Thursday, September 6, 2012

Flash Report! Sam E. Colon on Teasers in Deer Park, LI

Doc here with a new reporter here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, Sam E. Colon. Sam sent in a great Flash Report from Teasers, in Deer Park, Long Island, NY. 

Enjoy this solid report!


Review of Teaser's in Deer Park, NY

   Hello all!  Since I found the blog so helpful when I was preparing this little excursion, I thought that it was the least that I could do to write a review of the experience.

   The joys of adult theatres and peep booths are still quite new to my lovely wife.  I was introduced, by pure accident, when I was in college and I hadn’t been able to get my wife to give them a try until almost two years ago.  Although we’ve gone a few times, she hasn’t opened up enough to enter the booths yet.  So when she hinted that she might like to take things a little farther while we were on our trip, I started scouring the area for a destination.  We found Teaser’s was the closest place to where we were, so we made our way around Long Island.
   We strolled in on the 4th of July, so probably not a good judge of a usual Wednesday afternoon.  I surprised her with that adventure, not telling her where we were going.  She figured it out about the time we pulled into the parking space at the end of the long row of warehouse units.  The XXX sign surely gave it away.

   The heat outside was sweltering, and the temperature inside Teaser’s was only marginally better.  We entered and were both a little overwhelmed with the space.  The main room is very large with high ceilings, combined with the brightness evokes Wal-Mart more than your average “dirty” book store.  There were some adult toys and DVD’s (and VHS?? Really?) but they appear to be little more than decoration.   Straight ahead there was a sign promising “Live Girls”, although we didn’t choose to sample that section of the store.  To the right were the “Theatre” and “Peeps” which both had signs on the doors reading $12 entry.  (this gives access to both the theatre and peep booths) 

   We decided to enter the peep booth section and the owner informed me that couples entry was free.  This little bonus was mentioned in other field reports of the place but I thought I would at least offer, trying not to be too presumptuous.  I opened the door and we entered the peep area together.
   Going from the super bright lobby area to the pitch black of the peep booth arcade took some adjustment, so I wasn’t able to perceive many details of the individual booths.  They were very small and arrayed along a U-shaped corridor, with entrance/exit doors at either end of the upside down,“U”.  Either all of the interior booths were occupied with closed doors or they were not functioning, it was far too dark to tell but there looked like people were sitting there.  The booths lining, the exterior wall each had screens playing different porn selections, the last two or three showing male-male movies.  We chose a booth, third from the entrance door, if I remember correctly with a lovely lesbian scene in progress and popped inside. 
   There was no bench or anything for sitting or laying, so my wife suggested that we just masturbate each other standing up.  The booth was very small, so even bending over would have only been really possible longways. (door to TV screen) Of course I agreed and we started to make out while I undressed her.  Immediately I could hear people entering the booths on either side of ours.  When we entered I tried to see if there were glory holes but my eyes hadn’t adjusted so we just chose on the basis of movie subject.  There was quite a large hole on the right side wall, but I didn’t notice one on the left but there was no shortage of people going in and out of it so there may have been in a location that I didn’t see.
   I got her naked and sucked her delicious nipples while she worked her clit, leaning back against the booth door.  At least one cock popped through the glory hole but she preferred to stay semi-private.  I continued working her tits while jerking myself and a couple of guys reached through to feel up her thighs and even give me a couple of tugs.  Not sure how many guys ended up at the end but at least two were in the next booth and joined our masturbation party.  I stepped back so our neighbors could watch her as she orgasmed furiously, I then leaned forward and a hand from next door massaged my ass while I shot fountains of cum on the wall by the hole.

   The guys were largely respectful, and there was a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  If we had been able to stay longer we probably could have had a more intense experience so I can’t fault Teasers for all of the shortcomings.  So I’ll include some pros and cons to end the review. 

  Pros: free entry for couples, lots of space in peep area (no rubbing past everyone), variety of choices of fun.

  Cons: sketchy outside appearance, poor toy and video selection (at least give a little effort to make it appear that this is more than just a place for random hook-ups), bright lights!!
   Of course the ultimate judge would be: Would we return to Teasers?  Yes, we would and if anyone knows a little more as far as the layout details I would love to hear about  it.

   Sam E. Colon, smarter than your average comma


Many thanks to Sam E. Colon for a terrific view of Teasers on Long Island.  I hope this is just the first of many more to come from Sam and his best girl.  Keep them coming!