Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breaking News! Fantasyland 2?

We interrupt your regular porn surfing experience with breaking news from Tampa, Florida.  Just crossing the teletype machine here at The Good Doctor's practice (located in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college), comes word of news from the Drew Park area of Tampa, home to many adult theaters such as The Playhouse, Thee Love Shack, Fantasyland, and The Adult Cinema on Grady.

The staff here at The Journal (OK, me) has learned that Fantasyland has taken over the facility once known as the Adult Cinema on Grady, and will re-open it as Fantasyland 2.  The source for this information is Fantasyland's own website (via their messase boards).

The Former Adult Cinema on Grady
Tampa, FL

This news explains recent reports that Grady had been closed on occasions when people were attempting to visit the theater/ABS.  It is located a few blocks north of Fantasyland, and on a corner with plentiful parking.

It is all making sense now...One forum contributor took a tour of the new place, and said it will be awesome.  Reviews of the new facility will be welcomed.

We always want good news from Tampa, and this centainly fits the bill!  Fantasyland is a great place, and my last visit there was HOT beyond words (House Call Report here).  It sounds like a return visit to Tampa will be in order once Fantasyland 2 opens it's doors.  I will keep a close eye on the situation and report any news for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Now we return you back to your regular porn surfing programming.


Flash Report: Daisy Train @ The Paris Theater in Portland

Doc here with a repost of a report of Daisy Train's visit to The Paris Theater this past Saturday.  This event was one of the most highly anticipated events in adult theaters so far this year. Brent's Theater Tails member Pfezzermint supplied the first report on the visit in the aforementioned Yahoo Group.


I got there a few minutes after 10:00. As soon as I passed through the door (NOT the couple's door by the stairs, as I am not a couple-cough, cough!) I knew there was action in the Oasis, as there were clearly numerous observers, cocks out and hard, facing the couples section. I soon saw the fine ass of a young woman, clad only in her turquoise panties, grinding on her fellow, who was sitting on one of the couches against the back of the couples section wall.

Daisy hadn't arrived yet, so I enjoyed the show. This fine young lady, with medium-long hair and an ass to die for, was showing off her finest pole moves, while the crowd spanked and heaved with a sexual fervor. I, too, enjoyed the show, but reserved myself as I knew there was an even hotter show to cum...
At one point, this hot young slut asked what the crowd wanted. Like the audience on 'the Price is Right' ('the Ass is Tight?) they shouted out answers, ranging from "whatever you want, you're the boss!" to "We want to fuck you!" All of which were true.

Daisy Train

She caught sight of the man she wanted, and called him to the rail. I suspect this was pre-arranged, as I heard her say something to the effect that they thought he had bailed. They cleared out the annex, and got down to business. See the Great Santiago's post for details.

I kept watching the front door monitor, and finally, around 10:30, got what I'd hoped for, as Ms. Daisy and her Master arrived, so I went out front to see the real thing arrive in person. She looked happy as a proverbial clam upon entry,
but headed straight to the bathroom to get ready, so I went back into the theater to do the same. Most of the crowd had missed her arrival in the heat of the young hottie's show in the annex. I positioned myself in front of the Oasis, hoping that they would begin there.

My bet paid off, and after some time, Master brought slut Kitty into the couples Oasis. He led her in on collar and leash, firstly, taking her beautiful tits out,then going on to slap them and her lovely ass. Soon, he took her up to the rail. I immediately noticed the words "Cum Slut" written across her right tit, and I knew we'd have some fun tonight.

"Do you want to touch?" was all he had to say, and the hands were all over her, grabbing her tits and beautiful big hair. I had the good fortune to suck and bite the nipple of the "cum slut" titty." Being right up front, I took the opportunity to snake my hand up her crotch, knowing she'd be without panties, and got my reward of a nice, bald, wet snatch. I fingered her as another fellow worked her clit. Very soon, she exclaimed "I'm gonna cum!" I soon learned that she is a gusher, as she squirted all over my hand and the arm of my shirt! Quite a pleasant surprise, so I took the time to take my hand out and feed her cum to
her, before returning my hand to her wonderful hole, then quickly sticking a finger deep into her ass, which brought a wonderful exclamation. Soon, though, Master pulled her back for a short rest.

Now he led her out of the Oasis, past the observers of the hot threesome in the Annex to the front of the theater. She was groped all the way down. They sat on a bench, facing away from the screen, and the men swarmed her with cocks and hands. By the time I made my way up front, she had one in each hand. Master ordered her to suck one, and she did immediately. Then another. Next thing I knew, she had 2 or 3 loads on her face and tits. At one point, she held her hands out for two cock-strokers to cum in each of her hands.

Finally, Master said "we need to bend you over" and took her up to the stage. She looked at me, with cum dripping from her mouth. I said "here, let me help you" and scooped some off of her chin, then fed it to her. Master arranged a bench in front of the large sofa on the stage and said "put your ass here." Next
thing I knew, she was getting fucked from behind. I observed and stroked right next to her while she sucked and fucked. A guy got up to bat, and had trouble with both tool and condom. Finally, I handed him a fresh rubber, and he got it in. Daisy signaled to Master towards me, and he gave her permission to suck my hard rod. Oh, sweet Jesus, did it feel good! Deep, moist and warm. I began talking dirty, whilst she got rammed from behind, calling her a slut, ordering her to suck my cock, and telling her that I was going to fuck her in the ass. I grabbed her by the collar, and forced my hard prick all the way into her sweet, willing throat.
Next thing I knew, Mr. Not-quite-ready was crying out with his orgasm. I reminded Daisyslut that I was going to put my cock in her ass, then moved around to the backside in order to do just that. Another cock filled her mouth immediately. I suited up, and spread those beautiful round ass cheeks in order to see my target. She was already lubed up, so I stuck my finger in once again to test the waters. Warm and ready. I shoved it in her asshole and began pounding. Not wanting to be selfish, I got there within a few minutes.

Her moaning and watching her suck that cock didn't hurt. I unloaded into the condom in her ass, then slowly withdrew. Another fellow was in her before I was 2 feet away. After removing my cum-filled condom, I really wanted to squeeze the contents out into her mouth, or onto her face or tits, but she seemed busy. Oh, well, maybe next time? I headed to the restroom to wash up. On my way out, I observed her getting fucked from behind, and sucking yet another cock.

Anyone know how many she took that night? I think I counted 9, all by 11:00pm. I had a great time, and hope everyone else did too, especially Daisy and her Master. Can't wait to see this lovely cumslut again, and hope I did justice to Brent and Santiago with this account.


Doc here again...That was an excellent report by Pfezzermint.  Hopefully there will be a couple more reports from that night to round out our bumper to bumper coverage of Daisy Train's visit.