Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Good Doctor's Pics of the Day! Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple!

Doc here, a man who some say knew whoever it was, they put the dynamite under the passenger's side. But what they didn't know, what nobody outside the factory knew, was that that model car was made with a metal plate under the driver's seat. It's the only thing that saved his life.

Welcome to The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day.  This is how it works...While I am sipping on a Bloody Mary, I scan The Journal's archive of amazing images of adult theater related material. When I find one (or several) that feel right for the day, they land here on TGDPOTD. 

The Lizardo Lantern
Today I would love to feature Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple. Last night at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, a group a extraordinary gentlemen was greeted by The Adventurous MD Couple and The Mrs. led them to the front row of of the theater.  These gentlemen were The Black Sox, my assembly of adult theater veterans who when seeing The Lizardo Lantern, assemble at that adult theater for some pre-arranged R&R. By the end of the evening, after receiving a top-shelf BJ from The Mrs., her amazingly hot body was cum-covered, and the guys drained.

Many thanks to The Adventurous MD Couple for making the trip into 15th Ave. Adult Theater on a very rainy and windy night!

There will be a report forthcoming from The Adventurous MD Couple on this adventure on Chicago's west side last night, in addition to their "his & her" report from the huge Halloween Party at 15th Ave. 4 days prior. 

In the meantime, enjoy these amazing pics of Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple as The Good Doctor's Pics of the Day!


Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple
(Click images to ENLARGE)

Breaking News: Act I & II Adult Theater in Denver, CO Now Closed

Doc here with some bad news for patrons of this thing of ours in Denver.

I received an e-mail last night that Act I & II, a Denver adult theater on West Colfax Avenue had closed.  My source told me that he popped into the strip club next door (Pleasures) and was told of the closing then.

If you have any additional info on this closing, please drop me an e-mail at

The database has been updated, sadly.

Here is a pic of Act 1 & II is happier times:
Act I & II - Denver, CO
Now Closed

Good-bye Act I & II.  We hardly knew ye.

@LizardoJournal on Twitter

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Special Report! Holly Godarkly's The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours” - Part 3 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say  is here from downtown. He's here from Mitch and Murray. And he's here on a mission of mercy.

Well ladies and gentlemen, the moment thousands of you have been waiting for.  It's time for Part 3 of Holly Godarkly's Journey into this thing of ours. You have read the "who & why", and you have read the "how & when." Now it's time to digest the "what happened?"

The Good Doctor's in-box has been blowing up since we started this series, asking when the next editions are coming out, or "has Holly gone to the theater yet?". Patience my friends...It is all here now, and ready for you to digest with a Fresca chaser (Hi Gemini!). 

Fasten your seat belts.  Please welcome back the lovely Holly Godarkly and Part 3 of her journey.


The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours”

Part 3 -- The Experience and Evaluation

WOW!!! The excitement has built. The day has arrived. I finally go to meet the Knight! As my friend Lacey and I were driving to meet him, he texts and says,

“See you at noon. Oh and I’ll be very disappointed if either of you are wearing panties. I will be checking.”

When we meet, he gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I get in the car and as we are putting our seat belts on, he reaches over and kisses me. Wow – very soft, very tender – I enjoy it. While he is driving down the highway, he slides his hand up under my dress and up to my waiting pussy. He slides his finger in and says,

“MMMMM wet – but it will get wetter. Tastes good, too,” as he sticks his finger in his mouth.

Lacey is in the back seat and is wearing slacks, so he makes her pull her pants down to prove she is not wearing any panties either and he fingers her.

Flash Report! Setting the Table for Holly Godarkly by Knight on 10/22/15 at Past Time Video in Stuebenville, OH (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who Johnny Paradise refers to as "The Lou Grant of the Libertines", with the pre-game show for Part 3 of Holly Godarkly's Journey into This Thing of Ours

Holly's escort for this first trip to an adult theater is Knight, a reporter for the Journal in it's early days starting in 2011. In Parts 1 and 2 of her report, Holly discusses meeting Knight and making the decision to have him escort her to her first adult theater.

