Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: Lenten Edition

When we last left The Good Doctor, he was strapped to a gurney in the back of an ambulance after a horrific shuffleboard accident...

Doc here with this week's installment of "A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio".  We have quite a bit to get to, but for the uninitiated, here is how AFMWDE works: There is a lead story, a few adult theater related nuggets, an opinion or two, and a photo of The Good Doctor in a public place.  OK?  OK. 

Let's get started...

The Lead Story

The biggest story of the week is the Grand Opening of Fantasyland 2 in Tampa on Saturday 3/12.  I did my best to help promote the event via The Journal and on Twitter. In my conversation with their web guy, they were scrambling to get the new place finished and ready before 7pm EST.  As soon as I get some pics of the new and improved theater, I will get them up for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Also, if you were there and can provide a full report, that would be outstanding.

This Week's Nuggets
  • My good friend and colleague, Major Voyeur, is reporting that the sole adult theater in St. Louis, MO, Pure Pleasure, is still open for business as usual.  MV made a field trip there Friday and Saturday night, clarified the theater's status, and just may have run into a few couples in the theater.  Make sure you check out his terrific blog Sunday night, as he might just have a report on his findings.
  • The Good Doctor is hearing good things about the Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway in Atlanta.  Couples are returning at a slow but steady pace, and management has been very couples friendly. I will try and get an update from the owners in the next week or so.
  • In what is proving to be a great daytime promotion, 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL has slotted Wednesday's as a "couples free" day from opening until 6pm.  If that isn't incentive for visiting this outstanding facility, nothing is... 15th Avenue also has daytime promos running Tuesdays and Thursday.  Also, please check my Twitter for updates on visits by couples to 15th Ave (look for "The Clicker").
  • Scratched from this weekend's lineup of reporters: Bob in Biloxi (upper body injury).  Should be back on the field for next weekend.
  • Scanning the past week's Craigslist posts for adult theater fun, the volume of ads for The Lido Theater in Dallas was amazing.  Keep in mind that weekends mean that couples have free run of the upper floor theater and private rooms while singles must stay on the main floor.  Yes, some couples stray downstairs to the singles theater. 
Call For Reports
I am requesting from you, the good readers of The Journal reports from your local or often visited adult theaters.  I will take Flash Reports (recent visits), Field Reports (a profile of an adult theater), or Blasts From The Past (memories of great adult theater experiences).  You do not have to be an journalism major to do this... Just e-mail me at with the details of your report. Don't worry about spelling, formatting, or editing. That's my job.  Your job is to provide the details and I will do the rest.  Please and thank you.

  • Traffic at the Journal has been strong and steady this past week.  My goal is to have at least one new report/post per day.  Sometimes that is the case, sometimes not (if I am traveling somewhere on business or busy at my practice).  Make sure you check in to The Journal and see what is new in this thing of ours' daily.
  • I will have a new poll up this weekend about the look and feel of The Journal.  I have been playing with some different templates, but I keep coming back to the one currently in play.  Express yourself with what you might want to see and experience when visiting The Journal.
From the staff here in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college (OK, me), have a great week!