Monday, January 10, 2011

Flash Report: NYE in PDX at the XXX

Doc here with the long awaited New Year's Eve report from the poet laureate of this thing of ours', Brent in Portland.  This report is not akin to a sprint...It's more akin to a marathon.  Take your time reading this 5-star report, and enjoy every morsel.


NYE in PDX at the XXX

The Paris Theater in Portland Oregon was quiet at the beginning of the evening on the last day of the first decade of the second millennium (give or take a few religions) on planet Earth. But it wouldn't be quiet for long. The theater is legendary for adult theater sex of the heterosexual variety on New Years Eve.

The first couple that came in did not play. They were the only couple there for the twenty minutes they stayed. She was a pretty young dark haired girl. She wore a sweater and jeans. Shortly after they left two super hot girls, 19 or 20 years old came in. One looked like Vanessa Hudgins with blond hair, the other like a Kardashian. Vanessa wore a skirt so short, a breeze would have made her illegal. They were on their way to a 21 and under club to celebrate New Years and had stopped to get directions (not erections) from the clerk. They decided to check the place out and do a little teasing.  For example, on the way out, they stopped by the bedroom, and the boys came running, and the girls kept walking. I wonder what their visit would have been like if they had come in when there was action going on?

Later another couple came in and sat in the far corner of The Paris Oasis ( The couples only section) She was a healthy good looking red head with a great pair of party breasts. She lay back on the bench, stroking and teasing them while her man played with her pussy by putting his hand down her jeans.
Another couple came into The Oasis. They were first time visitors to The Paris. He was a clean cut , buff guy and she was a sexy hot classy blond. She looked a lot like Marilyn Chambers. When they first came into the couples section, there were two other couples there- the red head and her man and a guy who looks like Kevin James/ Tom Arnold and his young baby faced brunette girlfriend with a playmates body. Remember her?. She fucked, got fingered and pussy eaten by a crowd of horny men of all shapes and ages on her 19th birthday at The Paris a few years ago.

For those of you who have never been to The Paris, the Couples Oasis is located to the left of the entrance door at the back of the theater. It is a porch like enclosure with black transparent curtains around it. It seats three to five couples comfortably but could hold up to 8, if the couples sit on the benches (inches away from the back row penis gallery). The Oasis is elevated which makes it a little easier for the couples to see the movie screen, unless the gallery is standing up and staring which is usually the case when there is action going on (sometimes they stare,even when there is no action).

The area between the Oasis and the annex is a no standing area, but there is almost always a few guys standing there anyway, until the clerk or someone tells them to move. The Oasis is couples only but this rule is sometimes bent a little when a solo couple wants to invite one or two guys into the section to play. It all depends on the mood and the night.

New Years Eve was strictly couples only in The Oasis. The O action started when the three couples loosened up . The New Blond Couple made out in the corner. He ran his hands up her legs lifting her evening dress in the process. The young brunette baby faced playmate, took off her top and got her ass and tits played with by the guys in the gallery as she teasingly bent over the front rail of the Oasis. The red headed lady watched and played with her breasts while her husband fingered her. The three couples played separately yet fed off each others energy. The New Blond Couple fucked in the corner. He bent her over , lifted her dress and fucked her from behind. She had great legs. She wore black thigh highs. The sounds of her wet pussy getting fucked indicated to the crowd that she loved it. The young brunette and her man watched and caressed each other.

  The red head and her husband left The Oasis and went down to the glory hole by the bedroom. She sat on one of the chairs, took off her top, pulled down her jeans and before she was even seated had a cock in her mouth, a finger in her cunt and a dick in each hand. There were about 15 guys around her. I watched the action from the annex. Soon I was joined by the young brunette and her guy. He stroked her big tits and played with her pussy through her clothes, inches away from me while we watched the horny red head take load after load down her throat or on her big tits. Guys started to gather around the young brunette in anticipation. They headed back to the couples section.
The New Blond Couple also came by to watch the red head. They were really turned on by the sight of this woman taking so much cock. and come. Guys gathered around her. They retreated back into The Oasis.

B, the spitfire from Eugene walked into the theater. She is tiny rail thin woman, a female jockey who looks like Jennifer Aniston's older cousin. She is a sexual force of nature and on New Years Eve she created a Tsunami of Poon Tang at The Paris. She was there from before midnight until morning. She fucked and sucked more guys than I can count on my fingers and toes. She asked each guy who fucked her to sign her back with a felt tip pen. She sucked ,jacked, even had her pussy licked but mostly she fucked. When B was down by the stage, surrounded by the horny crowd, The New Blond Couple and The Young Brunette Couple sat on one of the benches on the stage and watched her take cock after cock and load after load into her wet snapping pussy. The sight turned them on so much that they started making out and putting on a little show of their own. But alas, before the bulls could charge the stage, the four of them moved like Matadors back into the couples section.

By this time the red head and her man had left. Now there was a young Asian couple in the Oasis. She just watched the action but did not play. I thought that was cool I like it when different couples play at different levels in the theater. She watched The New Blond Couple get naked and fuck again. I think The New Blond Couple really enjoyed themselves New Years Eve, and hopefully they will return to The Paris for an encore performance. The Young Brunette will also be back, I hope. I wonder if she will start fucking guys again? Probably if it is the right young hard and steady stud.

On New Years Eve while The New Blond Couple fucked for a second time, she got naked and played with her man right next to them. The Asian girl watched while her boyfriend played with her through her clothes...

A few couples came in and left almost immediately on New Years Eve. This always happens in this thing of ours'. Two very good looking blonds for example. One came in with a black gentleman. She looked like the political commentator, Ann Coulter. I've seen her before. I've seen her suck off a couple of black guys while they played with her. Who wouldn't want to see the real Ann Coulter do that? The last two times she and her man have come to the theater,something was not right and they left without playing.

