Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Milestone!

Doc here with a huge thank you to you, the readers of Dr. Emilio Lizardo's Journal of Adult Theaters.  The site has been live for 8 months (not including the 4 month sabbatical from November to March), and tonight The Journal hit it's 12 month goal of 30,000 unique visits to the web site. 

The site gets daily visits from all over the globe (something I still find pretty amazing).  I have added the Twitter feed for instant news from "this thing of our's" (sign up at, plus we add new and exciting field reporters every week.  I update The Journal's database of classic adult theater photos every week, and will do my best to keep them fresh.

"The Top 3 Adult Theater Women" series was a huge success, and the traffic on the site was crazy during that 3-week period.  Congrats again to Tina from CTs for her win!

The I-Team Special Series "Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut" still continues... Will Nina ever be satisfied?  Keep checking back.

So what's coming up in the days and weeks to come?  A new series of city profiles called "In a Nutshell", tailored to those who have the luxury to travel to the various cities where adult theaters and ABS' still are strong.  (It's just like a AAA TripTik. Ok, it's nothing like the AAA TripTik).

The Good Doctor has a few "House Call" reports in the can (San Diego, Baltimore, Portland, and Gary), plus I'm toying with a few new templates for the look and feel of The Journal.

In closing, thanks to all the great field reporters that contribute to the Journal.  There have been 31 different field reporters who contributed to The Journal in the 8 months the web site has had a heartbeat. You know who you are...And thank you!  Keep up the great work!

The best is yet to come at The Journal. So from the scenic valley near the small women's college, good evening. It's late, and I need to iron my cummerbund.


Update! The Re-Opening of the Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway

Doc here with an update from the owners of the newly re-opened Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway.  I had been keeping an eye on the court situation leading up to the opening, and when word came through that the theater was reopening, I was elated.  It's a great location and set-up, and a classic theater in the spirit of "this thing of our's". 

The new owners have been terrific providing updates (both pre and post opening), and here is the latest update that I just received this evening:

Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway, Doraville, GA

Thank you for the interest and help.....We are not working there but have been told that there are a lot of new faces. Also, we have heard that some new faces have visited. As far as couples go, there has been at least one each day with Saturday having three. (we keep up with this through the reports our employees do each night)

Attendance has been ok and we did realize that this would improve slowly....We hope the Labor Day Weekend will be good. Things have been coming together and this weekend will have some really good movies!!!

Also, we have the same telephone number as before. After a business has been closed a certain time, one can request a number .....We did and got the same is: 770-458-5234.

Thanks 'Doc!

Twin Cinemas at Buford Hwy....
Doc here again...All good news from The Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway.  Please support this classic adult theater if you are ever in the Atlanta area.  Best of luck, guys!

I-Team Report: Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut, Part 13

Doc here with Part 13 of Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut. Actually, this is more like Part 12 1/2, since it's a continuation from the Part 12 story. 

So sit back, throw on your smoking jacket, and enjoy the next chapter:
The next day we didn’t start moving around until the afternoon and by the time we ate and got on the road for the Jefferson, it was late afternoon.

Nina was dressed in her usual short skirt, no panties, garter belt, thigh highs and see through blouse (a nice touch and very sexy). The boys, after seeing Nina in her sexy outfit and a good night rest, had a completely different attitude about repayment for their kindness. As we drove through the downtown section of Portland, we got stuck in a traffic jam which turned out to be a WTO demonstration. We were just able to inch along through the congested traffic, there were TV cameras everywhere. I was a little concerned we were going to make the five o’clock news featuring Nina with her tits hanging out.

I noticed Ron’s buddy slunk down in the seat with his hat pulled down over his eyes, than it dawned on me, he was somewhere he was not supposed to be and didn’t want his wife to find out especially with a hot chick in the back seat exposing her breasts.

