Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Special Report! Holly Godarkly's The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours” - Part 1 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say discovered radio signal that bombarded a small town in Pennsylvania, a radio wave that set into motion events across the nation... Consistent reports of people in trances. 

This has been an excellent week for reports submitted to your old friend in the white suit and aviators. There are several top shelf pieces in the editing que that will be hitting The Journal in the next few days, and they are page turners. 

However, with that being said, I would like to introduce you to someone just dipping her toes into this thing of ours. In this series of reports, the lovely Holly Godarkly will take you on a three-part journey into sexual discovery, trust, & exploration.  And taking her on this journey, an able knight.

This exploration is still in progress...And this is Part 1 of Holly Godarkly's Journey.  Grab a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy this report.  I did.


The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours”

Part 1: Being Rescued – The Knight Appears

Work – day in, day out. It’s all I have. I tell myself to keep my mind busy – it will keep me from thinking. I try to focus my time and effort on keeping as busy as I can. I learn to channel all of my stress, frustrations and energies into work. I try to convince myself that it will keep me sane. Right! All work, no play. For decades…and how did I turn into such a bitch?

Holly Godarkly
And then Pandora’s Box is opened – nothing that was planned. But a very pleasant surprise that changes my entire demeanor. I have gone without sex for so long – not that is was anything to speak of when I did have it. And now I find myself in a unique situation where a man touches where he shouldn’t, during a massage, and I don’t say anything. He gets bolder and then suddenly he is between my legs and he is tasting me. I have never had this done before. And I stay silent – I do not stop him. I let him continue – for 20 minutes. I thoroughly enjoy the experience. And I have this smile on my face that I can’t seem to wipe off. 2 hours later, my girlfriend notices – she is very aware that something has changed! Something drastic! And something that she has believed was well overdue.

I feel different. I feel happy. The bitchiness that was my norm is gone. I decide that I need to live a little before it is too late for me. So I look on CL…but I am not comfortable and do not like the site. I did not put an ad up, but I answered a lot of ads. Just did not seem to work out very well.

I discover a different site, SLS, and decide to take control of my situation and place an ad. I am not looking for a relationship – but I need to find something. You see, I am walking around aroused all of the time now. This constant state of arousal is distracting. And if I could find a little play here and there, maybe that would help me.

The ad I placed is very specific. I take a hard look at myself and try to determine what really does turn me on. I think about my fantasies, and I decide to list those things that would excite me. I place a couple of pictures up – boob shots since that is my only asset. I wonder if anyone would be interested…if anyone will respond.

This is the profile I submitted:

Love massage, seduction and exhibitionism -- I await your creative invitation!!!

Looking For:

Interested in those who take the time to read and study my profile and follow the directions given within it. Make me laugh and have a good time. Would like to explore and meet new people. Looking for first new experiences. Impress me by emailing me with a unique and adventurous invitation! Really not into chat. Most important thing to me is your sense of humor. Yes -- would like new sexual experiences -- but like to have fun also. Would really like to attend some fun parties and maybe check out some clubs. Age, weight, size, race are not important to me -- it's all about how you make me feel!

If you do not hear from me right away -- please do not think I am not interested -- I AM!! And will give everyone a fair chance to impress me. When there is chemistry -- there will be follow though!!! Please let me catch up. Getting swamped with IM'S and emails.

I have a little exhibitionism in me. Love to tease, shock and surprise. 40D, shaved, and like to show them off! When I am complimented, it turns me on -- BIG TIME!!! Let's see where it leads!!!

I am not a Barbie!!! I am overweight. Please check my stats. Yes most of it is in the 40 D area...but have a spare tire. Walking daily to get my flat tummy back. Like to make you feel special -- and like to be treated like I am special. 

Holly Godarkly
I am open to explore new things. OMG -- have been reading some of the socials and club postings -- how fun some of these events sound!!! Would love to attend some of these events.

Fantasies and / or real experiences:
LOVE massage-- both giving and receiving. My fantasy is to sometime have a 4 handed massage. 2 nice gentlemen rubbing, stroking and caressing every inch of my entire body. Love to see if I could find someone who might want to take me places and show me off a little, in a safe environment. 

Love to be somewhere and have a stranger come up to me and begin talking and seducing me. 

Love oral -- giving and receiving.

I am seeking an adventure. So if you are interested....

Are you ready to plan a creative, unique adventure that will excite me and have my juices flowing as I anxiously await the scheduled appointment in excruciating anticipation.
Clues on how to impress me are imbedded in my profile. Are you up for the challenge?

I am so ready. I await your invitation.
Please note that an initial intro meeting is necessary...2 to 3 minutes. No play on that first day. If we are comfortable, then we schedule and off we go!!!

Additional comments and things to do, see, hear or learn about:
Not much of a drinker -- maybe one glass of very sweet wine every year or two. But I love music and dancing. 

I am a senior, and have wasted most of my life. Always thought there was something wrong with me -- but now I know there is nothing wrong with me. Never enjoyed sex -- had very little -- maybe once a month first year of marriage -- then once or twice a year thereafter. Nothing for many years. Married for decades. Never had foreplay -- so I guess that is why it always hurt and I never enjoyed it. So my energies went into work. I became a work-a-holic. 

