Monday, June 18, 2012

UPDATED! House Call For The Ages! CTs Adult Theater in Gary: Pacific Rim(ming) Edition with M&A w/ 7 HOT Pics!

UPDATED 10:30PM CDT: A photo of the lovely Adriana has been added to the report!


Good day to you, and to all the ships at sea... Boy, does The Good Doctor has a tale to share with you, the good readers of The Journal.  I strongly suggest getting a beverage and snack to join you before diving deeper into this report. You just may need the replenishment.

A side note: Remember to click the pics to ENLARGE them. 

In this thing of ours, one has a handful of moments built up through the years that are true watershed moments. Moments and visits that are burned onto your retinas, and tucked away into the same place where you keep your PIN numbers memorized. Images and memories so pure and raw that they are to be savored.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
Well, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, The Good Doctor, along with about 50 of his colleagues, 4 couples, a group of exotic dancers, a stray dog wandering the parking lot at CTs, and the great management of CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, had one of those moments on Thursday, June 14th.

In the previous few days, reports from Mocha Pickle, CK on Call, and The Back Row Reporter have centered on the exploits of "The Asian Couple." This is a bit of a misnomer, since while the female half (A) is indeed Asian, her guy (M) is as American as apple pie.  Thus moving forward, they will be referred to as M&A.  M actually suggested that we call him "Lucky", because he is, in my humble opinion, the luckiest guy I know. 
The Good Doctor's Ride

Thursday, June 14th was a smouldering hot day in the Chicagoland area. As hot as the day was, the night (defying all meteorological theories) was even hotter.  I had spoke to M&A during the day, and knew they were planning a visit that night.  I was in attendance last Friday night, and knew that a full blown House Call needed to happen Thursday night.  I also knew they were bringing with them their single female friend, "S".  S is an exotic ebony woman, with a slender dancers body, and like the unstoppable A, has a filthy mind.  A prior visit by this trio was crazy, and this was shaping up to be another.

The Good Doctor pulled the Lizardo 3000 into CTs parking lot, parked into my reserved space (thank you Pete!) and entered, notepad in hand.
The Lovely "A"

The atmosphere was already pretty electric, as M&A were in the lobby, chatting with the dancers and staff at CTs. Another couple was also there, behind the counter taking the scene in. I composed myself, straighted out my white suit, and introduced myself to M. M's response was great, as he yelled across "Hey A, it's The Doc!" A approached, and I shook her delicate hand as I introduced myself. I asked her, "so who took who down the path to the dark side? You took M, or M took you?"  A rolled her eyes, smiled and said, "What do you think?" 

And way down the dark side she ventured this night...

M also introduced me to their friend "S". S is the type of girl that is a catalyst inside an adult theater. She is the type who lights the fuse that gets the party started, and she did not disappoint...More on her later.

Right before M&A and S entered the theater, a third couple walked through the doors of CTs. As I learned later, this was Ed Jackson and his date for the evening, Adriana. Adriana was wearing a tight black dress, and looked a bit like Daisy Fuentes. They took their seats in the lobby of CTs while M&A, S, and a gaggle of guys filed into the theater.  More on Ed & Adrianna later...

As M&S settled into the second row of seats insider the theater, S made her way in as well. M was now the meat in a very nice FMF sandwich, as he was flanked by these two incredible ladies.  M asked S to get the pretty Hispanic girl who just came in, and sure enough, within seconds, in they came.

Within a few minutes, M asked about my whereabouts.  I checked in from the back row, and he mentioned for me to come over... As I walked over, M asked S to "take care of The Doc".  That happened eventually, but first A took off her pretty print dress, revealing that spinner body to the masses assembled.

S then decided to stand on the chair she was sitting in, and I was now eye level with her ebony, pert breasts.  I wrapped my arm around her, and she gyrated her hips.... This was the catalyst I mentioned earlier, and it was now on inside the theater.  Hands found her ass, nipples, and when she removed her jeans and panties, her wet tight pussy.  Somewhere in this rugby scrum, M again asked S to take care The Doc, at which time S dropped into the seat, leaned forward, and took my cock into her warm mouth.

Simultaneously with S's impressive oral work, A was taking her first bareback cock of the night as she was bent over, face first in M's lap.  A likes her theater sex hard, and guy #1 delivered on that promise.  This was the first of many cocks she had buried inside her pussy this night, ans as the night went on, the fucking got harder.

