Monday, June 27, 2011

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi - Mission Possible

Doc here with what may be the high water mark of Bob in Biloxi reports... This one is jammed packed with sex, nudity, three-somes, and two-somes, hole-somes, and a baby's arm holding an apple (extra points if you can tell me what 70's era one hit wonder ended with that lyric).

Here is Bob in Biloxi with a barn buster of a Flash Report...

Robert, if you please...


Good Morning Mr. Phelps, should you decide to undertake this mission your government will disavow any knowledge of your existence, and this email will self destruct in 10 seconds.

And Doc, that’s how it was last night on the beautiful Gulf Coast. There were at least 50 couples attending in various forms. That’s not really the truth of course, but it sure seemed that way. I would say at least 16 couples showed at the Gulf Coast Theater and/or the ABS last night, along with 3 singles ladies that played. On to the narrative:

Bob in Biloxi
First up is our pretty little school teacher type, I arrived shortly before 8pm at the ABS, our school teacher and hubby were already in a booth with a vacant booth next to them, I slid in, became erect and slide it through the hole. She must have not had much in the way of suitors because she immediately started stroking me followed up by her warm mouth. After joining them she assumed the position and was pleasured for several minutes by yours truly until a slight sheen of sweat appeared on both of us.  We thanked each other and I departed.
Next I headed to the Theater; 3 couples were already there, one is a regular who just started fucking inside, you may remember from past posts, as she picks who she wants and takes them to their vehicle outside. Another couple I hadn’t seen before was playing alone on one the couches; still another one was on the back row getting cozy with some of the boys. Nothing of interest to me at this point, so I left and headed back to the ABS, pulling into a parking space I noticed a very young couple entering the ABS.

She was dressed in daisy dukes, push up bra under a V neck T-shirt, she might have been all of five feet tall.  But they grabbed a private booth and did their thing. Bummer, she was smoking hot! They were leaving when a mixed couple came in but they also went private.

As I was waiting in my Ram, a HD truck pulled up beside me with three ladies, my window was down so I spoke to them. They went inside; I figured they were rubber dick shopping, so I didn’t go in. Big mistake, when they came back out none of them had a shopping bag. So as they were getting in their vehicle I asked the one on the pass-side if they didn’t find what they were looking for, the theater down the street had a large selection of product. The lady I was talking to was wearing a just above your ass dress in high heels accompanied by very large set of DD tits. Dark hair, dark eyes, she just smiled and said they were looking for a different kind of product.
I must have turned my head like a dog does when he hears a strange noise, because she just laughed and said they were looking for real cocks. Then she asked me if I would escort them into the theater? Duh. Seems one of the ladies in their group had never experienced “this thing of ours” so this was her initiation?
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
 We all bailed out of our vehicles once at the theater, as we were walking, the one I had been talking too told me they wanted a couch. Ok, bricks do not have to fall on my head often to realize she had been inside before. So we all walked in and grabbed a couch. Conversation on the nature of I can’t believe you wore panties/bra to an adult theater, so clothes started coming off, pussies were being licked, and my cock was being sucked. One of the other ladies in our company was keeping the penis gallery at bay while she was getting licked. It got real hot, so my partner suggested we go back to the ABS and finish what we started.

When we got back down there, she said go into that booth, she went into the adjoining one as I slide through the hole, she was an expert cocksucker! After a few minutes she stopped and said come over NOW!! She unlocked the door and was totally nude, bent over the chair and told me to give it to her! I did, she told me not to cum in her that wanted it on her tits! Ok, so that's what happened! Then she wanted the booth by herself, so I made my exit. Apparently there was another guy on the other side that slid in after I left, so when he came out she opened her door and finger called me to the door. She said as long as you are standing guard for me; tell whoever enters that booth to have a big dick!!

When she closed the door, I said in a loud booming voice, "HEY WHOEVER GOES IN BOOTH 6 BETTER HAVE a BIG DICK!" That got laughs from her and the gay crowd outside. So one other entered and soon she came out adjusting her massive tits with a smile on her face. Seems she enjoys cum on her tits a lot! Outside she asked for and received my number, who knows if this wild bitch will call or not, but it was fun! It was 11:00pm as we were walking out the door and still another couple was entering.

I had severe dehydration problems along with a headache, that empty feeling all of us guys feel when women leave us totally depleted! I started to call you for meds and an IV, but soon water and food solved the problem!

As I passed the theater on the way home, still another couple was entering the door, slammed on brakes and went inside, the cleanup crew was already busy in the lobby. They went in, and the woman started taking off her clothes, bent over one of the rows and said someone fuck me. She had several volunteers but I was not one of them.

Then I noticed yet another couple seated on the front row. She looked very familiar to me, so I approached, sure enough it was Lynne, the biker chick I wrote about when I first started posting with you. I said hi, and she looked at me kind of pissed off and asked where I had been, she knew that I was there on Saturday nights and was waiting for me. Damn I’m only one MAN!! So I gave her the low down and said she waited too late to show, I was headed home. That seemed to piss her off even more, so I left, but I couldn’t have handled her in my condition anyway! Lynne is a tiger!

I know there were even more couples present than I gave you, but my mind was not as sharp on the other details, but those are the high points! This morning, my headache is gone, but my cock is sore as hell!


Doc here again... Sounds like an incredible night in Biloxi. Between what Bob discovered (16 couples), and what The Good Doctor encountered at 15th Ave in Melrose Park, ILon Saturday night (18 couples), it was a fantastic weekend of theater sex across the US.

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