Also as part of this visit, Holly brought along her partner in crime, Lacey. Who would not want a wing woman by her side as she dips her toes into this thing of ours?

Now, let's meet Knight as he sets the table for Holly.

Take it away, sir.

Hi Doc.. long time no talk! 

I found our lovely Holly Godarkly and her friend Lacey. They both are newbies to This Thing Of Ours (TTOO) and so I decided to choose a proper venue for their first time. I chose Past Time Video in Steubenville Ohio. 

Upcoming Event! Trick N Treat at The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR on 10/31

Doc here, a man who some say has an appreciation of doughnuts that is considered to be "unnatural." 

It's been a big last few days across the adult theater spectrum in regard to Halloween events. This past weekend saw 15th Ave. Adult Theater draw 106 couples to Nightmare on 15th Ave. in Chicago, and the mighty Art Cinema draw 96 couples to Scared Stiff @ The Art in Hartford. 

This coming weekend is a big one in Portland, OR (a place I'd move to in a second if I could) and to the legendary Paris Theatre.  On Saturday, the terrific owner of the theatre, Ray, is throwing Trick N Treat at The Paris, running from 7PM to Midnite on Halloween night.

The Paris is a staple in this thing of ours.  Built in 1890 as a burlesque house, it has undergone many iterations before Ray moved his business from the old Jefferson Theater to The Paris.

Please check out Trick N Treat at The Paris this Saturday night!  Doctor's orders!


Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Record Setting Box Score! Nightmare on 15th Ave. Adult Theater Halloween Party on 10/24/15 in Chicago - 106 Couples!

Doc here, a man who some say thinks he has seen it all. Done it all. And he then realizes that up he has never seen a guy dressed as the Big Bad Wolf eat Little Red Riding Hood's ass on a stage in an adult theater. 

But last night he did.

Ladies and gentlemen, last night's Nightmare on 15th Ave. Halloween Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago's western burbs was one for the ages, and set a new house record!  The Halloween costumes were tremendous (Teen Titans!), the girls had incredibly sexy outfits: wenches, cheerleaders (Hi Kitten!), lady cops & more, a lovely and sexy Freudian Slip *may* have been stroking a beer bottle suggestively, an awful lots of priests, and there may have been a brand new attendee (Arturo) in a huge giraffe outfit who wished for world peace and the safety of dolphins.

Special huge thank yous to:

  • The Lovely Jen, my physician's assistant, for helping during the three costume contests.
  • Bob, Natalie, Scott, Roy, and Fernando from the 15th Ave. staff.  A great job as always!
  • Journal contributors Kitten, Victor & Victoria, The Adventurous MD Couple, Moaning Lisa & Mr. Mxyzptlk, P&F, The Big O Couple, Shannon & Gracie, ToyLovingMilf & D, Brenda & D, and the always awesome Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh, among others. If I missed you and you were at the event last night, please e-mail me and I will add you to the thank yous. I am a little woozy this morning.
  • All of our first time guests from SLS, Fetlife, & more.  I hope you had as much fun as it looked like you were having!

My House Call Report in in process, and I will get it published post haste. I promise. Pinky swear.

In the meantime, I know you want to know how many people attended this huge event. Here we go...

Box Score: Nightmare on 15th Ave. Halloween Party in Chicago

106 Couples
  8 Single Females
 13 T-Gurls
  & Dozens and Dozens of Single Guys

The prior record was 99 couples for one of our 15th Ave. events (the Little Black Dress Party last month). Each party gets bigger and better, who knows where this crazy train will stop!

The next event at 15th Ave. that will be hosted by The Good Doctor will be Saturday November 21st 2015: Saints & Sinners Couples and Single Females Party. Details on this event on The Journal tonight.

Thank you to all the great, sexy guests we welcomed last night to 15th Ave.  I have seen some crazy events in my days, but nothing to date has touched this one.  

Enjoy your Sunday. I need a nap.