A and her Friend
I looked over at M&A, and A was bent over, just starting to take M's impressive member into her mouth, while her ass was in the air. It was then that S released my cock and slid down further into the chair.  At this point, I was standing right next to A's face, as she was being pounded from behind.  M told her first, then directed her mouth over to me as guy #1 finished deep inside her pussy.

I positioned myself close to A, and she began an incredible, soft, wet, and deep BJ on your friend in the white suit.  Her light oral touch was incredible, but at the same time, she was taking all of me down her throat, gagging herself at times.  She worked my cock, and before long, I was shooting a big load into A's mouth and down her throat.  As lucky as I know M is, I felt as though a little of that luck had rubbed off on The Good Doctor.

A's Mad Skills
(1 of many)
In the middle of my encounter with A, Ed Jackson and Adriana made their way past me and to the back row. Someone in the crowd told Ed that the guy getting the incredible BJ was The Doc, and his response was "The Doc is here? I need to met him."  I yelled over to him that I would shake his hand, but that I was very busy at the moment.  I have never been that good at multi-tasking.

A didn't break stride, and went back to sucking M's cock and taking another guy deep in her pussy as I disengaged. I made my way to the rear of the theater, and took up a position on top of the chairs, so I could get a good look at the action taking place.  It was then I noticed the blonde that was in CTs lobby when I arrived.  She was now on the exam table, getting fucked. I'm not sure how many guys she did, but I would put the over/under at 2.5.

While I was in the cat bird seat behind the action, Ed and Adriana made their way down my aisle and to almost the end of the row.  Adriana was transfixed on the action, as Ed stepped over the row, and deftly got behind A for some serious fucking.  S had moved her way back to M&A, and was stroking A's ass as Ed was fucking her.  In one of the hotter moments of the night, Ed pulled out, and came all over A's ass.  S then rubbed Ed's baby batter into the soft skin of this hottie's ass.  S then moved to the exam table herself, and was taking on the boys in the band. From my vantage point, I could not tell exactly what was going on, but I could tell she was taking 2-3 cocks at a time.

A was taking one serious cock after another, in various sizes, shapes and colors.  At a few points, she was only standing on one leg, as the other was wrapped backwards around the thighs of the next, fucking him back as hard as he was fucking her.

I looked over to my left, as Adrianna was sitting, watching the insane scene unfold in front of her.  We made some small talk... This was her first time at an adult theater, but was very active in the local scene. She even, at the request of of someone close by, pulled up her skirt and flashed her ass (which was marginally cover by a black thong).  She watched intensely, especially when Ed went back for seconds. She even gave A a peck on her lips as A was changing positions. 

While I can't remember every guy A banged, I do have a couple of highlights...

At one point, a hung back guy was pounding away on A, and A (who has a filthy mouth, btw) told the guy to "cum deep inside this filthy pussy."  And she got exactly what she asked for.  But, the highlight for everyone was towards the grand finale.

Let me set the stage here:  M is sitting in his chair, and sitting on the floor facing the same direction is the ebony beauty, S. S's face is buried between A's legs, as A is standing over S. M is playing with A's pert small B-cups, and A is rubbing her clit hard while S is still buried in her wet pussy. A wants to, and will eventually succeed, to cum and squirt all over S's face while masturbating.  Words cannot describe how hot this scene was, and seeing S's face covered in A's cum when she came.  Incredible.

Shortly after this scene, and the 90 minutes of play inside the theater proper, everyone was too pooped to play any longer. The table had been run, and all the balls were back in their pockets.

Lastly, I had a chance to meet several readers of The Journal after the festivities at CTs. I thanked them for reading, and told them about the new reports in the hopper back at the office.  One gentleman even asked me where I had parked the Lizardo 3000.

Ed Jackson mentioned to me that he had shown a previous article about M&A from a few days earlier to his date tonight, Adriana, right before they walked into CTs.  Knowing that it was a Journal report that wetted Adriana's appetite to get her first taste of this thing of ours, made me feel good driving home Thursday night.

In retrospect, this evening was something very special - One for the ages. The vibe was incredible inside and outside the theater. Pete, the owner of CTs, was making sure the couples were happy and satisfied. The girls were on fire, and the guys were ready to deliver. 

The Good Doctor has been around the block a few times, and this night is a Top 5 (maybe even a Top 3) experience  in my career reporting on adult theaters across the country. 

And in the middle of all this was a slender and mischievous Asian girl, who over the last couple of weeks at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, has taken the place to a whole new level.  And I, for one, cannot wait until M&A return back to CTs.