Tuesday, September 21, 2010

House Call: An Evening With Brent @ The Paris in Portland

Doc here with a very special "House Call" field report. It's just like a very special "Afterschool Special", but with the focus on adult theaters and not about a boy living in a plastic bubble.  

Brent and Doc
Eye exams needed.
Last Wednesday, September 15th, The Good Doctor found himself in Portland, OR visiting patients.  As part of my regular trips to PDX, I will get together with my esteemed colleague Brent and break down the latest in adult theater news and trends.  This week was no different.As we headed to The Paris in the Lizardo 3000, we arrived about 8PM in a driving rain.  No "Red "Flag" alerts had been sent out, so Brent and parked directly in front of The Paris and kept vigil and while comparing adult theater anecdotes.  The # of street people was high this evening, and we felt that this might discourage any foot traffic into The Paris.  At 8:25, I looked at my Blackberry, and somehow, someway, a Red Flag had just been posted!
How did Brent and I miss a hot young couple walking into The Paris?  I mean, we were parked maybe 15 feet away from the front door.  Maybe it's time again for Lenscrafters.

My colleague and I hustled into The Paris, and paid our few shekels, and into the theater we went.  This was a special "Bedroom Flag, meaning that the couple was inside The Paris' secure bedroom play area.  The bedroom conatins a decent sized bed in the middle of a room with half height walls to enable viewing without touching.  There is a small slding window that can be lifted if the couple want to play ala-gloryhole with their adoring fans.  Overlooking the Bedroom is the couples annex, which provides a great view of the action.  This is where The Good Doctor observed and reported.

Now about the couple:  Young (late 20's)...She was nicely curvy, with long wavy day hair and large full boobs (LFBs).  When I assumed my perch above the action, she was just beginning what ended up being about a 10-minute blow job.  Slow at first, she was certain to maintain eye contact with her guy while licking and sucking his stiff cock.  As she changed positions, he was rubbing her pussy through her jeans while she sucked and licked.  Right before they switched places, she was sucking his balls while jerking him off.  It was must-see TV.

Now it was her turn, as he slipped her jeans off, and proceeded to lick and suck her shaved pussy.  As she was being serviced, she had lifted her shirt, exposing her purple satin bra.  She then popped her boobs out, one at a time so she could massage her nipples while she was being licked and sucked.  The best moment in my opinion was in the middle of this, as she opened her eyes and locked her gaze onto mine while she was being fingered and licked.  Very hot stuff, ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

At this point, it was time to crank up the heat in the already hot theater.  He slid up and plunged his cock into her now sopping wet pussy.  He fucked her for a good 10-15 minutes before exploding inside her.  She was quiet, with only the occasional moan of ecstasy.  A great performance for the very small crowd of guys. After they left, Brent and I compared notes on what we just saw, and agreed it was worth stopping by tonight. 

At 10:30pm (with closing being midnite), The Good Doctor decided to hang up his cleats and head back to his hotel near the airport.  As I was pulling into the hotel parking lot in the Lizardo 3000, my alert went off on my Blackberry:

Red Flag 10:52

God Dammit.

What to do? I was already back at the hotel, but it's only 9 miles away back to The Paris.

I went back.

Before I was a mile away from the hotel heading back to 3rd and Burnside, alert #2 came across my shoe-phone:

3 Orange Flags 11:03

God Dammit.

3 Orange Flags transalates to 3 single women have entered the theater.  This was followed up by Brent posting that there was "girl on girl - WOW".

A "Letters to Penthouse" fantasy was playing out, and I was 9 miles away in a driving rain storm.  By the time I got there, the first couple was grinding away on the couch in the couples oasis, and the 3 girls were side-by-side-side to their right.  What I missed was one of the 3 girls was invited to have some fun with the girl half of the couple, and there was some gentle nipple play before between them.  Afterwards we found out that the single girl was very turned on but VERY nervous, thus she bailed out of the FF play.

Not the real girls from the story

The 3 girls looked like:
#1 Was a young tall blonde with a great set of boobs and long legs. Very pretty.
#2 Was a cute petite brown haired lass with pig tails under a ball cap. Cute.
#3 Was the FF partner and was slim and athletic with small breasts and a very sexy face

The couple transitioned from grinding to a long and hot BJ, that got the attention of the 3 girls (aka 3 Amigas) on occasion.  Very hot stuff ...

At midnight, everyone in the couples section got dressed and re-arranged.  The show was over, but the post-game analysis was just beginning.  I would have loved to have reviewed the game tape on this show.

Bottom line: The Paris never disappoints.  Fun comes in different flavors at The Paris, and Brent and I had a chance to witness two great flavors.  Support Ray (the owner of The Paris) and keep this institution of carnal adult theater fun thriving.

Thanks again Brent and the good people of Portland.