Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The 2010 Portland Adult Theater Summit

At an undisclosed location in the Pacific Northwest, away from The Scenic Valley and the small women's college, the 2010 Portland Adult Theater Summit will take place.  Representing the West will be the poet laureate of adult theaters, Brent.  Representing the East and Midwest will be The Good Doctor.

This annual event is kind of like the movie "My Dinner With Andre"... With one notable exception: The subjects discussed will not the centered on the nature of life.  The subjects will be centered on "this thing of our's".

Other reporters will be barred from this event.  Two reporters are enough. 

Notes will be compared. Story sources will be revealed. It will be closer to the old "Don and Mike Show" than the Reykjav√≠k Summit.

Updates to The Journal will be spotty while The Good Doctor is visiting patients in Portland and Seattle.  House calls will be in order.

A return to regular posts will begin again on Monday.