Friday, March 12, 2010

Field Report: San Diego by Surfer Rell

"Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course means a whale's vagina."

Well, almost.  Doc here with our first field report after the relaunch, submitted by first timer Surfin Rell.  His take on San Diego's theater scene is insightful, as this community has kept things relatively under the radar nationally.

Take it away Rell...


Dr. Emilio,

I am glad to see that you are back in the saddle.  I thought you might like to take a peek at what is going on in my hometown of San Diego.  There are 4 theaters in the city of which 3 are home to regular couples fun on weekend and at times during the week.  The Gemini is the odd man out, with not much happening there.

The 1st theater is the Barnett Superstore (corner of Barnett and Midway).  Barnett has the nicest adult bookstore in the area, plus the 2 largest theaters.  The theaters have leather reclining chairs, and each theater has about 50 seats.  The theaters have 2 large screen TV in each.  2 visits ago in January, I ran into a couple in the back row of the first theater.  She was a hot blonde MILF, and had the recliner stretched out while she was playing with her shaved and very wet pussy.  Her boyfriend was helping her at time, but mostly it was a one woman show.  I plunked down in the row in front of them and watched from there. After 10 minutes, she asked the crowd if anyone had any lube.  I saw this as my chance, so I told them I would buy some for them at the counter.  When I came back, I gave gave her the lube and they asked me to sit next to her. While she played with her pussy I started rubbing her boobs (they were fake but very nice) and hard nipples.  She eventually started stroking my cock while I rubbed her pussy.  This went on for awhile, and eventually I bent her over the recliner and fucked her hard. 

Less than a mile from Barnett is The Adult Depot, which is near the back side of the San Diego Sports Arena on Kurtz St.  Parking is in the rear and very private.  Small adult bookstore, and two smaller theaters.  My last few trips in there I have seen some couples fun, but did not join in as my timing was off.  Best time recently was being able to finger fuck this guys wife in the back row.

Across town near SDSU is The Jolar Theater on University Ave.  Parking is in back of the theater/bookstore.  The theaters are smaller than Adult Depot, and have maybe 15-20 leather recliner seats each (2 theaters side by side).  Last week I was there and saw a couple playing in the first theater.  She was laying back in the chair while her young boyfriend ate her pussy.  Did not play with the others there, but put on a good show.  This place also has live showgirls who put on fantasy booth shows. 

I have found that the activity in the theaters picks up in the summer, so I will report back when the heat gets higher inside and outside.


Wow, nicely done Rell!  Who knew that the scene in San Diego was this active and hot?  If anyone else has a San Diego yarn to spin for The Good Doctor, please e-mail me at: