Thursday, April 18, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful's Latest Adventure in Portland, OR (w/NEW PIC!)

Doc here with the prolific and incredibly sexy Hawaiian Eyeful, and her latest adventure in this thing of ours.

This report is a wet one, so please put on your rain ponchos and protective eyewear...

Take it away, Ms. Eyeful!


Have you ever been in a place where you aren’t particularly in the mood to participate, but at the same time wanting to be adventurous? That was exactly how I was feeling, as we left the house.

Friday night, we arrived at the club a little after 10 pm. Surprisingly enough it was already hopping. As my man ordered his drink, I began to scan the place to see just how many single men there might be for my pleasure.

The dance floor was quite busy and behind me to my right was the last couple we had the pleasure of enjoying on our last visit. Up on the balcony and looking below were 5 single men grouped together. Okay, so I thought, this just might be a very good night.

Hawaiian Eyeful
Making our way up the stairs; we were hoping to settle in on the couch closest to the stripper pole. But, alas, all the seats were taken. So, we headed toward the couch across the way where we took things slowly, as my man patiently waited for me to get in the “groove”. It was about that same time, an attractive blonde made her way into the fishbowl room where of course all the men gathered round. However, from what we could tell she only allowed her man and one other to partake.

As one man settled in on the seat next to me, I had my man pull out his cock so I could begin to enjoy. Feasting on his cock, I could tell the man next to me was getting excited. Knowing he was ready for an invite and realizing that the fishbowl room was going to be occupied for awhile and being the exhibitionist that I am, I decided to brave it by having some fun on the bar bed first. You see, we have found that if I want numerous men to participate, the bar bed is not the place to be. However, it is a great way to attract them.  

Making our way through the crowd, we found the entrance to the bar bed. I sprawled my body out and began to play with my pussy, removing my top to expose my succulent breasts. Two other men brave enough to be the bigger exhibitionists joined us on the bed. I began missionary style so I could partake of the three. As my tongue began sucking the cock of my man, I felt a tongue began to slither up and down my cunt. As my pleasure began to mount and being the squirter I am, I knew it just a few moments before the first release of my sweet juices would release in his mouth.

By now the 3rd gentlemen was ready for me to make him hard. Leaving my man’s cock, I turned my head and began my magic on him. A short while later, my man instructed them to switch so I could now be fucked. With each hard and fast thrust being pounded into my wet pussy, I began to let my pleasures known, unleashing a scream of ecstasy. It was then I felt him releasing his load of cum inside of me.

By now, we had captivated an audience of at least 60 people surrounding the area. I could see that even a few of my other acquaintances were watching and enjoying the scene before them. It was now time for me to fuck my man, mounting him, I began to gyrate my hips, and give him my version of the hula.

Since I was now facing the crowd, I was able to view those watching. I noticed a few familiar regulars that we have had the pleasure of partaking and gave them a smile. Other couples were enjoying themselves; men fingering their woman’s pussy, sucking their breasts, while other women were enjoying their man’s cock. It was great to see the action had picked up. As my juices continued to flow, we decided it was now time to move on to a more “private” setting and rehydrate the now “hot” Hawaiian girl.

We grabbed our drinks and made our way to the next available room. Leaving the door open, my man and I began where we left off. In just a short time, one of the regulars had entered the room along with one other guy. As they began to strip, he let me know that his friend was looking forward to making my acquaintance. Ahh…. I thought.

By now, not only were men lining up inside and outside the room, but another crowd had formed outside the door. From what I could see, at least two couples were intently watching also. Some men asked if we were taking anymore on and we replied that we would, but they would need to wait their turn. Finishing up with the last two men and thoroughly depleted, I thought it was the end of the night for me. However, it was not meant to be as I heard my man say yes to a couple of more men so I knew my ‘Call of Duty’ wasn’t quite finished yet.

The Real Hawaiian Eyeful

Closing the door behind them, they began undressing. I was very happy to see that these men had some cocks that I knew would undeniably pleasure me. Being the cock whore I am, I began circling my tongue around one of the man’s manhood. It was like indulging a delicious chocolate mint ice cream cone. Licking round and round, I could feel his hardness deepen with each lick. As he continued to keep his hands on my head, begging for me to take him deeper and deeper; I tried as hard as I might but I kept gagging and he kept shoving it down my throat. I felt like a total dirty whore.

By now, the other guy was partaking in the sweetness of my juices overflowing onto his mouth. It was then I knew I wouldn’t last much longer before I needed a good hard pounding. Repositioning myself doggie style, I began to get a good fucking from behind, while still enjoying the hardness of the other cock inside my mouth. Wow, I thought, what a better way to end the night. Thoroughly exhausted and depleted (so I thought), I lay myself missionary to catch my breath.   

While doing so, the one man asked if he could cum on me and I willingly agreed. In just a few short minutes, I felt his warm load upon my face and breasts, while the rest of his juices ran down the sides of my body. However, much to my pleasure, the other had taken the initiative to finger fuck me to take me to further depths unknown. It was about that time, that my man told him to watch out that I was a squirter and was known to squirt a few feet. Just at that moment, I released my juices hitting him squarely on his upper body. Shocked, but thrilled that he was the recipient, I knew that he would now have something to tell his buddies.

No longer wanting to take anymore and quite satisfied, we were ready to depart. Getting ourselves dressed once again, we made our way back to the refreshment area. We grabbed a couple of quick drinks and took a quick tour around the club to see what action was now occurring at 1:00 am. It had definitely picked up, all the rooms were full J.

Leaving the club, we headed back to our car and headed home. After a quick shower and refreshing ourselves, we crawled into bed. Thanking my guy for another wonderful evening of sharing; I snuggled close beside him, slipping into a wonderful night of sleep.

Aloha – until the next adventure,

The Hawaiian Eyeful


Doc here again with a huge thank you to the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful.  She's on a roll folks, so please add a comment to the comments section below.