Flash Report! DryCleanOnly Hits Berlin News Agency in NJ on a Recent Rainy Night

Doc here, a man who some say uses water ice to cool down after a tough day at the office. And by office, I mean a top tier adult theater in the Philadelphia area.

The teletype machine here at the Lizardo Labs fired off a communique from senior Journal scribe DryCleanOnly, and his most recent visit to the always awesome Berlin News Agency (Hi Paul, Bill, Frank, & Brenda!) in Berlin NJ. 

In usual DCO form, it is an outstanding report, filled with the stuff that keeps you coming back for more. And it also contains a rare mention of the Lizardo Lantern, a little known East Coast phenomenon.

Ladies and gentlemen, from parts unknown, weight unknown, please welcome back DryCleanOnly.


Dear Doc,

I had been *pumped* for a week to make the trip to Philly for somerather monotonous business meetings... why? you might ask... because, as any regular of the Journal would know, Philly puts me in striking distance to the one-of-a-kind Berlin News Agency. I've had a few visits to BNA over the years, and they've never let me down, even though trips on Wednesdays (as I often have to make) can be more miss than hit at many venues in this thing of ours.

A Rare 1866 Tintype of
The Lizardo Lantern
Sure it was hard to keep focused during the business part of the day, then I had to crank out some work in the office. Argh... how did it get to be past "go time"??!! What was I thinking? At that moment, and through the first part of the drive, I started to find myself doubting the value of making a two hour round trip to Berlin, for just a couple hours' window of time at BNA for Lady Luck to possibly arrive. 

 I was already beat and just didn't need an extra two hours in the car that evening, but I noticed a strange green light blinking in my periphery... it was getting brighter. And I could make out a silhouette of a moustasched man in the green beam of light. It was the green Lizardo Lantern, and its flashing, I have confirmed, is a sure sign of good things to come. If there was ever a time to believe in the power of BNA on a Wednesday night, this was it I thought, and down went the hammer!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

UPDATED 10/24: TONIGHT! Nightmare on 15th Avenue Halloween Party in Chicago October 24th @ 8PM! Hosted by Doc!

UPDATED 10/24 at 11am: Doc here with a same day update on tonight's big Halloween event at 15th Ave. Adult Theater

The Party Room is fully decorated, the witch is flying above the BYOB bar area, and the stage is set for tonight HUGE party, Nightmare on 15th Ave.

Our very cool prizes are set aside for the tonight's Halloween Costume Contest for sexiest, funniest, and best couples costumes. Bob has the tunes set up for dancing the night away, and The Good Doctor is having a good hair day. 

One of our special out of town guests, Journal reporters The Adventurous MD Couple, will be attending their first 15th Ave. party.  Check out their most recent HOT report HERE

My good friends Vickie the Vixen & her partner in crime Victor also have something special planned, and details of which will be included in the final update this afternoon.

Join us for Chicagoland's best value in a lifestyle Halloween party TONIGHT at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, 2125 N. 15th Ave., in Melrose Park, IL. The fun starts at 8pm!  And couples, get here early so you do not miss out on your swag bags (first 50 M/F couples only with your paid admission). 

Next update this afternoon FROM CHICAGO. 



Updated 10/23 at 3PM:  Doc here with an update on tomorrow night's huge Halloween Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, Nightmare on 15th Ave.  

We will be welcoming many couples familiar to regular readers of the Journal, as well as some very cool out of town guests that should ring a bell or two.   I will clue you in on those folks in tomorrow morning's final update.

I also hear the Vickie the Vixen has something special up her and Victor's sleeve. Details also tomorrow.

My awesome physician's assistant, that blonde tall drink of water known as the Lovely J, has her outfit ready to go, and we hope to see some really outstanding costumes for the contests tomorrow night. Prizes will be given out for sexiest, funniest, and best couples costume.  As usual, I will be your host and MC for the evening.  The contest begins around 10pm in the Party Room.

Last update is tomorrow morning, and then it's time to gas up the Lizardo 4000 and head to Chicago from The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college.

First time couples and single females, if you need a tour of the facility tomorrow night, ask for me by name.  I will be more than happy to assist!

