Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! J&S Hit The Oregon Theater in Portland on 1/24/15 (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say was once the body double for Robert DeNiro in "Jackie Brown", with a terrific first-time Couple's Flash Report from J&S in Portland. 

My good friend Brent in Portland was kind enough to connect J&S with The Good Doctor a couple of days ago in order to publish their first theater report to The Journal after it had been posted in Brent's awesome Yahoo Group. I reached out to J&S, and presto chango, we have their first report PLUS three pics of the lovely "S". 

So kids, please welcome J&S to this thing of ours...


Around a month after our first visit to an adult theater, we found our way back to the Oregon Theater for another visit. We arrived at the theater around 10:40 on a Saturday night. After a quick visit to the ladies room to freshen up after the couple hour drive, we made our way into the main theater.   I found it funny wondering what Jessica thought when she told my wife that they were packed with two couples, three ladies and a chick.   My wife said a chicken.  I knew plenty of guys would be choking the chicken watching the action. 

Flash Report! The Black Hat at Waverly Adult Bookstore in Waverly, VA on 1/23/15

Doc here, a man who some say was never a lineman for the county, with the return of senior reporter The Black Hat

TBH visited the Waverly Adult Bookstore in Waverly, VA this past Friday night, and drove one out of the park to deep center. He also notes some improvements and changes (for the good) at this location.

Here we go...



Wandered off of I-95 in Virginia this past Friday night to visit the Waverly Adult Bookstore in Waverly, Virginia (aka as "the country bookstore).  My last stop anywhere was a rare uneventful visit to Berlin News Agency in NJ back in December so I was particularly hopeful that something would develop that I could get into.

It’s a about a 45 minute drive off of 95, East of Petersburg, Virginia out Rt. 460.  The speed limit changes out there folks so watch your step.  I arrived, paid the $20 single fee (allows access to both theater and booths without feeding money), I immediately noticed that the store had been painted.  Wanting to get my bearings I ventured into the theater which is a small room with a large HD TV, maybe 70”. 

I noticed a new addition, two doors at the rear of the theater with windows and shades.  I asked a guy what that was about and he said they were the new private rooms ($5), with TVs and couches, said couples sometimes frequent and open the shade to be watched and sometimes invite in others.  Hmm.