Friday, January 8, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Jean & Scott at Fantasyland 1 Thursday Night 1/7/16 (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say once wheeled himself into Lizarbro, a room wherein donning a special helmet The Good Docgtor can see and hear every adult theater in the country.  

Our good friends Scott & Jean have returned with a very interesting Couple's Flash Report from their visit last night to Fantasyland 1 in Tampa, FL (address in the Adult Theater Database). 

The report from Jean's POV is excellent as always, and the brand new pics and video are top shelf.

What was not top shelf was the behavior of the guys last night at Fantasyland 1. I plan on bringing this behavior up to the nice folks running Fantasyland 1 with the hope they can police this unacceptable behavior that partially ruined (and cut short) a hot evening for Scott & Jean.  Nice going, guys.

Here we go... Take it away Jean!


Hi there Doc!

Hello fellow Journal fans, Jean here with a report about our stop at Fantasyland 1 last night. We were in Tampa for dinner with friends and decided to drop in afterwards. We didn't get there until midnight and it was kind of dreary, but we found some fun anyways.

The Lovely Jean
The parking lot was half full of cars, but the inside was full of men with dicks for me to suck. We walked in to find guys lining the hallways and standing in doorways as we made our way back to the theater room. Scott and I found a spot on a couch to watch a bit of the movie that was playing. Since the real action for us doesn't start until we get into the gloryhole rooms, we enjoy lampooning the movies ala Mystery Science Theater 3000

This one was about a Donna Reed like woman pulling pie (with whipped cream already on it) out of the oven, and then a Lou Ferrigno looking gentleman walks in and has some of her pie (if you get my double entendre). We decided to get the dick sucking party going and found an open room with a futon with some unfortunate condom wrappers laying on it, so after the use of a couple antibacterial wipes we were set to go! Side note, when we stepped into the room we shut the hatch of the gloryhole to get ready and the person in the adjoining room pushed it open. DO NOT DO THIS, couples/single women will open the door when ready.

For the next hour I sucked and stroked a variety man meat. While unsure of the order of dicks I'll tell you what happened. There was the one that hooked to the left and I had to angle my head so as to not hit my face on the wall or get too teethy. There was the nice thick one that after stretching my jaw and using a hand/mouth combo on, came a ton. The even thicker one, who I was looking forward to fucking until he came in my mouth. The grower, who surprised me with his nice length. There were three or four others that I enjoyed immensely. It was just nice to get my lips around some dick.

This report is also a PSA of sorts. When we go to the gloryholes we stay for a few hours. I really enjoy marathon dick sucking and fucking, but last night we only stayed for an hour. Why you ask? The men in the hallway kept trying to pry open the door to our gloryhole room. The actual door, not the one that closes the gloryhole. The door is equipped with a slide lock, but almost every time I looked up there was a sizable gap of someone pushing open the door. 

After both Scott and I telling/yelling three times for them to not do this, Scott ended up striking the door back on someone. We left just after this. It was certainly an annoying mood killer. (ed. note: Nice going guys. Spoiled a great scene.)

Sorry for the "what not do to do" feel of this report (these things shouldn't have to be said anyways), so we've included some new pictures to make it up to you! Also, we have a new email address: and we do an even better job of keeping up with our Twitter @Jean_Scott_XXX . We are planning a hopefully report worthy event soon, so if you're in the area and interested let us know!

Jean (& Scott)

Jean & Scott's Gallery from Last Night @ Fantasyland 1
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