Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flash Report! Brent's "Something About Mary" Report from Portlandia

Doc here with a quick report from our good friend and poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland.

This report came out late Sunday evening, 4/15, from The Paris Theatre in downtown Portlandia.  It was a crazy weekend for adult theater sex in The Rose City, and this was a fitting finale to the weekend.

So sit back, pop open a Yoohoo, and enjoy Brent at the top of his game.


They were on a first date. She was a tall dark haired beauty with a great body. She was wearing a short black dress with heels. They made out for a while. She showed a lot of leg. She got on her knees and she sucked his cock. He made sure we could all see her face while she was sucking him. When he came it flew into her face and her hair.

Afterwards she said "At least now you can buy me a drink or one of these gentlemen will." I imagined them sitting in a bar with a glop of his jizz in her hair.

She said it was her best first date ever. I expect we'll all get wedding invitations.


Flash! Gloryhole Nancy's Call For Cocks (and 5 New Pics!)

Doc here... I know you enjoyed last night's teaser report and pics from the very naughty Gloryhole Nancy (and her guy, T).  Pageviews were through the roof, even though the report went up at 10pm CDT.

Ready for more?

Make sure you read the request from Gloryhole Nancy, and please follow it to the T.  If you can follow directions, and are in the right place at the right time, you just might have the lovely Nancy on the business end of your weeny.

Never say that The Good Doctor doesn't have your best interests at heart... Here is Nancy and her guy T with their "Call for Cocks".


Hi again Doc,

Nancy is looking for big cocks to suck and fuck, and we'd like to get the message out via your blog.

We like to find guys in Toledo, but Detroit seems to work better for us.  Thanks for the help! Nancy will not play with a cock smaller than 7", and usually plays with 8" plus only.  Please remind "applicants" to send a cock pic that shows it being measured by an actual ruler, stats, location, and when they are available.  The better the picture, the better your chance, as all she cares about is how big the cock is.  Those who are shaved completely smooth have a better chance too. Sorry if she sounds picky but she is a gorgeous babe offering you the time of your life, so your damned right she has the right to be picky lol!  She also likes to back her pussy up to the hole, so applicants better be able to fuck her pussy right!

  1. Be in the Detroit area
  2. Find a ruler, and take pic with your hard cock next to the ruler
  3. E-mail the pic(s) to Gloryhole Nancy at nwonancy@yahoo.com
  4. Cross your fingers
If you pass this screening, here is a taste of what you'll get in return (click on the pics to ENLARGE them):

Enjoy everyone, and remember to reach out to Gloryhole Nancy!