Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Save The Date! This Saturday Night at CTs in Gary, IN. Tina Returns!

Doc here with a special announcement about an upcoming visit to an adult theater by one of The Journal's favorite girls!  Tina, one of The Good Doctor's Top 4 Adult Theater Women (pictured above being busy), will be returning to CTs Adult Theater and Superstore in Gary, IN this Saturday @ 7PM. 

She is looking for lots of hard cock, and more importantly, loads of cum.  Are we up to the challenge, men of "this thing of our's"?

I will be live Tweeting from the event on Saturday, and may have help in reporting from the scene by another one of our regular contributing reporters.  Details to follow as we get closer to Saturday.

Save the date, friends.  It will be a hot one in Gary on Saturday.



Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi on The Gulf Coast Adult Theater

Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with a Flash report from Southeast Bureau Chief Bob in Biloxi about this past weekend's festivities at the Gulf Coast Adult Theater.

Here's Bob...
Hi Doc,

Bob from the beautiful Gulf Coast, home of fishing, fucking and flying!! Sorry in delaying my weekend reports, but not much of significance going on at present. However, a few very brief bright spots last weekend.

The lady in the ultra mini showed back up and pranced around the theater a bit. Did I mention her ass was hanging out the back? YUM! Only about 4 to 5 couples are showing up on the weekend. Some are playing. Two couples last weekend started to play with one another, they left for more private accommodations. The one ultra mini skirt lady wanted to play, but was swarmed by the Vulture Club. I never understood the swarming, because it rarely works, and more often than not drives the female half away. If the same swarming Vulture Club were hunters, I do believe they would starve to death. They would scare away all the animals, turn vegetarian gray and die! There was also a lot of standing up and around by the men in there, I do think that makes couple’s uneasy, but they do it anyway. Women could be right, most men are dumb!!

Other than that, only a few drop dead knock outs showed up. They were there watching the movie when a black guy sat down right next to them, not one chair over, but right next to the lady. They just got up and moved, sat in another location, damn if he didn’t follow them and sit next to them again??? After that, they left. A few minutes after that, he was on his knees getting fucked by another black guy? I believe he might have been what we call a “cock blocker” in these parts. I’ve learned that it only takes one guy to screw it up for the rest, unfortunately there was enough blame last Sat night to cover a wide spectrum of people. Only time will tell if the hard learned adult theater lessons some of us men miss or ignore will completely drive couples away forever!
Thanks for the report, Bob!   You are 100% correct, in that it only takes a few knuckleheads to spoil a theater scene for everyone.  My guess is that 98% of the male patrons "get it"...It's the 2% that is the problem.  Knuckleheads come in all shapes and sizes... The guys who insist in sitting in a couples only area are a pet peeve of mine. 
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