Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flash Report: Crusing The Coast w/ Bob in Biloxi - Saturday 4/2/11

Doc here with this week's "Cruising the Coast With Bob in Biloxi". When I see Bob's name pop up in my in box on a Sunday morning, I know that there was action on the Gulf Coast, and our pipe smoking friend was there to capture and participate in the foray that followed.

Here is Bob's report...


Hey Doc,

Another report from the beautiful Gulf Coast. Well, I believe the dry spell may be coming to an end here, for the last two weekends in a row (sans the dry spell of course, that sucked) we have seen the re-insurgent of playing couples in our fair region.

Bob in Biloxi
Last night the theater saw a total of 4 couples, each of them coming into together two at a time. The first couple was a biker couple, followed by a older couple (50’s) they each sat in different areas of the theater.The biker couple finally played some by themselves waving off any lurkers/trolls that got near them. The older couple simply watched from a distance. Both stayed about an hour and left.

The second set of couples are semi-regulars. They also played among themselves with the girls in the group having fun with each other. Pretty cool, but since I wasn’t invited I headed to my watering hole down the street.  I forgot there was one other couple that came into the theater by themselves, she was a slim lady dressed in blue jeans, but they only stayed 30mins  or so and was crowded out by the horned up lurkers.

I think the couples that do come in are somewhat intimidated by the aggressive looking idiots that hang out looking like losers and desperate for anything/anyone that will touch their cocks. The management there is aware of the problem and is beginning to do something about it. It just seems couples can’t get any air when they walk in. Maybe that will go away soon, I hope so. Some lurkers have already been banned for life.

The Gulf Coast Theater
Biloxi, MS
On to the ABS, as I walked in, my pal the manager told me there was a couple in the booth area, as I passed through the door opening I saw a couple standing to my left against the wall? So I smiled and nodded and took a booth next to one I knew was playing heterosexual porn. Soon the adjacent booths door closed and they were next to me.  My lucky day? The lady (20’s) was a small girl, probably only around five foot or so, dark hair, small tits but a very nice ass, she had on a pullover blouse and jeans? (Note: Ladies its summer time here, shorts and skirts are much easier to wiggle out of) she was peering into the hole, so I took my rig out and started stroking it for her. As I bent down she stood up and removed her blouse, then knelt back to the hole and stuck her finger through. I feed my cock through and she started giving me a wonderful blow job. Soon I started seeing camera flashes and knew she was just out getting her slut on. She did a great job taking my load onto her chest. I said thank you dear and left, my fluid depletion required that I attack the keg of ice water I had in my truck, so I remained there for 45 mins.

Around 10:30 a blonde girl about 28 with a black dress on drove up and went inside. I bailed/fell out of my truck and made a bee line for the back door in hopes of not spooking her (and it worked) she was talking to the manager about some dildos, when I opened the back door. He said “ well if you like, the real thing just walked in the door, I’m sure he would like some company watching a movie” I love this guy, even though he’s gay, he knows I love pussy not dick! So he continues to give me the heads up when a couple is inside. 

She looked at me and said “ Is that true, would you like some company?” Fucking Duh !! I introduced myself, and said sure lets see if we can find a movie both of us can enjoy. As the door closed on the booth, this little tiger cat pulled the chair around facing the door and said “fuck the movie I want the real thing” ( I love southern girls, they don’t mess around, if they’re horny they will just take what they want) As she pulled my shorts down my cock hit her in the chin, she devoured it immediately. Almost taking all of it down her throat, she was making little horny noises girls make when they getting what they want. She was soon bent over the chair with her little dress hiked up past her ass telling me to fuck her. Since Bob had dumped a load a short time ago, I was able to give her a long time fuck!!!

Finally I was starting to come and asked her if she wanted it in the condom or on her face? She told me and I quote, “Don’t waste that load I want down my throat!” OMG! Stripping off the condom, she quickly knelt and opened her mouth taking my cock and sucking like she hadn’t eaten in a week. And swallowed every drop. I asked her to marry me!! She laughed and told me she was married and just caught her husband fucking around!! That revenge fuck was great. I told her I’m there every Saturday night, should she seek further revenge.

It was now 11:30, and our establishments close at midnight, so the two hour drive back home was going to be with a huge shit eating grin. I still have it this morning too.



Doc here again... Bob is Mr. Feast or Famine.  It's either tumbleweeds blowing down the street, or a Plato's Retreat scenario for our senior reporter.  Glad to see his streak of bad luck has ended and he is now the master of his domain.