Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Round 8: Top 3 Adult Theater Women - "Red" by Wine Guy

Doc here with Round 8 of the Top 3 Adult Theater Women.  Joining the discussion is first time caller (long time listener) Wine Guy, and the essay he has submitted for your approval rocks. Hard.

So sit back, open up a nice chiante (no fava beans please), and enjoy this tale from only a few years ago from The Palm Theater in San Mateo, CA.
I am heeding the call of the good Doctor to find that ever challenging search for the top 3 adult theate women ever. My nomination has to be Red of Palm Theater fame.

The SF Bay Area has never been the same since the closure of the infamous Palm Theater, a cavernous adult venue in a residential neighborood of San Mateo, CA.

In about 2005, it was announced by a creepy guy named Kaju that he would be bringing his "slut" to introduce her to the adultt theater scene on a much-anticipated weekday afternoon. Now weekdays in the adult theater world are primarily reserved for the married and attached who are sneaking out of the home with the white picket fence in the tree-lined neighborhood while the kids are in school to explore their dark side. Now, I cannot confirm that Red was one of these desparate househives, but her repeated visits to the Palm were always daytime soap opera affairs and anxiously anticipated by the double-life warriors.

The first announced Red visit was no exception. About 30-40 guys had gotten word through Kaju's post that he would be introducing Red to her new adventures on a sunny weekday afternoon. I just happened to be in the lobby devouring my first bag of popcorn, when in walked a couple, half of whom was a striking redhead in an overcoat. Now, given the fact that it was about 80 degtees outside and this young lass sported a short-cropped crimson "do", it didn't take rocket science to surmise that our guest of honor had arrived with nothing but a beautiful set of bare knockers and well-cropped bush underneath the coat and that it wouldn't adorned for long

Suddenly, her escort excused himself to hit the men's room, leaving her alone in the lobby, to be goggled by the onlookers in complete awe that this to-be-initiated theater slut was gorgeous and had a smile to die for. Kaju (I have no idea where he got that name) returned and asked the attendant for a lighted escort to the front row right (for those who remember the Palm, the darkness was unimaginable when you enetered) One was afraid to move before your eyes adjust for fear of bumping into someone's bodily fluids or acts of passion or anonymous sex.

After a few miniutes of eager anticipation by the stiff patrons, Red announced that she was ready and removed the coat, which immediately triggeed a stampede to within inches of her lucious totally naked body. She immediately got to work on no-holes barred action, each time thanking the giver for the load of jizz he would deposit in one orface or another. After about two hours of non-stop action and dozens of guys unloading, she announced that it was time to leave. Then we got our just desserts...

As Red walked up the aisle arm-in-arm with Kajus, she unexpectantly stopped halfway, once again remover her coat, lied down on the filthy, jizz-stained carper and asked guys to jack-off on her. Of course, most of us accomodated her in gratitude for sharing her first adult theater visit with us. She left with a greater smile on her face than when she entered.

Red reappeared several more times at the Palm and another playtime theater, Funville in Vallejo, but each was greeted with a smile and great sexual attitude. Rumor has it that she also explored the world of DP,GS and K9, before fading into the sunset and Ozzie and Harriet world.

Fond memories, Red. You were one of a kind.

Great report from Wine Guy, don't you think?  The submissions keep coming in, and each one is as good the last.  We look forward to hearing more from you down the road!

There still is time to submit a "Top 3 Adult Theater Woman" nomination.  E-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I'll help edit your story, add a few photos, and publish it.  It's easy!  Ask Wine Guy!


Blast From The Past! Sharon Mitchell at The Dove Theater by Justa Reply

Doc here with a Blast From The Past from regular reporter Justa Reply.  I think you will like his remembrance of a Sharon Mitchell appearance at The Dove Theater in Kansas City, MO.  The theater is long gone, but this story is brand new.

The Dove Theater, circa 1984

Old Marine Corps Guy's story about Jamie Gillis made me remember an evening at The Dove Theater in Kansas City. There never was much pussy action in there. Pretty staid and boring place for a porno theater. It was fairly close to an urban university and occasionally you'd run across a very edible looking coed crouching down in a seat with some young guy, usually her or both of them looking scared to death, and never playing. Then there was the usual raincoat crowd in the back row mutually wanking each other. That was about it.

One time in the '80s Sharon Mitchell and another, lesser known and now forgotten film slut came to town and did a stage show at The Dove. On an average afternoon there would be maybe 20 people scattered around the quiet, cavernous theater, but the night Sharon showed up the place was standing room only. It struck me as funny; the front row was packed with flashlight wielding guys, caterwauling and pounding the platform with their fists. Every time Sharon sashayed up toward the front of the stage it was like the 20th Century Fox spotlights, times 100, and her pussy was the target. Back then the girls all still wore their muffs, thick and beautiful, and it was quite a site.

After the performance the lights came up and Sharon stood there for another 30 minutes in all her naked glory, answering questions from her fans. I only remember a couple of things about that part-- 1) Sharon and the guys were talking back and forth like they were at a company party. She acted completely comfortable and seemed oblivious to the fact she was naked. And 2) somebody asked her what it was like to have sex with John Holmes. "Fucking John Holmes," she said matter-of-factly," is kind of like having a baby."

After the Q&A the whole crowd repaired to the lobby for snapshots. If you coughed up 20 bucks you could get a Polaroid of your leering self and a naked Sharon Mitchell to show your grand kids. I passed on the picture and headed out, satisfied at my brush with porn celebrity.
Later on,
Justa Reply
I'm sure that just about everyone reading The Journal has an experience or 6 that would warrant their own "Blast From The Past".  Send them along to The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and they will get the royal treatment, just like Justa Reply's above.