Be ready!  I am...for Nightmare on 15th Ave at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, 2125 N. 15th Ave. in Melrose Park, IL.



Doc here, a man who some say has ants in  his pants for the HUGE Halloween Party this Saturday night at Chicago's 15th Ave. Adult Theater!  

We are only 2 days away from Nightmare on 15th Avenue Halloween Party this Saturday October 24th, 2015 at 8pm at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, 2125 N. 15th Ave. in Melrose Park, IL.

On top of being Chicagoland's best value in a lifestyle event, our Nightmare on 15th Ave. Halloween bash promises to be bigger and better than ever! Plus, your admission gets you full run of the house: Adult theater, video arcade, spa, sauna, locker room, and of course the party.  For more info on our terrific facility, visit the 15th Ave. Theater website HERE for pics and video.

Our Little Black Dress Party, drew 99 couples and 2 single females, and a dozen t-gurls, along with dozens of single guys. We are expecting a huge turnout for Nightmare on 15th Avenue as well!

With this party, we are passing out 15th Ave Swag Bags to the first 50 male/female couples (with your paid admission). Each swag bag carries with it a $50 retail value of spooky, sexy and fun items for all your senses.  Get here early so you do not miss them!

Updated 10/22:  Here is a sneak peak at the Halloween Swag Bags we completed Wednesday afternoon:

Nightmare on 15th Ave Swag Bags
For this event we will be having our first Halloween Costume Party, with prizes courtesy of 15th Ave. Awards for sexiest, funniest, and best couples costume will be given out.

I (Doc from The Journal of Adult Theaters blog) will be your host and MC. We welcomed many new couples and singles from SLS and Fetlife at the Little Black Dress Party in September. Couples, if you are new to our parties, just ask for a tour and I will personally give one to you.

Nightmare on 15th Ave. Party Dress Code Details: Halloween costumes (of course!)

BYOB: We have large refrigerators and coolers to keep your beverages cold, along with mixers and cups.

TONIGHT!!! 10/24! "Scared Stiff at The Art" - The Art Cinema's Halloween Party October 24th 2015, starting at 7pm!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Special Report! Holly Godarkly's The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours” - Part 2 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say once competed in an international ping pong tournament as a young Lizardo, but had to withdraw from competition after offering a sexual bribe to the Russian judge, Irina Takemypantsov.

Well kids, Part 1 of the awesome Holly Godarkly's Journey (HERE) was a huge hit, with over 16K pageviews and counting. And that was just the introduction!

Now, in Part 2 of Holly's Journey, the reality is just beginning to set in.  What has Holly set in motion? And what adult theater blog did Holly turn to for a primer in this thing of ours?  I will give you one guess, ladies and gentlemen. 

Please welcome back the lovely Holly Godarkly, and Part 2 of "The Journey"...


The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours”
Part 2 -- The Research and Education

What have I gotten myself into? I feel exhilarated – excited beyond anything I have ever experienced! But I am also fearful. I have no idea what to expect. Thank goodness the KNIGHT is here to guide me. He has given me homework – research to do. How did he know that I needed that? How did he know that I thirst for knowledge on every level and am into researching and discovering everything I can about all subjects important to me? It’s almost as though he can see into my soul. Such a wise man to allow the woman to get to that comfort level before proceeding. (Gentlemen, please take note!)

Holly Godarkly
After our initial introductory meeting at Starbucks, which lasted for about 15 minutes, we exchanged numbers. He had described the adult theater and how I would be completely safe with him. We parted company and I let him know I was interested in proceeding if he was. He was interested in proceeding, and texted me a site to look at. It was Doc’s blog here and I began to read some of the posts, in addition to 2 reviews he (KNIGHT) had done a couple of years ago. I started getting scared – and all kinds of questions came into my head. I had no one to talk to.