This past summer, I guess I went into mid-life crisis. My girl friend says I am a late bloomer. I accidentally had my first oral experience -- and I loved it. Now I feel like I am walking around aroused all of the time. I am masturbating once or twice a day -- something I never did before. 

I guess I have a little exhibitionism in me. I like to tease, shock and surprise unsuspecting men. It turns me on to think I could arouse a man and get him hot and bothered -- excited. Turns me on SOOO MUCH! And I think I might enjoy you showing me off a little too, in a safe environment. I REALLY get SUPER TURNED ON when a guy gets a little peak and shows interest -- especially if they verbally compliment me. 

I LOVE massage -- both giving and receiving. My fantasy is to receive a 4 handed massage sometime -- 2 nice gentlemen rubbing, stroking and caressing my entire body. Love to lay on my stomach and have the backs of my legs, thighs, ass and back massaged -- for me, that is so relaxing and really turns me on.

I am inexperienced, but willing to explore. I would like to have some fun before it is too late for me. I prefer to be myself -- no games please. I encourage you to be yourself. We can explore anything...I will let you know if I am not comfortable with something, or not ready to move in a certain direction yet. Let's just be ourselves -- life is too short.
Most important thing to me about a man, is his sense of humor, his work ethic, his eyes and if he makes me feel special. I have never been cherished or made to feel special -- and I am finding out that I am special, and deserved to be cherished. 

I am looking for a one time experience or ongoing for right person. 

I might consider group sex with right person. I am straight and not bi-curious at all. I enjoy cocks! But might participate at some partial level with right couple.
I require a discreet encounter or on-going Friends With Benefits relationship for the right person. 

I always insist on a meeting in public first. Just so we can be sure we are comfortable with proceeding. Let's me make sure that you are not a drug addict, a boozer, or an axe murderer. And it lets you know I am not a wacko off her meds. Hard rule. Meet for 2 or 3 minutes, go our separate ways to decide and then touch base to discuss how we feel. If I say no -- it means no. If I am interested, I will tell you. Ball will then be in your court and I will await an invitation. 

If you are just looking for a quickie...please move on...you can get that anywhere. One time encounters are okay with me...but please know that I am looking for an adventure. So be creative and plan accordingly. 

I am south of Pittsburgh. I can travel if I need to. I prefer not to host, but in extreme circumstances, I can manage it. 

Scheduling is important and the issue I have to work with. Days, afternoon and some evenings during the week would work best for me -- but have to be scheduled.
There are times I am super busy and may not be able to respond right away -- please do not take it as I have lost interest. I assure you -- I AM SERIOUSLY INTERESTED.
NSA only. 

I will not text or call you or email outside of this site. I had a bad experience with a stalker, and prefer to keep my private information safe until I meet you and know I feel comfortable with you. I hope you can be understanding and respect this request.

In less than 2 weeks, I get over 3,000 profile views. I have over 800 men emailing and IM’ing me – all interested in meeting with me. I am dumbfounded. I had no idea that so many men were into older women – or did not mind if you were a little overweight. But I have been specific in what I am looking for. I want an adventure. I am equally shocked and surprised at how many men can’t take the time to look to see what it is that I specifically want. So many men who cannot follow direction. Especially when all the clues are right there for them to pick up. About 10% were able to actually impress me with their response. But one stood out above all others.

I guess at some level, every woman dreams of a Knight in Shining Armor who comes and rescues her. And low and behold – my Knight appears. Again I say, one man stood out above all others. One man who understood the importance of discovering what the woman actually wants! One man who proposes a creative and exciting adventure to take me on. One man who may change my life forever. One man who begins to unravel the years of frustration I have been trapped in. A man who begins to help me feel vibrant – alive again. Enter the man known here as THE KNIGHT. And his proposition to show me off and bring me into this world know as “this thing of ours”.

Hi…welcome to the lifestyle! I see you're into exhibitionism and I have a proposition for you. I like to take you to an adult theater. There you can watch and be watched…as well as choose the cocks you might want to play with... all in a safe environment. If you just want to put on a show with me while all the guys watch and stroke themselves, that's cool too. There is also gloryholes there too for even more anonymity. Of course we would meet first for coffee and make sure we are comfy with each other. Either way, I hope to hear from you and again, welcome to the next and amazingly sexy part of your life. I opened my pics for you.

We meet – to see if we are comfortable with proceeding to set something up – and I am pleasantly surprised. I am nervous, anxious, and afraid at some level. I am totally inexperienced. But he makes me feel comfortable. And more importantly, he makes me feel safe. He offers me the chance to explore my sexuality. I decide I would like to proceed with his proposition, even though I am still nervous. He offers to allow my girlfriend to attend with us, and she accepts. And so we set the date for this Thursday. And he begins my education in preparation for the day of my awakening.

Stay tuned for Part 2 -- The Research and Education.

And Part 3 -- The Experience and Evaluation.



Doc here again... Many, many thanks to Holly Godarkly for this peak inside what makes her tick and wet.  How often have we been given a ringside seat for a sexy woman's first taste of the adult theater scene, with an experienced guide/partner to guide her through?

Courtesy of Holly Godarkly, we will ride along with her over the next few days as she gets ready for Thursday's first visit to an adult theater. And I for one cannot wait to see what she encounters inside Pandora's Box.

Part 2 hits The Journal tomorrow, 10/21.