The other blond sat with her man in the couples section. I thought they were going to play, but I was incorrect. One young couple sat quietly in the main section of the theater on New Years Eve while the action swirled around them. One or two guys got close but as soon as they realized they were just there to watch and cuddle, the guys left them alone.

A Blond with average good looks but with a sturdy sexy body came out of the couples section and sat in the same chair that the red head had occupied earlier The Bukakke Chair. She took off her top and was immediately surrounded by cocks & men. I could not see what she was doing but I imagine she was sucking guys off and using her hands to get them hard. She may have fucked a few guys but I'm not sure. I could not see through the forest of men. She left with a messy smile on her face and after she and her man departed, the male population of The Paris was somewhat diminished. Meanwhile, B was on one of the couches, bent over getting fucked by another bare black cock, hot in her twat.

A young guy brought his girl friend into the Oasis. She was a blond who wore glasses and had a great body. She was dressed subtly but sexy in a jean skirt and.blouse She reminded me of Gwen Paltrow, that kind of light blond class. They were at The Paris to play and they put on a good show for us pervs. She had great tits, great legs , smooth skin and an eager exhibitionist like quality about her. When she sucked his big cock. He pulled her skirt up so we could see her perfect round ass.. When he ate her pussy she writhed and moaned shamelessly. And when they fucked she rode up and down on his dick with her ass cheeks and his cock in full view of the crowd.

Imagine catching the sexy intelligent vice president of your company, the one you thought was a little stuck up but still approachable getting fucked in the board room. This was that girl. Afterwards she took a paper towel and wiped the come that was running down her leg. Its the little things like that, that make adult theater sex so great.

An older Lou Rawls type came in with a full bodied Mexican Blond. She wore nothing but a mesh dress and thigh highs.Her bare tits and nipples stuck out through the material They played in the couples section for at least two hours. She was big but not huge and was very old school sexy. Her biggest orgasms came when he ate her pussy. She did a good job of sucking his cock. They have been to the theater a few times before and they always put on a good show.

Another couple came in. They were first time visitors. She looked a lot like another girl who comes to The Paris. She was tall, with long hair and an innocent country girl face. She wore a long dress and layers of clothes. Her man was a little stocky with long hair and a beard. They started off innocently enough, kissing and caressing. She was shy and hesitant at first but soon got nastier and nastier, much to the delight of the crowd. Before long she was completely naked and he was eating her pussy and making her toes curl. She may have been a first time visitor to The Paris, but she was no longer the shy innocent we thought she was when she first walked in. No, this girl was a screamer, willing to do anything with her man (next time, the entire theater?).

She sucked his cock like a border town streetwalker. She ate his ass hole like a willing submissive. She fucked him like an eighteen year old high school cheerleader gang bang queen. (Google that!) and when she came, her orgasmic cries could be heard all the way to Voodoo Doughnuts. I bought her a bottle of water and told her she could move in next door to me anytime. "Why is that?" she asked, perplexed. "Because you make such wonderful sounds when you have sex," I said . "Oh." She smiled a little but I think I may have creep-ed her out. Hell, I creep-ed myself out. But I meant it as a compliment.They came back on Saturday for an encore performance and this time, the girl who looked like her was also in attendance. I'll write more about that later.

Meanwhile, B was still fucking guys in the main section of the theater. She and her husband had taken a few breaks, left the theater for drinks etc but she never got tired of hard dicks fucking her wet pussy. A force of nature.

Sorry it took me so long to write this story. I had actually written an earlier version of this report but I accidentally lost it or deleted it and was never able to recover it. I'm writing this version in Google Documents which saves the copy every couple of seconds. It's almost idiot proof. Thank you , Stanford geniuses!
Doc here again... This is vintage Brent, and it never gets old.  No one writes a report like him, and with any luck he will continue to do so for many many years.  We are lucky to have him as the Grand Poobah of this thing of ours'.

Thanks Brent!


Flash Report: Cruising The Coast with Bob - 1/8/2011

Doc here with a new look for an old friend... Bob in Biloxi, Senior Field Reporter for The Journal, now gets his own look for his frequent reports.  "Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi" will now be a regular feature here at The Journal. 

So without further ado, here's Bob:


Hey Doc,

Another report on Cruising the Coast with Bob... It’s been somewhat slow, but with definite high points lately.

Last night an older couple came in around 10pm & stayed for awhile, then proceeded down the street to the ABS. Once there I was able to procure to booth next to them and have some fun. She was a short lady with huge tits, who proceeded to pull off her jeans and get busy with her old man. I slid my cock in the hole and she got busy with me! The lady had talent but was too short to back up to the hole.

After a short intermission another couple showed up, this one had beautiful well formed tits and was a master at sucking cock!!  This lady had several tattoos and soon was naked in the booth with her man. I again slid my cock through the hole and was rewarded with her highly skilled mouth. Then I felt a different sensation, the un-mistakable feeling of her pussy being backed up on my cock.  If anyone has ever had that, I digress. If not, it’s an incredible feeling believe me!

Her very nice heart shaped ass started pounding back against the wall, riding my cock while I tried to think of baseball or something else besides the incredible feeling she was giving me. I held my end up for around 10mins before unloading into her hot little pussy. Thank you dear, hope to see/feel you again!

That’s about it Doc, two hit and runs, no marriage proposals !!!



Doc here again... I'm sure the marriage proposals are just around the corner, Bob.  In the meantime, keep up the great reports from the Gulf Coast.

Have a report you'd like to see at the Journal?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at  I will edit your report and doll it up nicely.  Just provide me with a pen name you'd like to go by, and we are good to go.  It's easy. It's fun. Plus, it's machine washable.