Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blast From The Past! The Good Doctor Meets Mr. and Mrs. X - Round 2: Electric Boogaloo

Doc here...  This is a semi-Blast From The Past Report, since it took place this past October.  It's not a new report, and it's not an old one.  But it's still a report that needs to see the light of day.

So I'd pop open a cold beverage, throw one of those little umbrellas in it (as The Good Doctor always likes in his Bloody Marys), and enjoy this carnal tale featuring Mr. and Mrs. X.


This is the city. Melrose Park, Illinois.  I work here... I carry a badge. It says "The Good Doctor".  It was Saturday, October 8th, 2011. It was a clear, warm evening in this western suburb of Chicago.

Saturday was the last day of 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater's week long special: M/F couples, single girls, and T-girls free.  Single guys, full price.  This promotion, which runs the first week of each month, has become very popular. It generates not only heavy weekend traffic, but strong and steady weekday traffic to 15th Ave. If you live in the Chicagoland area, or plan to visit sometime soon, the first week of the month would be a good time to visit. End of the Chamber of Commerce promotion.

The Good Doctor had made plans to meet up with one of his favorite patients on Saturday night: Mr. & Mrs. X. In a prior House Call Report (HERE), The Good Doctor was able to execute an initial exam on Mrs. X, all the while we were commenting on the sub-standard XXX feature on the big screen.

The diagnosis? A chronic condition that would require multiple treatments in order to manage Mrs. X's condition. 

I was also looking forward to seeing some of my other patients, such as Moaning Lisa, Liz, and the always naughty P&F.  It was going to be a full night for the man who resembles a resort waiter, so when I pulled the Lizardo 3000 into 15th Avenue, my "A" game was required.  Parking was at a premium, as a bachelor party was taking place in the party room adjacent to 15th Ave.  I parked out front, hoping that I wasn't blocking anyone in (more on this, later).

Walking into the theater, I spotted Mr. and Mrs. X sitting in the back row of the couple's section. Mrs. X was wearing a very sexy red dress (and as always, was very put together). As was the plan, I took a seat next to Mrs. X, while Mr. X rode shotgun on her left.

What followed next was very exciting, even to a grizzled adult theater veteran like The Good Doctor. For the next 30 minutes, Mr. X and I proceeded to tease Mrs. X with our fingers, hands, and mouths in the back row of the theater's couple's section.  I lost count, but I believe Mrs. X came at least 6-7 times while squirming in her seat.  Steven Segall The Good Doctor even had to shoo away a few guys while in the theater, since no green light was given in the theater to the gen pop.

After a consultation with Mr. and Mrs. X, we decided to head back to one of the private rooms located in the spa area of 15th Ave.  This will allow us some privacy, some nudity, and the opportunity for a thorough exam.

The private rooms at 15th Avenue are pretty nice, very clean, albeit small. They also have dimmers for the lights... You know, to set the mood.  (ed note: No Barry White music available.)

So off come Mrs. X's clothes, and as always, matching bra and panties.  Colorful, lacy,  and fitting nicely around Mrs. X's most excellent chest.  Mrs. X drops to her knees, and proceeds to devour The Good Doctor's hard cock.  The energy Mrs. X puts into sucking cock is nothing short of amazing, and if you didn't stop her at some point, she'd keep on going.

I pulled up Mrs. X, placed her back on the bench inside the room, spread her legs, and returned the oral favor on her smooth bare pussy. Within a short time, Mrs. X was cumming all over my mouth and mustache, as she squeezed her smooth thighs together.  I was dripping myself, off my chin, lips... a quick dab at the corners of my mouth, and it was time to give Mrs. X what she was truly craving...

As I slid into Mrs. X, Mr. X turned the lights down a tad... Worked for me.  At right about the time she was reaching another powerful orgasm, the lights began to flicker...Brighter, darker, brighter again... And once again, I figured I was having a stroke.  However, we all noticed it, and began to chuckle. 

I remember disco. Disco was fun. Lights flashing. Mirrored balls.  We were in a very small dicso club there at 15th Ave.

I turned Mrs. X around, and began to fuck her doggie style... Her tight pussy grabbing me, as I took her.  I closed my eyes as I continued thrusting deeply into her, and as I opened my eyes, the lights were again flickering.  A call to an electrician that late at night would be expensive, so we grinned and beared it.

After a huge orgasm from Mrs. X which sent her almost through the back wall of the room, it was time to give Mrs. a tasty reward...

Still a little woozy, I put Mrs. X back on her knees. Mrs. X first took my cock, and then my cum, deep into her mouth...

As we tried to compose ourselves afterwards, the lights began their dance once again... Mrs. X needed a quick nap to recover, and Mr. X and I left her alone in the room to rest up. My evening was done, since I needed to get back to The Valley for early morning rounds. 

I'm not sure if Mrs. X entertained any more that night, but if she did, I'm positive the light show was a damn good one. 

Visit 2: Electric Boogaloo with Mr. and Mrs. X was a sequel better than the original.  And in the months and days since October 2011, continues to get better and better.

Polishing my white shoes and my Italian horn, I am...

The Good Doctor