Tuesday, December 13, 2016

International Flash Report! The Traveler Hits Refugi-O in Vienna, Austria - August 2016

Doc here, a man who some say can throw a Vienna sausage 70+ yards in a tight spiral, with the 2nd International Flash Report from Journal scribe The Traveler.

In this report, The Traveler hits Refugi-O, an on-premises club in Vienna, Austria, and it  a) is full of hot details, and b) makes me want to book a trip to Vienna right now.  I have also added it to The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Database for your quick reference. 

This is a detail rich report, so sit down, pour yourself a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), enjoy a taco (Hi K!), and hunker down with this goodness.

Take it away, The Traveler!


Dear Doctor,

Vienna is a wonderful city to visit. It has beautiful architecture, great food and best of all a varied assortment of adult entertainment. The city offers a large number of Porno Kino’s (adult theaters) many of them offering gang bang programs weekly and in theater companion services to help with your enjoyment of the movies. It also is home to a dozen or more swinger and sex clubs. 

The lifestyle community is large and active in Vienna and during the summer months the city draws a large number of tourists, some of whom are drawn to the adult venues. I have been fortunate to visit the city several times and have always had some amazing experiences.

In August 2016 I returned to Vienna, but before my arrival I spent time doing internet research to find some adult entertainment clubs that I hoped would provide new and exciting experiences. One of the clubs I was drawn to was Refugi-O (not really but I will explain latter). This is a small club that does not advertise or promote itself like the larger more well-known lifestyle clubs in Vienna. 

From the Refugi-O Website
The first thing that drew my interest was the philosophy of the club, a philosophy based on the “Story of O” a book that was written in the 1970’s. I had read the book a long time ago and found it intriguing, but to refresh my understanding I bought a new copy and read it again. I don’t have time to explain the whole book but basically it is a story of male dominate, female submissive love that has a healthy dose of BDSM. Upon reading the book a second time I knew I had to visit this club.

Refugi-O is only open on Friday and Saturday night. For single males the club requires that you contact them and make a reservation. It was not difficult to get my reservation but I suggest you call rather than use the email contact on the website. I tried that several times without success. The dress code of the club also required that I have a suit and tie, something I don’t usually pack on my travels.

On the night of my visit I put on a freshly pressed suit and tie and took the train to Morizgasse. I was a little nervous not sure what to expect at the club. It was easy enough to find the address but no red door, which was mentioned on the website. I spent a few minutes looking around then called to the club to confirm I was lost. The host for the evening answered and explained that the location was across the street from Morizgasse 9, something that I missed in my German translation. The red door is actually a heavy red drape that covers a small portico where the entrance to the club is found.

I was greeted by a very outgoing and friendly host who directed me down a short flight of stairs into a small lounge area with a bar along the back wall. Here I found three couples and two single men talking and enjoying wine and other assorted beverages. My host introduced me to the hostess, a talk thin attractive brunette who wore a revealing black leather outfit. I ordered a glass of wine and took a seat next to the couples. Since I don’t speak German and only four of the people in the club spoke English, I found myself limited in conversation. Fortunately both the host and hostess spoke English so my lack of language skills did not become an issue.