Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Couple's Flash Report: Dr. Pink Showcases Mrs. Pink @ 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL (w/PIC!)

Doc here with a new reporter for The Journal of Adult Theaters: Dr. Pink.  Dr. and Mrs. Pink ventured to 15th Avenue Adult Theater (& Spa) in Melrose Park, IL (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database), and they had quite the HOT experience in August of 2010.

Enjoy their intro, the report, and where you can read more about them...


My Dear Dr. Lizardo,

As an esteemed colleague, I would like to share with you and your readers a mini review of my hot wife Lisa (Ms. Pink) and my first and only visit to to the 15th Ave. bookstore. The visit occurred
during the month of August 2010 and I have placed this write up in Lisa's medical records so if something should ever happen to me, her future doctors will hopefully know how to handle her severe
case of nymphomania (Ed. note: I'm on it!).

My wife has always been a highly sexed woman, even in college. She is a very beautiful petite 5' 4" blonde blue eyed beauty. I was shocked after six months of dating when I stopped by her apartment
one afternoon and found her stark naked and being fucked up against the wall by one of the college's black basketball players. She told me at the time that she loved sex and would need to be free to have
sex with others should we marry. So she begin as my hot girlfriend, became my hot wife and has been in the hot wife lifestyle for the entire 10 years of our marriage.

My wife, Ms. Pink:

What follows is a mini review of our first visit to the 15th Avenue Bookstore/Theater/Spa. My wife wore a very short off-white light pink lace dress with no panties an no bra. She also wore a pair of summer sandals that accented her perfectly tanned calves and long legs together with a simple rhinestone anklet.

It was a warm summer evening in August and we were both excited when we exited from our air conditioned car and felt the blast of August heat as we walked across the parking lot to the entrance. She was very wet and smelled of sexual anticipation. Her pert nipples were rock hard and clearly visible through the thin fabric of her summer dress. It was around 9:00 pm when we entered the store.

15th Ave. Adult Theater & Spa
At first we decided to just walk about to familiarize ourselves. We entered the theater and sat in the couples section just to relax and get ourbearings. We watched as guys entered the theater however nothing was happening so we left to check out the booths whereupon the guys in the theater followed us out.

We entered one of the booths and I sat on the bench while my wife sat on my lap. We left the door to the booth open and begin to French kiss deeply while I rubbed my wife’s smooth wet cunt with its thin little landing strip. Soon, there were hands all over her body, her breasts were out of her little dress and it was pulled up to her waist. We were kissing when a very fit blonde guy, who could not have been more than 22 years old abruptly shot semen over my wife’s exposed right breast.

She moaned her approval and that really turned up the heat. I told her that she was free to do as she desired and lifted her from my lap whereupon she dropped to her knees and literally engulfed another mans cock completely to his balls. Another guy moved over and shot his semen over her breasts and as I watched the cum glaze over her pert pink nipples I was amazed and extremely excited. There was no turning back now, since there were at least 15 men standing around stroking their cocks and just waiting to have sex with my wife.

If we had left that point, I honestly think that a riot would have ensued. After the guy she was blowing shot his cum down her little throat, I strapped an open mouth gag around her head and watched as several men slowly jacked off and then jammed their cocks inside her open mouth so as to shoot their load down her throat. The guys were going wild at this point and I removed the gag whereupon she removed her semen soaked little summer dress and hopped up on fours with her pert little ass in the air.

I passed out condoms and watched as a line of men fucked her either in her ass, her cunt or slid their cocks deep into her mouth from the other end. After a long evening of fun my wife put on her semen
stained summer dress, looking like a very well fucked slut and we left, drove home and fucked over and over again until sunrise as I was determine to fill her womb with my semen and reclaim her as my

Dr. Pink


Doc here again... I am happy to have Dr. Pink (and the lovely Mrs. Pink) as the newest reporters here at The Journal.  If you are like me, I cannot wait until the next report from this hot theater couple.  If you would like to read more about them, you can check out their Fetlife profile here:

Are you part of a couple and have an adult theater report/experience you'd like to share with the thousands of readers who visit weekly to The Journal?  Just e-mail King Kong Bundy The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com and I will do the rest.  I will edit, format, and doll-up your words and it will look like a million bucks (OK, maybe a couple hundred bucks).  Give it a shot, just like Dr. and Mrs. Pink did!