Monday, February 28, 2011

Cruising The Coast With Bob In Biloxi: 2/26/11

Doc here with this week's installment of Cruising The Coast With Bob In Biloxi.  Not every week can be a home run, and Bob's report comments on that thesis.

Take it away, Bob...


Hey Doc,

I would assume everyone that’s into this thing of ours realizes that periods of times are peaks and valley’s as far as “action” goes.

We are experiencing the valley part here on the beautiful Gulf Coast. For the last 2 weeks action has been non-existent as far as hetero action. With only 3 couples weekend before, and two couples this weekend, one can say we’re in the doldrums here.
Bob in Biloxi

The above mentioned “visits” by couples were all at the theater. None, zip, nadda, zero at the ABS down the street. I attribute that to the Mardi Gras season here on the coast and in south Louisiana, its just real hard to get around and play with all that festivities going on.

That said, the other population that frequents these establishments must not celebrate Mardi Gras, because there was no parking to be found at both the ABS and theater. What I mean is both lots were overflowing!!Yep, not a couple to be found, sans the aforementioned couples. And they were not playing.

March 9th ends the season, and maybe we can get back into the swing of things, I’m even carrying a butt load of beads in my vehicle just in case some enterprising lady has the need for plastic!! They have to show up first. I didn’t want to leave you scratching your head wondering why the hell Bob in Biloxi hasn’t submitted any reports, so I wanted to give you the 411 on the situation as it stands right now! Uh, nadda bubba !


Peaks and valleys. Ebbs and flows. That is a big part of this thing of ours', and something us veterans have grown to live with at adult theaters and ABSs.  That is why reporters like Bob are critical, since he functions as our eyes and ears in the field.  As soon as The Gulf picks back up, then he will be there in the trenches, deeply embedded.

Thanks for the report Bob!