After reading a couple of posts, I texted the Knight and said that I was afraid that this was where men treated women like sluts and that I was looking to be treated like a goddess. He said that I was wrong – women were treated with respect at these places and had complete control over anything that happened. Okay.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Special Report! Holly Godarkly's The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours” - Part 1 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say discovered radio signal that bombarded a small town in Pennsylvania, a radio wave that set into motion events across the nation... Consistent reports of people in trances. 

This has been an excellent week for reports submitted to your old friend in the white suit and aviators. There are several top shelf pieces in the editing que that will be hitting The Journal in the next few days, and they are page turners. 

However, with that being said, I would like to introduce you to someone just dipping her toes into this thing of ours. In this series of reports, the lovely Holly Godarkly will take you on a three-part journey into sexual discovery, trust, & exploration.  And taking her on this journey, an able knight.

This exploration is still in progress...And this is Part 1 of Holly Godarkly's Journey.  Grab a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy this report.  I did.


The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours”

Part 1: Being Rescued – The Knight Appears

Work – day in, day out. It’s all I have. I tell myself to keep my mind busy – it will keep me from thinking. I try to focus my time and effort on keeping as busy as I can. I learn to channel all of my stress, frustrations and energies into work. I try to convince myself that it will keep me sane. Right! All work, no play. For decades…and how did I turn into such a bitch?

Holly Godarkly
And then Pandora’s Box is opened – nothing that was planned. But a very pleasant surprise that changes my entire demeanor. I have gone without sex for so long – not that is was anything to speak of when I did have it. And now I find myself in a unique situation where a man touches where he shouldn’t, during a massage, and I don’t say anything. He gets bolder and then suddenly he is between my legs and he is tasting me. I have never had this done before. And I stay silent – I do not stop him. I let him continue – for 20 minutes. I thoroughly enjoy the experience. And I have this smile on my face that I can’t seem to wipe off. 2 hours later, my girlfriend notices – she is very aware that something has changed! Something drastic! And something that she has believed was well overdue.

I feel different. I feel happy. The bitchiness that was my norm is gone. I decide that I need to live a little before it is too late for me. So I look on CL…but I am not comfortable and do not like the site. I did not put an ad up, but I answered a lot of ads. Just did not seem to work out very well.

I discover a different site, SLS, and decide to take control of my situation and place an ad. I am not looking for a relationship – but I need to find something. You see, I am walking around aroused all of the time now. This constant state of arousal is distracting. And if I could find a little play here and there, maybe that would help me.

The ad I placed is very specific. I take a hard look at myself and try to determine what really does turn me on. I think about my fantasies, and I decide to list those things that would excite me. I place a couple of pictures up – boob shots since that is my only asset. I wonder if anyone would be interested…if anyone will respond.

This is the profile I submitted:

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Flash Report! Anaconda Visits Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre PA and Hits Paydirt!

Doc here, a man who some say first saw her at Palantine Campaign headquarters at 63rd and Broadway. She was wearing a white dress. She appeared like an angel. Out of this filthy mess, she is alone. They cannot touch her.

Senior reporter Anaconda has checked in with an encouraging report from Northeast PA and Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre. It's a good one folks, so enjoy...

Take it away, Anaconda!


Hey Doc,

Well, here is what I think will be a good report on a theater with a possible uptick in activity happening.

I found myself in NEPA this past weekend (10/2-3) for a family/friends function and had a little time to kill. I have shared my woes about Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre with you in at least one of our chats. It's a nice big theater (actual theater like Westwood and Art Cinema, except without the historical theater vibe) with wide aisles conducive for play, but it is certainly dominated by the "confused group." The only time I have seen females in there (twice), one time she was 1/2 of a couple who didn't play and the other was a single gal who was distracted (to say it politely).

But recently, I have seen a bit of a mini-explosion of activity around this place on both CL and SLS from couples. So, I thought to myself this past Saturday (10/3) night, why not give it a shot, who knows what might happen. So I rolled in around 7PM and took a spot that would afford me a good spot to view the movie and keep an eye on the door. I waited patiently, the porn on screen was pretty decent. I did have to move seats once as I got a bit crowded by one guy who was "testing the waters."

