Monday, September 17, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! A Gamer and His Girl at Berlin News Agency on 9/14/12


Doc here with a fantastic first time Couple's Flash Report from A Gamer and His Girl. They hit the Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ, and even though it was her first time there, it was a home run for everyone.

Fasten your seatbelts for this one folks, as a good time was had by all!

Here is A Gamer and His Girl...


Hi Doc!

Long time reader, first time poster. I finally did it! I talked my girlfriend into going to the BNA (Berlin News Agency) after a few talks and some shots of Jager she was finely OK with going.

We got there at 12:30am this Friday, talked to the gentlemen at the front counter who I think made her a little more comfortable by letting her know that if anyone bothers her to let them know and they'll take care of it. Well we walked into the theater and the first thing we noticed was the smell of sex in the air.

The Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ

We went into the back part and I started by taking her pants off and showing everyone that gorgeous pussy of hers. I went down on her for a little bit, got her nice and wet, then pulled her beautiful DDD tits out and let everyone (and there was quite a large group at this point) take a look. I then bent her over and proceeded to fuck her in front of everyone. After I came in her I moved to the side so everyone could see, then of course a man came over and asked if he could touch. I looked over at her and before I could even ask she had said "yes!" There was a hand on her pussy, a hand from two different people on her tits and one on her ass. After a little while of this she sat on my lap where I spread her legs and let someone finger fuck her into squirting oblivion.

Then a tall African American gentleman came and asked "if she wanted some of this?" (pointing to a very large and very black cock). She looked at me and I said do what you want. So she bent over and let him fuck her.  After her very loud very moist orgasm we decided it was time for a smoke break. She was about to use the bathroom in the theater when a nice man who works there said she could use the ladies room up front in the store. While she was taking care of business I was talking to two couples who had just finished playing. We went, smoked, and then came back in where another gentleman who works there asked us if we wanted a tour of the rest of the store. He took us into a booth to show us the glory holes and back around at all the toys and even mentioned about a discount for couples who play regularly.

BNA's Booth Area
After a small discussion we went back in and watched a skinny blond woman with tattoos on her thigh get fucked thoroughly. I could see this was turning my girl on, so we went into the back again and this time chose a section with a table. I took her tits out again and this time started to suck on them. Now the crowd already knew what to do and had their dicks out ready for her she sucked me for a little bit while jerking some of her neighbors when a man came up and asked if she was the one who just squirted. She shyly said yes, and I backed off and let her finger fuck her for a while. After fucking her with his hand and making the bench wet I moved her to the table where I fucked her some more. She had a dick in each hand and hands on her massive tits.

I noticed the guy who fingered her was left with a feeling of blue balls, so we handed him the condom and I let him have a crack at her for a while. He fucked her hard and deep while I noticed some women were there for the show. He soon came and then I got her up and bent her over the bench where I spread her cheeks for everyone watching. I fucked her doggie while the crowd watched and she jerked off the gentleman who worked there a little. After I came in her again, she was done for the night but not before she left she jerked two more very large dicks and let them play with her tits for a few minutes.

As we walked out, that same gentleman who works there told us to feel free to grab a drink on the way out. We made conversation with them as we smoked a cigarette outside where they handed us a card to join their Yahoo Groups to let us know when more couples are coming in. We came home and had sex again, and with a very sore pussy she went to bed. I hope this report was good enough for your site and hopefully next time (already talked to her there will be a next time!) I can get some pictures.

Thanks for the wonderful site!
A Gamer and his Girl


Great job A Gamer and His Girl!  This was an outstanding first time report, and a great first time at Berlin News Agency. We are certainly looking forward to your next reports, and if we are good and eat our vegatables, maybe a pic or three of your girl and the fun.

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