We decided to take a side trip to the Fantasy Adult Video and parade Nina around through the store and into one of the booths. As the four of us walked down the hallway to the booth area we picked up quite a entourage following us. We picked one of the larger rooms so all four of us could squeeze in. Before I could even get the lube out of Nina’s theater bag, Ron’s buddy had his hand up her skirt. In a very short time he was standing tall (so to speak) and ready to accept the invitation that was extended to him for lugging Nina’s heavy toy bag up the stairs to our room. Ron and I could do nothing but watch her give him a most excellent blowjob.

Ron has an agreement with his girlfriend that he can attend such functions as long as he does not participate and as far as I know has always lived up to his commitment with her. He is a strong willed good man. In the meantime, I had turned on the buddy booth screen so the neighbor in the booth next door could see what was going on in our booth. I looked over and could see a good looking young stud down on his knees with his hands together in the prayer position. It was pretty obvious he was praying to come into Nina’s booth. I asked her if it was ok, she said “what the hell what’s one more guy”. I opened the door and he was in our booth in a flash, and was off in a flash. He gave the term “come and go” a whole new meaning.

It was time for us to head for the Jefferson, leaving a disappointed entourage behind. I did tell a few of the not so seedy looking guys, quietly, where we were going and they showed up at the theater while we were there.

It was getting late and the boys had to get back to Seattle, so they just dropped us off and headed home. We went on in, stowed our bags in the back room and proceeded to get on with the festivities. We moseyed on into the couples section and made ourselves comfortable. After sitting for a couple of minutes to let our eyes adjust to the darkness, I realized I was sitting next to one of the largest, ugliest transvestite I have ever seen. At that time it was against the house rules for him to be in the couples section. He was drunk and loud and had a riding crop slapping every bare bottom within his reach. When he slapped Nina on the ass I asked him to stop because he was ruining the prevailing mood of the couples section. That’s when he turned on me, I thought I was either going to get my eyes scratched out or just plain get my fat old ass kicked. Fortunately the clerk heard the commotion and came down and threw him out. This kind of thing seldom happens at the Jefferson or the present day Paris, but every so often a problem will arise, usually immediately handled by the person in charge at the desk.

The mood was defiantly dampened for a little while until a new young couple came in, she was a cute large breasted little thing and he was kind of a nerdy looking guy with a huge cock. They got right down to business and changed the mood of the whole theater in a matter of minutes. They played for a little while she sucking him and he fucking her. He took her over to the chain, which acts as a barrier from the general population and the couples section, and asked the boys near if they would like to jack off on her tits. He then came over to us and asked if he could fuck Nina? I gave him my usual answer to that question (”ask her”) of course she said yes. While he was fucking Nina, his poor little girlfriend was being coated with about a gallon of cum. I finally went over to her and offered her one of Nina’s towels that she cleverly carries in her well equipped theater bag. She looked like she had just got out of a milk bath. I could tell she thoroughly enjoyed every ounce of it. The boyfriend had to stop fucking Nina and take his girlfriend out to the ladies room to clean up. I told Nina “ok it’s your turn” and took her over to the chain and told the boys to cum on her tits, but the willing boys were fresh out of man juice, so that didn’t happen.

The two guys from the Fantasy that I invited to the theater showed up and were pleading for some of Nina’s famous sexual pleasures. We took them down to the front of the theater where there are bench seats and semi suitable for fucking and sucking. The only problem with that is Nina attracts a crowd and I have to spend all of my time reminding the extra guys who follow us to please stand back and let these two enjoy themselves with her. The two from the Fantasy mauled her for quite a while then a couple of her posse, who followed her down to the front of the theater, had their way with her, it was time for a break.

While standing outside an old friend of ours from Seattle came out of the theater with his ex wife, he said he was heading back to Seattle and wanted to know if we wanted a ride home. We had an exhausting, fun filled weekend and it was getting late so we said “sure let’s call it a night”. I grabbed the suitcase and Tom took Nina’s toy bag and we all walked off up the block where Tom’s car was parked. Half way up the block Tom said ”what she got in here rocks”? I said “I’ve heard that before somewhere”.

On Monday the guy I share an office with always ask me what I did over the weekend and I always say with a sly grin “not much”.

End of Part 12 1/
Thanks again to "B" for his dutiful work chronicling the adventures of the lovely Nina.