Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flash Report! POLD Hits The Akron Adult Theater

Doc here with a first time Flash Report from POLD.  His focus is Akron, OH's Downtown Adult Cinema, a theater that I have had close to no reports from over the years.

So kids, grab a popcorn at the concession stand along with a soda, and enjoy POLD's report from the Rubber City.


Hi Doc,
I've been reading your blog for sometime and this past summer got brave enough to join in this thing of ours.  I've debated off and on submitting a report of it to you and finally decided what the hell.
We'll see where the rest of my adventures go.
I’ve never shared this, and it’s from about 6 months ago, so I’m not sure it’ll catch anyone’s interest, but what the heck, why not, right?
Downtown Adult Cinema
Akron, OH
I’ve not seen anyone review the Akron Adult Theater in Akron, Ohio often referred to as the Downtown Adult Cinema, which I believe is it’s actual name as it was at one time located downtown.  Maybe there is a good reason, but it was my first foray into this thing of ours, so I thought I’d share it.
Back in June of ’12 I worked up the nerve to go to an adult theater.  I had heard the rumors of some very promising and fun adventures, but figured it was all BS.  I had also been forewarned to be cautious going to the AAT, that it was generally a crowd of older, gay men, to which I felt wasn’t the biggest deal breaker, even though that’s not the side of the plate I swing from; apparently several patrons wander over to AAT from Akron Steam and Sauna as it is across the street.  I was advised to keep an eye on CL and BP for postings from couples that might be attending.  I was also warned not to loiter outside of the theater, though nobody ever gave a reason why.
So, for about a week prior, I start keeping an eye on CL and see a post from a couple that they were going to be at AAT on a Friday evening that I didn’t have any plans for.  Excellent.  I send a response to their CL ad to which I get no response, though I completely understand as they were probably pounded with responses and working your way through the BS can be frustrating and tedious.  Do I risk going though?  After deciding to not go, then go, then not go, then go about 50 times, I finally convince myself to go.  I make the drive over to AAT and soon realize it’s not in the greatest part of Akron, so I drive by a few times, before parking.
I’m nervous as hell.
I rapidly enter the theater, go into the video section, pay my entrance fee, which I believe was $10.  I leave the video section, make the left turn to head down the hall, I’m so nervous that that 50 foot walk seems like a football field in length and seems to shrink as I’m walking down it.  As I get closer to the theater, I can hear the moaning of the on screen porn.  Now I’m nervous and excited.  I enter the theater and it’s black, I mean pitch black, minus the light from the movie.  As my eyes adjust, I see a few folks seated throughout and the occasional head bobbing up and down from someone’s lap.  There are a couple of other guys standing at the back of the theater, more or less lingering around.
The set-up of AAT is more or less one of a very run down, old theater.  The seats are probably 50 years old, the projection unit kind of sucks, it’s kind of dank, dingy and seedy.  It smells of raw sex.  I sit down in an empty row I spotted as my eyes adjusted.  One of the guys who was standing in back comes up and stands next to me, rubs his cock and is seemingly asking without using any words if I would blow him, sorry mate, not my bag.  He walks down toward the screen, there is a gap of about 15 – 20 feet between the screen and the first row of seats, I expect him to cop a squat in the front row, but he continues past the front row and disappears behind the screen. 
WTF?  A few minutes later he wanders back to where he was standing earlier at the back of the theater.  Shortly thereafter some dude and some gal make their way from behind the screen and take some seats in the front row. 
Hmmm.  Could this be the CL couple?  And what the heck is going on behind the screen? Can I do this?  I’m so charged up, I have to do this!  I leave my seat and make my way down past the front row and into the black.  Again, I wait for my eyes to adjust.  As I wait for my eyes to adjust I can hear the slurping and moaning only a few feet from me, this isn’t from the movie, is the first thought I have, and as my eyes adjust to the darkness, I confirm that it’s not the movie.  There were 5 guys behind the screen.  Not my bag, but now I know what goes on behind the screen.  I decide to make my way back to my seat, as I exit from behind the screen, I notice that the male/female couple are still seated in the front row, well sort of.  The gent is seated in the front row, the gal is on her knees, topless, blowing him.  Interesting!  I figure, why no,t and take an empty seat next to him.  He gives me a quick nod, which seemed to indicate it was cool for me to sit, so I do.  I watch his gal continue to blow him. 
At some point 2 other guys sit to the left of the guy getting the bj and start jerking off.  He motions to his gal in my direction.  She reaches over and starts rubbing my cock through my shorts.  So this is how it starts?  Cool.  After a few minutes of her rubbing my now throbbing and very hard cock, she stops, completely undresses then unzips my shorts and pulls them down to my ankles.  Then she proceeds to give her guy a blow job and me a hand job, I ask him if it is okay for me to play with her very ample, firm and perky tits.  He says sure.  Goddamn, these tits are like rocks and her nipples could have cut glass. 
As I’m concentrating on her tits and the hand job she is giving me I feel a second hand on my cock, hey, wait a second, it’s her dude’s hand.  I politely tell him that’s not really my scene and he seems cool with it.  He then motions to her and she moves over in front of me and begins giving me a blow job while he and I play with her tits.  After a few minutes, he leaves his seat and begins fingering her while she is still blowing me, her soft moans from him fingering her, while she is blowing me are working as I am getting closer and closer to cumming. 
A few minutes more and I’m doing all I can to hold off, but can’t.  I do my best to bend down and let her know I’m about to blow and ask where she wants it, she moans a bit more and it felt like an mmm-hmmmm, I look to her guy and try to motion that I’m about to blow, he nods and motions to drop my load in her mouth.  I explode in her mouth, she tightens her mouth around my cock and starts sucking a bit harder, urging every drop she can get down her throat and continues to suck me until I begin to quiver, her tongue working the head of my cock has my knees shaking. 

Her man returns to his seat and without missing a beat, she goes back to sucking him off.  I lean down and thank her and lean over and thank him, no shit, mid blow job, without looking up, she gives a thumbs up and he says ‘No Problem’.  I pull up my shorts, and hang out for a few minutes longer, shortly after which he blows his load in her mouth as well.  I was still fairly charged up and hoping for more, but after he blew his load, they both dressed and left.   I gave it a bit longer to see if they came back, but they didn’t so I left, quite happy.
Kind of a lucky first night into this.  I’ve been back to AAT a few times since, but haven’t seen any couples.  Writing this makes me want to recreate most of that first night, so I suppose I’m going to have to make the trip out to the Summit News Theater, since it isn’t much further from me that AAT.
Thanks, Doc for giving us this forum.



Doc here again... Many thanks to POLD for a fantastic first time report!  Keep up the great work!