Cinema 309
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Then at about 7:30, in strolls a decent looking black couple. The guy was a very large man and his lady was not small, not a BBW either, but thick. They took up seats in the very back row in the corner, very difficult for me to "keep an eye on" since I had to turn almost 180 degrees around to see them, but every once in a while, I tried to peek to see the progression of activity.

They sat for a while and didn't do anything...I was wondering if this might end up being a bust. Then, they moved to stand up against the back wall, her standing in front of him, and I could tell she was stroking him and that he had his fingers on/in her pussy under her dress. I played it cool and let things develop...and before you knew it the crowd had gathered, her dress was off and you had 4 guys with mouths and hands all over her.

I left my seat to get closer to get a good view. Her man announced, "Just go easy fellas, she's a little nervous already. We're trying something new." Well, she may have been a rookie, but she was a natural. She was stroking 2 cocks at a time while a 3rd fucked her from behind. She had to banish one guy who was being a little too rough, but to her extreme credit, she didn't freak out and run, she just told him, "You're out" and kept on going with the rest of her admirers.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Flash Report! Johnny Paradise: Notes from a Theatre, Somewhere in America

Doc here, a man who some say has read some great reports tonight as I prep them for publication. Solid blow by blow reports, some incredible new pics, and new info for the dB.

However, when I see a report from senior reporter Johnny Paradise land in my in-box, I get excited. I know that something special is right around the corner for my eyes and my head. 

And kids, in my honest opinion, this is his best report yet (and each one of his is an instant classic).  There is no one I publish who captures all five senses in the adult theater scene like Johnny Paradise. 

Get ready to be enveloped.

Take it away, sir.



"I was born in the Midwest..."

So sayeth scholars and sinners, heroes and fools, Presidents, paupers, poets and prophets, profiteers and populists, barons of industry, the working men who built America, so sayeth Don Draper in a terse declaration of identification - defensive, defiant, delivered with the curious blend of modesty and arrogance that is as Midwestern as the Midwesterner himself.

I was born in the Midwest, too... and at the risk of letting bias blur the ink of journalistic impartiality, on a crisp beautiful October afternoon it surpasses one's ability to not think, to not believe that this land is different, special, blessed and beatified by the unique geography that makes Autumn here so indescribably nice. Autumn in Michigan is exquisite - and brief - a short cool sunlit trip through an orchard that starts under summer's unforgiving heat and delivers us, finally, to the cold in-escapability of winter's long embrace; in the middle ground there is bittersweet perfection.

Bittersweet, because Autumn reminds us of loss and the brevity of all things, accomplished and undone... "Sic transit gloria mundi" - so sayeth the Midwesterner, so sayeth the observer of things, so sayeth the baseball fan.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Flash Report! The CEO Visits CTs Adult Theater in Gary IN by CK on Call on Sept. 11 '15

Doc here, a man who some say cancelled his subsription to Field & Stream magazine when they announced this past week that they were eliminating all photos of fish in the magazine.

Last month I escorted senior reporters The CEO and Mr. Chairman  to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN for an evening at the movies.

And by "movies", I mean a serious gang bang. 

The guys at CTs didn't disappoint, as one by one, step by step, they stepped forward.  Shot after shot, blow by blow, The CEO had a jump start on her Halloween outfit dressed as a sultry glazed doughnut. 

Senior reporter in his own right, CK on Call was right there, in the trenches, and has provided his excellent report on the evening. 

Here we go...

My apologies Doc, for not sending this to you sooner. I got busy preparing for a trip to SE Florida.

After waking up on Sept 11, and checking my emails, I saw Doc's posting about the CEO's visit to CT's later that night. I've been reading about the CEO's exploits in the Journal. As luck would have it I was in town. I knew I couldn't miss this opportunity to see her in action.

I arrived shortly before her announced time. She arrived 15 minutes fashionably late, dressed to kill, in a shredded lil black dress. First thought was WOW! Back in the day, the ole coots woulda called her "A Hot Piece of ASS!" Second thought was, I bet no panties. (Later proven right.) By the look if her, The CEO meant business that night.

