Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flash Report: Cruising The Coast With Bob in Biloxi: 2/5/2011

Doc here with a Flash Report from the Cal Ripkin of adult theater reporters, Bob in Biloxi.  Bob is Mr. Consistency... If he was at an adult theater over the weekend, there will be a report in The Good Doctor's mailbox on Sunday.

His hot streak continues...Check out the following play-by-play from The Gulf Coast Adult Theater:


Hi Doc,

The hits just keep Cumming!

Last night at our fine theater, five couples showed up, along with one of the newbie’s from down the street. Guess that would make it six, huh Bob?

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

She was the petite little blonde I referred to in an earlier story that has amazing cocksucking abilities; she was being orally pleased by two guys, her husband and some other dude. What made this interesting is she was being held up at her hips by her husband, and supported by her shoulders from the other guy. She was quite literally in the air having her tits sucked by one dude and ate out by her husband. Fairly nice show in that she is extremely vocal and demanding. I didn’t stay long to see the end of that performance and turns out that worked out well for me.

Arriving at the ABS down the street, I noticed a car shutting its lights off and both doors open. Jackpot! I noticed the lady had on a skirt with a skimpy blouse. Unusual for the cold weather last night, so I followed them in and as they were paying I continued on to the back.

The distinctive click of high heels rang in my ear as they took the 2nd booth. Some gay guy was already in number 1, so I had to wait. Through a small crack in the door I could tell he was just looking through the hole and not doing anything else. So I tapped on his door, which he opened, and asked him if he was going to hit that or not, because she was looking for dick. He closed the door (dickhead!) and proceeded to sit back down and peer through the hole. After about 5 min’s of this he finally came out and I was able to get next to them.

Bob in Biloxi

She was a brunette, nice size tits, shaved pussy, dressed in a blue jean skirt and red top. She was seated in the chair blowing her old man.  I fed my cock through the hole and she started stoking it, followed by her wet mouth! She was a very good cocksucker too, as I suspect most women who are into this thing of ours' are experts or at least border line pro’s at sucking cock, she was no different and had the talent. After a few minutes I could feel the raincoat being rolled down, followed very quickly by the sensation of a hot pussy enfolding on me! Another good night to be alive on the beautiful Gulf Coast! With the sensations she was giving me and hearing her moan on the other side of that stupid double wall, it wasn’t long before I filled the condom. Giving them my thanks, (I always do) I left and went to recuperate.

Arriving back at the theater I ran into one of my friends (a couple), and she had a brand new hairdo and looked great. I complemented her on the new look, we sat and talked, I filled them in on the recent events. Looking around the theater I noticed a blonde BBW playing with her husband, he kept looking at me smiling as if he wanted my assistance with her, but I was unable as I had just came and wanted to rest for a few.  The couple I was talking to was playing among themselves and she had some very nice piercings, so that show was helping me get back into the groove of things. Thanks guys!

Meanwhile the lady that comes in with the school girl outfit showed back up, she started getting finger banged by her man, and she was very vocal as well! Soon after she got off they left.

Another new couple came in and stood for a while then sat down in the middle of the theater and just watched the show for about 30minutes, then left. One other couple was on the back couch playing but I never did see exactly what they were doing because of the gawkers. I don’t think it was much.
I went back down to the ABS around 11:30pm and went in the back to find another couple in the booth. She was blowing him so I took a chance and fed my cock through, nothing happened and when he was done, they left. Guess she was just in the mood for showing off a bit? Who knows, it is what happens in this thing of ours sometimes, each couple has their own variety of kink; guess that is part of the overall mystique we follow each weekend!

Sure beats anything HBO has on !!


Doc here again... Another great report from Senior Field Reporter Bob in Biloxi.  Thank you sir!

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