Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flash Report! Gushers @ Excitement Video in Wichita, KS

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from first time reporter, Gushers. His location to report on is Excitement Video in Wichita, Kansas

Take it away, Gushers!


Hi Doc,

Report on Excitement Video on West and Pawnee in Wichita, KS 4/26/13. I went to the theater around 8:30pm and several middle age men including me were in the 42 seat theater and one early 40 male and his wife about 36 were seated in the back row on the right side.

They played for a while and left but returned when some of the patrons left. He play with her pussy, getting it wet. They finally got up went to the back of the theater and tucked her until she orgasmed twice. It was hot but one person got too close and ended their stay. Friday nights couples are Free until 10:00 pm.


Doc here again... Thanks for the report, Gushers, and keep on submitting your work!


Field Report! Piper the Gloryhole Princess @ Studio One in Amarillo with VIDEO!

Doc here with not only a great Field Report from our good friend Piper the Gloryhole Princess, she provided a custom video for The Good Doctor himself while @ Studio One in Amarillo, TX... Pay close attention to the video, as she personalized it for your old friend in the white suit.

Here we go!


Hey Doc,

I noticed you didn't have this place on your list. It is Studio One in Amarillo, TX (ed. note: address now added to the Adult Theater Database). It is one of my favorite places to play in the southwest.

I don't get to Amarillo enough, but if there were enough men there to meet me, I would make a special trip. The owners are awesome. It was a little slow this Sunday evening around dinner time but I plan to go back soon. Summer is the time for road trips and road trips are the time to find the nasty porn places. :)

There aren't any gloryholes here but there are nasty porn rooms playing porn without doors and a dark theater. You pay one fee and can meander through the booth area and into the theater. Night time is best. They also have private couples booths on the other side of the store that you can rent to watch a video you have picked out from their rental selection.




Doc here again... A huge thank you goes out to Piper the Gloryhole Princess for the personalized video, the new still pics, and the Field Report!!!

To the good readers of The Journal... You need to check out Piper's website at for some outstandingly filthy content!  Doctor's orders!    


A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Thank You!

Doc here with a quick note from The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college...

April 2013 was another record setting month here at The Journal, and I have you to thank. We hit 206,839 pageviews, which is up 59% over April of 2012. That is amazing growth, so you should all pat yourselves on the back for helping support The Journal.

There are big things coming in May...So why not set another record?

Thanks again for all the support, especially from the reporters who take time out of their busy schedules to file their reports!