Friday, November 18, 2011

Coming Attraction! Velvet Skye at Swing Shift Theater in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada This Sunday 11/20/11! (w/5 PICS)

Doc here with a message from our good friend and Canada's greatest natural resource, Velvet Skye.  Velvet will be making one her special visits to Swing Shift Theatre in Richmond Hill (a suburb of Toronto) Ontario on Sunday afternoon (address info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database HERE).

Here is her message...

Hey Doc... Swing Shift this Sunday 1-3PM. Glory hole fun!  xoxo

If this enticing message isn't enough to get your ass to Swing Shift Theatre, then here is a mini-gallery of pics of the extraordinary Velvet Skye (click on the images to ENLARGE):

Make sure you check out Velvet's website

Tell her "Doc says hello"...

Have fun,

Flash Coming Attraction! WisWife4Use @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary Saturday 11/19 (w/PIC)

Doc here with a Coming Attraction for tomorrow night, Saturday November 19th @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.

Here is the Back Row Reporter with all the details!


Well, the very hot WISWIFE4USE may be coming back to CTs and she's looking for lots of men for a non-stop 3hr fucking.  I reported on this very hot milf back in August.  I believe it was in the doc's blog here dated 08/14/11.  The is one sexy bbw milf.  If anyone saw her the last time at CTs, then I'm sure they will be back to see her again.  I saw her then but did not get to partake in the fun that night.  So I'm really excited about the chance to see her this upcoming weekend. 

I'm asking The Good Doctor to post this information on his site to encourage as many guys to show up so we can show this hottie a great time.  Below is the posting from CT's site.

Link to CT message posting from "wiswife4use" for members of the group.

CT Posting from "wiswife4use"
If I cum to CT's this Saturday night (11/19/11) will I get a lot of guys to play
or is this just too short of notice for me to get a crowd of men?
I would love it if I could get enough men to have sex with none stop for at
least 3 hours..or am i just in a dream world.
I will be driving from 6 hours away, and would like to also repeat on Sunday.
It is just to far to drive for a poor turn out or for only one night....
let me know guys if you think i will be disappointed and should wait until a
known large number of horny will be there....

Horny, but can wait if needed


Doc here again... Guys, do not miss this opportunity to spend some quality time with WisWife4Use.  I have seen her in action, and she is an Energizer Bunny.  Plus, she usually is wearing a hot outfit to go along with the evening's festivities.  Thanksgiving comes early to CTs in Gary.

Thanks again to The Back Row Reporter for the head's up!

Have fun!


Flash Report! Darkangel Returns To Theater X Near Hawthorne, FL (w/PICS!)

Doc here with the next edition of Darkangel Digest.  Darkangel has returned to Theater X near Hawthorne, FL, and she is gearing up for more monkey business.

Here is Darkangel...And yes, the pics are the REAL Darkangel.

We returned Sunday 10/30/2011 to Theater X to see that there was a nice crowd of cars in the parking lot @ 8:00pm.
We went into the ABS and we were greeted by a young man (Chris)  behind the counter. We exchanged pleasantries and  I inquired about a product we had found out west. As I wandered toward the item,  M and Chris chatted as they walked over to where I was standing. We all talked and introduced ourselves and shared personal information of our lives. I flirted, smiled, and he did the same as we walked around the store.

Theater X (near Hawthorne, FL)
Details in the Adult Theater dB
I ventured off away from them about that time as I heard the theater door close. I turned & saw a fair skinned man with light reddish hair. We made eye contact and smiled at each other for several seconds and then he then returned to the theater. I figured that he was leaving and changed his mind.  I should add I was wearing CFM shoes a short skirt, a button down semi-sheer white top with a black sheer bra on underneath.

In my mind, I figured he was going back hoping to get lucky and maybe even let the others know there was a couple that may be cumming in the theater. Very shortly thereafter we were ready to go into the theater (I told M about the eye contact I had with this man as we ventured thru the door into the theater).

We stepped around the end of the short hall and WOW,  we were so pleasantly surprised “red” was seated next to a petite Asian woman. They were in their early 30s and, there was a man that looked to be with the couple and seemed to be on his way out (as he was pulling up his trousers and left). This left us, the couple, and about, oh, 4 other single guys in the room. I did notice it was not as full as I thought it would be. The glory holes must have been pretty busy.

