Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick Note: Time-Sensitive Visits Galore @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN

Doc here with a Quick Note... There are lots of visits planned for CTs Adult Theater, 4620 Industrial Highway, Gary, IN in the next few days, starting TONIGHT.  Here is a brief recap:

Wednesday 8/3, Thursday 8/4, Friday 8/5
"Wiswife4use", AKA Sharon
  • Looking for a hot gangbang. I want lots of HARD clean cocks to play with.
    I'm thinking 40-50+ each day. I would like clean guys (come on you can take a bath and brush your teeth). I'm looking lots of oral and covered cocks in my pussy. RUBBERS only for in my
    pussy, I will suck bareback, may or may not swallow no promises

    I will be there Thursday 8/4 and Friday 8/5 starting at 8 pm. I will be also be
    there today (Wednesday 8/3, not sure on time, after 6pm) for a little bit to get
    warmed up for thursday's gang bang!!! (I hope to have great time fucking and
    sucking on all you men for a couple of nights, mmmmmm)

    I'm a little nervous, sorry this is not what I do every day. My husband will
    bring me and may leave and may come back and watch.

    Hope to see you Thursday night!
Friday 8/5
  • Looking to head to CT's on Friday evening. Hope to see you there....
Friday 8/5
"Petite Blond"
  • We were there July23rd about 9pm.  I guess my wife was the petie lil Blonde. We hope
    to be back this Friday about 9 pm again. Thanx for all the fun last time it was
    our first time and her first Gang Bang. It was hot and she loved it! She
    really enjoyed the last guy besides me that fucked her. She said your not gonna
    put all that in me are ya POFFF! It was in and she loved it She now likes BBC.
So ladies and gentlemen, if you find yourself in Chicagoland this weekend, a trip to CTs just might be in order.


Flash Report: Chelsea Theater in Quincy, IL by Tony the Trucker

Doc here with a brand spanking new Flash Report from our good friend, Tony the Trucker.  His destination is The Chelsea Theater in Quincy, IL.  His story is a good one...

Take it away, Tony!


Dear Doc,

This is a recent account of events that occured on 7/23/11 at the Chelsea Theater & Book Store in Quincy, Il.

Having the chance to make the stop on my way to Fargo and other points west, I went out of route to visit this ABS. This would be the first time I had been there. I had read about it on another site and decided it was worth the visit. Out of route miles on arriving, I realized that maybe a large rig, such as I drive, might not be suited for this parking lot (note to self...park trailer, then go play).

This is a nice small clean store, looks kinda run down, but clean. They have 8 booths in the arcade, 6 of which have gloryholes. The theater is small, 4 rows of 4-5 seats each. The staff very friendly, but on guard toward any trouble makers.

When I arrived at about 2130, there were 3 couples shopping. None decided to go play in the theater. Then at about 2200, a very tiny and petite young lady walked in, rocking a very short school girl skirt and,a very see through white blouse. My "playdar" as Bob in Biloxi calls it, was screaming! Thought we were being bonbed, or a tornado was a coming!

She went to the ladies room, and shortly there after,her old man came in. After she had done her thing, then she entered the theater by herself. I followed, and she had sat in the second row from the front and wasted no time diddling herself. I waited til her man came in, and asked if i could sit next to them. "Yes you may", he said. So, she is working her clam like there is no tomorrow, and i am play with her very small but lovely titties. I say this because her whole look was that of an young school girl. (If you have ever read the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", you will know exactly what I am talking about).

But alas, there was to be no playing by anyone other than her man. I tried but to no avail. However, it was worth just watching her ger herself off, and we actually came together as I was working my stick shift like I was climbing a tall mountain.

Another couple came in, but I was not even remotely interested by this point. I had worked myself into a frenzy 2 times by this point and it was time to find a trashy truckstop further up the road.

So, my good doctor, and to all you perverts that partake in this thing of ours, happy hunting. May the gods of pleasure shower you with love and well,what ever it is you enjoy. Ha ha.



