems fair.