Monday, February 4, 2013

Reminder! Be Mine Valentine's Event Saturday Feb. 9th @ The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with more information on the "Be Mine Valentine's Event" at Hartford's awesome Art Cinema, located at 255 Franklin Avenue.

This coming Saturday, 2/9, The Good Doctor along with his partner in crime, Looking Glass Alice, will be on hand to host The Art Cinema's "Be Mine Valentine's Event", starting at 7pm.  We are excited to hit the road once again to Hartford, and meet both old and new friends to what in my opinion is the top adult theater in the country. In our past trips to The Art Cinema, we have met a ton of great people!

A very special treat for Saturday night's "Be Mine Valentine's Event"... The first 25 M/F couples or single gals coming to The Art Cinema Saturday Night starting at 7pm receive a very cool Art Cinema gift bag with their paid admission.

View from The Art Cinema's Balcony
The Good Doctor and Looking Glass Alice will also stop into The Art Cinema on Friday night, 2/8. So whether you are attending Friday or Saturday, please introduce yourselves to us.  I have talked to many couples over the last few weeks who are making plans to attend Saturday's event, so please let us know who you are when you come in!  Feel free to drop me an e-mail at if you plan on attending.

Whether you are a couple enjoying the exclusive "Couple's VIP Balcony", or a couple, single gal or guy mingling on main floor, The Art Cinema has something to offer for everyone.  We hope to see you there this coming weekend in Hartford!

For more details on the Be Mine Valentine's Event, please jump on over to The Art Cinema's brand new website at There you will find anything you've ever wanted to know about The Art Cinema, plus directions, a photo gallery, and the latest details for Saturday's event.

It's Hartford or Bust for The Good Doctor and Looking Glass Alice this coming weekend. See you there!


Flash! The 15th Ave Adult Theater Week Long Couple's Special Returns!

Doc here with good news for those of you that frequent 15th Avenue Adult Theater and Spa in Chicago's western suburbs.

They announced yesterday via their Yahoo Group that their popular week long special has returned... This means that boy/girl couples are admitted FREE all day long from February 4th through Sunday February 10th.

In the past, this promo has been VERY popular. Make sure you check out 15th Avenue this week... And submit a report back to your old friend in the white suit.


Flash Report! Dan Do Right Reports From Pleasure Emporium in Miami

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from senior reporter, Dan Do Right. His subject matter is Pleasure Emporium in Miami, and this report is a good one.
I got back to work this week to a shit storm so this report has been delayed because I haven't had any time!
I was in Miami on business a couple of weeks ago and decided I would go to the Pleasure Emporium after my not so great trip to Leisure Time last trip.
As I often do before I travel, I check Craigslist to see what is going on (after your database naturally).  I found a post from a couple who were going to PE the week before my trip and thought I would reach out to them to see if I could get any advice or info.  To my surprise, I got a great reply and found out they were big fans of The Good Dr's Blog!   After a couple of email exchanges and letting them know I report back to The Good Dr. with report, they agreement to meet me.  Wow, how much better could that be.  We agreed on a time and I set out on my trip to Miami.

Pleasure Emporium
Miami, FL
So, I arrived in Miami in the afternoon, went to the hotel to freshen up then make the 30 minute drive to PE.  It was an easy drive up the 95.  Finding the place is a little tricky as the entry is just west of the underpass to the 95 and right before some train tracks so if you're going there, look on Google maps first.  The PE is down the road a little way.  The area is totally industrial and seems safe.
The PE is a really nice place; it has a large store and video area out front.  The selection of toys, outfits, videos, lubes, dildos, and you name it is amazing.  The store is very clean and well lit.  The counter gals are really friendly and the place has a good vibe.  They have a good system for getting in, as you can pay a fee for the booths and hang out there or $17 for booths and theaters.  
There are two theaters, one gay porn and one straight.  I headed into the straight theaters.  They have large leather-style chairs, very plush and comfortable.  There is a row with two side by side on one side and single on the other side of the isle.  The theater is not too dark.  I went in and to my surprise, here was a couple in the second row, in there 30's, he was jacking off and she had one very large breast out which the hubby or boyfriend was stroking.  They were not too interested in the few guys watching.  The gal was pretty with long curly black hair, nice legs showing out of a thin wrap dress and obviously really large tits. 

The Real "Sindy"
But, I was there to meet my CL friends and decided to walk out into the store area.  I saw a couple come in... He was shorter, Danny DeVito-like and she was tall, thin with a tan and really pretty.  I wondered if these were the two and asked the gal if she was Sindy.  "No" she said, and noted it was a very interesting place to meet someone.  We both laughed. Right after that, the two of them walked back towards the theaters and booths. I gave it a minute and walked back. They were in the row behind the first couple just sitting.  
Now to get into the theaters, you have to press a button, and inside the theater a light on the ceiling flashes.  I thought this is a great warning system if you want to know someone is coming in.  Just as I was going to walk about again and wait from my new friends, the light went off.  Sure enough, the door opened and in walked a very pretty blond in a black dress.  I immediately asked if it was Sindy and Dan (really, it's true, Dan as well) and yes was the answer.  

The Real "Sindy"
Sindy is a knock out.  Dan re-arranged the row of chairs so there was room for the three of us to sit down.  Right way we got to playing with Sindy.  She was super friendly and relaxed.  Sindy realized she should have left the bra in the car and took it off, handed it to Dan who, planning ahead, stuffed it in one of the packets of his cargo shorts - Now I know what all those pockets are for.  
Anyway, I unzipped and Sindy went to work stroking me and Dan.  She quickly took off the dress and exposed a nice body, really great tits and long legs.  She knelt on her shoes and start to work my cock.  What a mouth, holy God she was good.  She went better Dan and I and before I knew it, I was ready to cum.  I tried to hold it back but it was no use, I shot my cum on her tits.  Now that is not what I usually do but when a gal knows how to work a cock as well as Sindy, it was impossible not to cum.

The Real "Sindy"
We sat side by side and played a bit as I worked to recover.  Sindy took off the panties and jumped on Dan's cock for a ride.  A guy moved behind our seats and Sindy started to suck him off as she rode Dan.  She made quick work of this guy too, he was shooting his load in no time.  I moved to another seat letting a taller guy with a shaved head who had been siting across the isle move in.  He was hard and ready.  They played for a while and he too shot a load.

A little while later, the two of them left.  It was great to meet such an open, friendly and sexy couple.
Now, to the other two couples.  Turns out the Devito guy wanted to suck cock and the gal was there to help him get some.  She wasn't into playing.  Although she asked me to let her guy suck me, it's not my thing.  But, the most interesting part was the first couple in the theater.  They had continued to get more and more undressed. The gal now had her huge tits out, her hand down her panties and she was masturbating like crazy.  Her man was jerking off, then playing with her tits then jerking off. They seemed disinterested in anyone else.  Then, she let a guy in front jerk off on her tits, motioned to me and I jumped in.  I had recovered and was ready to go again.  She stroked me a little then I took over and shot my second load on her tits and leg.  Her guy followed.  When he was done, they stood up, she went to the back to get a paper towel, cleaned up, wrapped her dress back around her and they took off.
Anyway, PE was fun. I was told by some guys there there is always couple action on the weekends and it's a good place to go.  I agree.
Dan Do Right
Doc here again... Many thanks to senior reporter Dan Do Right for another terrific report!  Keep up the great work.