She went into the back of CT's to freshen up, and quickly emerged and entered the theater. Followed by all the gents who were eager to meet her.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper Hit Secrets in Des Moines, WA on 10/9/15 (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say has been canning tomatoes for the last 10 days, so he has an ample supply of marinara  for the long winter ahead, with a GREAT Couple's Flash Report from senior reporting team, Bambi & Thumper.

Bambi & Thumper ventured out to the fast-rising Secrets in Des Moines, WA for a night out, and it looks like it was a very fun night indeed.

Also included in this top-shelf report are 10 brand new pics of the sexy as Hell Bambi, for your visual pleasure.  Another bonus is that it includes our first Canadian Thanksgiving reference for 2015.

So kids, pull up a seat, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy the naughty adventures of Bambi & Thumper from this past Friday night @ Secrets!

Here we go...


Hey Doc,

How are you? Again, it's been a long time!  We visited Secrets in Des Moines this past Friday (frozen north turkey weekend) night and I thought I would drop you a quick note. 

We arrived after 9pm and found the parking lot packed. A lot of cars were parked in the overflow next door at the car wash. We made our way down the ramp to the side door. As the weather was not that great Bambi had on her favorite rain coat, which covered up her black see through lace top, 1/4 cup bra, black skirt, black stockings and red lace mules. Tonight the shoes matched the garter belt and the stockings had red hearts ( a nice look).  A new addition was the "slut' anklet.

We made our way through the packed lobby and into the main theater area. A nice gentleman offered up one of the couches and we sat down, and off came the rain coat. In a short time, the skirt was up and the tits were out. We were then surrounded. Bambi set out the rules for the night (no shots to the face and hair, and stay out of the panties). It started slowly as guys sucked on her tits and rubbed her all over. 

Live Report! The AP (Ass & Pussy) Reporter at Pulaski ABS in PA on 10/14 at 6PM EST

Doc here, a man who some say is currently face down at his massage therapist's office, but not too busy to post a Live Flash Report from Western PA from new contributor, The AP (Ass & Pussy) Reporter.

The APR is currently at the Pulaski ABS in Pulaski, PA, and is embedded in the trenches with this live report.

What say you, AP reporter?


Hey, whats up Doc?

This is your AP Reporter (Ass & Pussy) filing a live report from the Pulaski ABS in PA.

Last night (10/13) I found myself in the area and settled in for a couple of hours of observation. It being a Tuesday evening there was a few gentlemen waiting for something to happen.  Around 8:15 a couple did arive. They stayed in the store and bought something to take home and left. That was all to report for last night.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween Events at Adult Theaters: Update as of 10/6/15

Doc here... Adult theater/ABS owners, I would be happy to post your Halloween events here at The Journal. Please e-mail me your Halloween flier/graphic and I will update this list as soon as I get it.   


Monday, October 5, 2015

Smut for a Sunday Evening: Dangerous Curves Edition with 33 Pics!

Doc here, a man who some say led a small battalion of men across Goose Green, and amidst great odds and small arms fire, whipped up a meatball sandwich like nobody's  business. 

Yes kids, after a one week respite, The Good Doctor has returned with Smut for a Sunday Evening.  My name is Emilio, and I will be taking your drink orders.

Curves. Dangerous ones. Truth be told, I love curves.  Top curves, bottom curves, middle curves. The more miles I put on the Lizardo 4000, the more I enjoy them. And if I enjoy them, why not share them with you, the good readers of The Journal.

As you probably already know, the pics I share with you here at The Journal are 100% real, submitted by the owners of the actual pics, and came in with a report. Nothing poached from the interwebs, nor pirated from an offshore server. Many pics were taken by your humble sea bass narrator, which you can ID from the Journal watermark. 

So I urge you to sit back, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy Smut for a Sunday evening (which includes as it's lead off image an exclusive Doc-taken image of the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful taken in Chicago last weekend). All real. 

And tonight, all curvy.

Here we go...

Smut for a Sunday Evening: Dangerous Curves Edition
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