Doc here again...Thanks to Tony the Trucker for another great report from the highways and byways of this thing of ours. The Chelsea Theater is a location on my bucket list for 2011, and it sounds like they get their fair share of traffic. (more info on The Chelsea Theater is available on Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database.

Do you have an adult theater report just like Tony?  Just e-mail BJ and The Bear The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report...You supply the words.

Kids, I need reports. So pretty please, with sugar on top. Send in your reports.


Couples Flash Report: Iris Bleu and C Visit Adult Pleasures in Toledo

Doc here with a GREAT first time Couple's Flash Report from Iris Bleu and her guy, C.  This story takes place in Toledo, the home of the very naughty Gloryhole Nancy.  Is Toledo the new gloryhole capital of the midwest?  Sure seems that way...

So order up some auto glass and enjoy Iris' account of last Friday night in Toledo...


Hi Doc,

We had a fun Friday Night (7/29) at the glory hole.

We arrived at Adult Pleasures in Toledo at around 10 pm, and there were about 15 cars in the parking lot. It was actually more than we thought we could handle.  Both of us decided to head to a place we’d gone to a few other times and had a lot of fun (Ed. note: the name is omitted to protect the innocent).  We’d never actually played with anybody else, but we’ve enjoyed being watched.  We got there and saw 2 other cars in the parking lot.  Perfect.

We checked out the videos and toys for a few minutes and then went back to a booth.  We got a movie going and immediately attacked each other.  We’d been texting about doing this all day and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on each other.

I’d been told not to wear any underwear, so C’s hand went directly up my skirt to my clit.  He knows just how to make me happy.  I had to grab his cock and I wanted it inside me as soon as possible.  He was so hard and squeezing my nipples from behind.  I had to lean on the walls and the chair.  He rubbed my wet pussy and clit with one hand and squeezed my tits with his other.  I was rubbing his cock and holding on to the wall.  He lifted one of my legs onto the chair, got down and started licking my pussy.  I looked toward the glory hole and saw someone on the other side, watching. 

C stood up and turned me around.  He shoved his cock in my pussy - hard and fast.  He felt so good.  I was breathing hard and fast and trying not to scream.  He started fucking me roughly - just how I love it.  Then he pulled his cock out and went for my ass.  He started out slowly…then pushed his cock all the way in my ass…so good.   I love it when he fucks my ass.  It feels amazing.  He knew we were being watched from the next booth, so he tilted my ass a little that way to give a good view.  I just enjoyed the amazing fuck. 

Then C pulled out and turned my ass toward the hole in the wall.  I looked back and saw the hard cock through the glory hole.  I couldn’t believe we were going to do it.  I put a condom on the hard cock.  I turned my back to the hole.  Then I grabbed the cock and slid it into my pussy and bent over so I could suck Cameron’s cock.  It felt amazing.  This was my first time with two cocks. 

As I fucked the hard cock for a while, moving up and down all the time sucking…then from the other side of the wall, our mysterious friend started moving and fucking me.  I had to grab Cameron’s cock, I was being fucked so hard.  Even with the condom on, I could feel him explode inside of me.  My pussy was dripping wet as I heard the door from the next booth slam shut.  I needed more cock.  So Cameron bent me back over the chair and fucked me again. He turned me around and came in my mouth and on my face.  I looked up at him and smiled.  He told me what a good job I did and I told him he did too.  Then we straightened out our clothes and left, cum still dripping down my chin.

When we got home, we had to fuck again.  We were both so turned on by what we’d done.  After another round of amazing sex, we both collapsed in bed.

We’re glad we found your site.  We’ll keep sharing our stories and if we get brave enough we’ll take some pictures.

-Iris Bleu and C


Doc here again... A great job with their first time report!  Iris and C have many more adventures to relate to us, and I for one can't wait.

Thanks again Iris & C!