Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Flash Report! Pat Wilson Hits Amarillo Texas and it's Two Adult Theaters: Studio 1 & Adult Video Gallery

Doc here, a man who some say doesn't blend in well in Texas. Paesans are rare in the Lone Star State, and in some cases, are well regarded trophies. 

For example, my second cousin on my Mom's side, Paulie (not Aunt Alessia's Paulie, but Aunt Viola's Paulie) disappeared somewhere around Nacogdoches in the mid-90's. I kid you not. 

In any case, a good friend of The Journal has returned, and has submitted an outstanding Flash Report from Amarillo, TX. Pat Wilson has been in the scene for many, many years, and his knowledge base in this thing of ours is beyond reproach. His recent trip to Amarillo's two adult theaters is the subject of this report, and is a great follow-up to a report I published in September of 2009 from one of the original signers of the Lizardo Declaration, Donny Digital (read that report HERE). 

In any case, please welcome back to The Good Doctor's Journal, Mr. Pat Wilson. 



Just wanted to touch base with you again, and to let you know that I recently spent an evening in Amarillo, Texas, and had the opportunity to patronize the two theaters there on a Friday evening.
Studio 1
Amarillo, TX
It took me a while to find Studio 1, because the address is 9000 Triangle Drive, not 900, as listed in the database (ed. note: Corrected. Thks.)  Turns out it is on the east side of town, outside the 335 loop in an industrial zone. There is parking for about 25 cars outside the building.

Studio One is principally a large adult bookstore with lots of DVDs and toys for sale, along with an area of private arcade rooms. The theater costs $10 to enter, for which you get 8 hours of admission with in-and-out privileges. Couples -- that's men and women, not the Supreme Court version -- are free on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, but it's unlikely that too many people take advantage of this offer because the place, in my opinion, is not very couples-comfortable.

To get to the theater, you have to navigate down a long dark hall passing several small private rooms, each containing a small TV and a non-upholstered couch. Single men wait in those rooms and jump out at people walking towards the theater. A little scary! The theater itself has about six 2-person upholstered couches, and about 8 or 10 single chairs. There are 3 flat screen TVs, the biggest one being about 42 inches, that show different movies. It seems that the place is principally a meeting location for male homosexuals; at least that was the conclusion that I arrived at during my visit.