We sat down at the back wall near the entrance. The couple got up and were leaving, but red was assuring us they were returning, as they needed a break and fresh air. He guided wife by the arm (it seemed she had a few drinks - Oh I remember the first time we planned a trip and I also had to settle my nerves).
Then, all of a sudden a woman's head pops up from the row in front of us. She had been down in her hubby's lap... Mmm.  She sat up and took a breather and her man started sucking her nipples (WOW two nights in a row and two couples each night!)  The young couple (red) returned and sat next to us and he commented to his wife about the size of my tits :)  We heard the door open, and everyone covered up while in came a black man in his mid 40s.  I guess we all had a look of "oh shit who's here?", as he instantly put his hand down and started rubbing his cock thru his pants putting everyone at ease.
We all started playing again, as M reached up my skirt and rubbing my clit. "Red" laid his wife down on the couch with her head up against the back cushion and her body laying so her butt was at the edge (she was petite as I mentioned earlier) with her dark nylon legs open wide beyond the width of  her shoulders. She had black CFMs up in the air as "Red" started fucking her. The couple in front had pulled her top off and her man standing as she sucked his cock and played with her tits.  M looked at me & said "Honey suck your  nipple" which of course I did!

Red and his wife were watching along with all but one of the single guys (they all commented a few times how hot I was sucking my nipple). The one man not watching us was getting up close with the other couple, and wife #2 looked at her hubby to get his approval then started sucking the strangers cock. So Red is still thrusting harder...yet harder, harder even again as he was so turned on by his surroundings. M and I watching them as the guys were all watching the four of us. M asked Red if he wanted to feel my tits as he was dirty talking to his wife. Red then asked M to run his hand up his wife's leg until they both exploded with the sounds of cumming to a wonderful fuck session.

The other 3 had finished up and got dressed and left but the four of us while we were still HARD at it. M stood up and I was sucking his cock and Red asked if his wife could feel my tits. M had me kneel on the couch with my tits on the arm leaving my ass up in the air. M couldn't resist and had to raise my skirt to expose my ass in white panties to the guys watching. I was enjoying Red and his wife playing with my tits and hubby pulled my panties to the side and was rubbing my wet pussy for the guys.

Red asked his wife if she wanted to suck my nipples... She looked at me and how could I resist? I told her please do and this went on for maybe 10 to 15 minutes and M moved around the side of me and started finger fucking Reds wife as Red now was sucking my tits.

We needed to take a break and go outside for some air and water. Red and his sexy young wife said good bye while outside, leaving me the only woman to return to the theater.  As we walked back in, the guys turned and looked a little disappointed with just us returning to the theater. M and I sat back down and I said to him I want to suck some cock tonight. With that, 4 out of 5 guys were smiling again! As I looked up at the closest guy and asked "do you want your cock sucked?", he pulled his cock out and I took him deep in my mouth sucking from tip to base. It wasn't long and he shot all over my tits Mmmm! So warm! I worked through each one with the young black man being the last. He was as long as M but a little thicker and damn he gave my mouth a work out! I did win in the end however, as he drained himself onto my tits.

My what a night, and what a coating I got! It was now 10:30pm and they close at 11pm on Sunday, so the 3 of us sat back and I regained my composure. We talked with S, and found he was retiring from the Navy in 2 weeks and in a couple of months would be leaving to head out West. He asked if we would be back soon and M told him we hoped to be back in 2 weeks.  He said he would try his best to get back when we did and thanked us and we left for the night.

M and I drove back to our motel, and with cum still covering my tits and belly M told me to get on the bed ass up head down and proceed to literally fuck the snot out of me doggie style until we both collapsed on the bed. 


Hard Nipple Hugs Good Doctor,


Doc here again... Thanks again to the very naughty Darkangel and another great encounter in the dirty South!  We have had more reports about Theater X than any other adult theater in the past month.  This under-the-radar theater is now getting some much deserved attention, and hopefully more couples will follow Darkangel's lead and attend regularly.

On a separate note, you may have noticed that there were no reports from Monday until today.  The reason is that I had no reports to publish.  NONE.  This was a first...  The Journal exists to provide a forum for you, the good readers of The Journal, to submit and share your adult theater visits from past or present.  Without reports from you, this blog will be pretty quiet. Please help me justify the hard work and time put into The Journal by sending in your experiences, reviews, and reports.

So pretty please... Submit your reports to The Good Doctor at I will happily edit and format your reports, and you get the byline and the glory.